Erected P without touching is success

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How you behave with a erected Penis?

  1. Tie soft silky hair but no ejaculation

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  2. Become horny but don’t touch P

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  1. Beautiful girls on instagram, tiktok, facebook, even in linkedin pro pic can make you enough horny. But control your hand no need to control P.. I just did not see porn more than 23 days, no masterbatation even the time of arosal P, which is actually more pleasurable than ejaculate because I think, “when 90 days complete challenge done i will tie my wife’s hair with my P and will not ejaculate till morning. What a healthy P i will have just inspire me a lot”.
    Another thing is my P is looks like healthy day by day. Make your own inspiration for you. Give me a suggestion how to become a pro like, non ejaculatory touch or semen retention or stay with erected P for whole night which is healthy.
    Thank you, keep not to touch please.
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