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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Mallmalled, May 21, 2020.

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    Hello Everyone ,
    I am new to nofap and i am currently 14 days in no PMO.First i want to say why i i looked at noFap.I am 27 years old never been with a Girl till the age of 26.I have masturbated to porn since i was 13 maybe 3 or 4 times a week.Around Three or four months back i had my first sexual experience,i was with my first ever girlfriend and we had sex for 2 consecutive days the erection was fine i orgasmed 3 times but after that i couldn't get it hard enough for penetrating sex for the next 3 days.These are consecutive days i am taking about.This happened again a month ago, first two consecutive days fine erection during i orgamsed two times and not hard enough for next 2 days.... does it have something to do with the lack of physical excercises .. because i have badly reconstructed knee.....Or is it something else....Now i am started working out and been on nofap for 2 weeks......I am already seeing huge boost in confidence and feeling a lot more energetic throughout the day AND i am no longer feeling the underlying Guilty of fapping...i am going to continue on Nofap hoping it solves the first mentioned problem as well....IS IT A REALISTIC EXPECTATION FOR ME??

    Just in case you were wondering me and girlfriend live in two different geographic locations.... hence the spurts
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    Since your sex encounters are so close together, maybe it's just refractory period? I mean it's normal to be less and less hard the more you orgasm until it replenishes again. In any case, nofap will not hurt, quite the contrary!
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    Nofap will definitely help and excersing also as it increases testosterone, check which excersises increase it as some decrease it. Check your diet also. Some foods might not be good for you. Don't drink to much alcohol since it can also knock out your friend between your legs also. Maybe eat a banana before you meet your girlfriend. Every little bit might help. Over time you should start seeing improvement.

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