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    I could do with some urgent advice. I’m 35 years old and have been fapping to porn since I was 14. I have had sex with a couple of women but i’m not very experienced. My brain is also programmed to get off on porn rather than a real woman so in the bedroom I find it very difficult to sustain an erection once aroused during intercourse.

    I was also very fat in my 20s and I am in good shape now, so i’ve only really dated in my 30s.

    My last girlfriend broke things off with me because of my erectile dysfunction. It wasn’t her fault for not being understanding, I ignored my ED and didn’t even broach the subject with her.

    I’m dating another woman I really like now (she really likes me too and says I make her laugh util her belly hurts, i’m not even that funny HA HA) and we are due to have sex this sunday when she comes to stay over. I’m absolutely petrified the same thing will happen and then she will dump me.

    Before she comes to visit me i’m tempted to tell her about my performance anxiety, I was wondering if anyone on here has experienced anything similar, and how the person they were dating reacted. I understand everyone reacts to things differently, it would just be nice to share other people’s experiences.

    I will be very grateful for advice.


  2. Leader of ME

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    I am 22 years old kid, slept with couple of girls, once got a performance anxiety. So here it is. 3-4 days cannot make huge of a difference. If you want your boy strong, no more porn, neither masturbation. Start eating more bananas, eggs, pomegranade ( I don't spell it right but whateve) ONION, GARLIC(those are magic), meat, fish. Enough sleep. As mentally preparation. Do not think you will fuck her. Thing about she is yours. And you are to kiss her, make her want you like crazy. This sounds like stupid banging. we gonna do it sunday. Let sunday happen and relax. Play with her.
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    If you smoke. Stop.
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  4. Thanks for the tips. Is there any way I should cook eggs or should I play it safe and boil them? I'll give garlic a go too!
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    Most nutrients when boiled. More calories fried. You can mix it for your taste.
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    I've talked to women before about it before the deed. 90% of the time they understand - and if she doesn't understand and isn't willing to work with you through it then she's not mature enough. When you talk about it and she understands and supports you, the pressure comes off completely I found, I'm more relaxed and then whatever happens, happens.

    Don't set goals or expectations, enjoy all of her, you're there to be present with her and not in your own head. I found a video that I think really sets the record straight on this issue:

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    For the Long run try eating more protein and vegetables and so compound weight training squats,push up, deadlift and etc that will boost your testosterone Level. Not to forget sleep 8-10 hours. Then your erection will come back really hard !
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    Hey dude - first of all, lots of guys get Ed when they have sex with someone for the first time - you could even use it as a chance to compliment her - “you are so sexy that it makes me a little nervous to make love with you - so it might affect my performance” other than that, stop masturbating ASAP. That will help (I have been pmo free for 27 days and it has cured (yes cured) my ed. My penis used to erect the. Flaccid the whole time during sex, now it’s rock hard the whole time. Most women cannot orgasm with penetration alone so no offense, but your dick is not that Important to her orgasm. Touch her, lots of foreplay, play with her breast lick and touch her everywhere and perform oral sex in her. The. If your penis isn’t perfect, it is just an afterthought . You got this!
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    For the long run, sleep a good amount of time consistenly over a long period of time, NoFap and Excercise.

    Short term. C. I. A. L. Is
    50 mg can be good enough.

    Some drugstores sell them without prescription, but that is your job to research on your area which ones sell it without prescription.
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  10. Dag

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    And delaying condoms with that pill is a good combo.
    Just do it once to get this experience, but don't get dependent on it.

    Will do you very very bad if you do that
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