Erectile Dysfunction is good?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by NetflixMan, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. NetflixMan

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    Why do people hate on ED so much. I never want to get a boner ever again. I want to do PMO for my whole life so why can I never find a case in the internet where ED is good?

    If your not planning to have sex or masturbate, what is the point of pumping blood into your penis?
  2. overclocked

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    Because you could always change your mind and need to be ready??
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  3. kingpietro

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    Wait untill you are in love and want to make love to a woman you will cry.. I did

    Erectile disfunction is mostly about not getting erection during sex or arousal.

    But well getting erection during masturbation,porn or even other things in the morning.
  4. I would like to think your body should be able to work as it's designed to work. It's our mind, which is what's causing the dysfunction in the first place, that we need to get back on track. And for far more reasons than this alone.
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  5. anthonybackus

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    YES Its a bad because its bad that you are not caring about your weight and you are not paying proper attention towards proper blood flow

    Peyronies disease and surgery

    this disease involves abnormal curvature of penis during and erection

    both medical and surgical treatments is for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate can cause ED
  6. I take your point. Nevertheless, it is a dysfunction. Most people would like to think that their body parts function properly.
  7. Having a boner makes me feel good. Having a boner and resting from masturbation makes me even feel greater. Not having an erection and resisting from masturbation is not much of an achievement.
    That's why I don't long for ED.

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