Erection problems at 17

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    Hello. This is my story:
    I am currently 17(18 in few months) and have masturbated since the age of 12. It was frequent but never more than twice a day. The biggest issue that I have and the reason why I started NoFap are my erections. Here is a backstory:
    I have always started masturbating with a flaccid penis. It would go hard once I stroked and I would continue to masturbate until ejaculation with no problem. I never really masturbated with my penis being erect on its own. This was all normal to me because I have never had sex so keeping a hard on wasn't necessary. 1 year back I got a condom from my friend and I was experimenting because I had never put one on. That is when I realised that I could not get hard on my own(no thoughts, no porn would make me fully hard). I could get semi-erect but never a full erection and even then the semi-erection would fade as soon as I stopped my thoughts or watching porn. It was impossible for me to put the condom on. Even if I got an erection by manually stroking my penis it would go away as soon as I stopped it.
    I started nofap thinking it would help and on a 10 day streak I relapsed but the situation was the same. I have been on and off nofap since then and my longest streak is 38 days. When I relapsed, I really hoped that my erection problem had gone or at least improved, but no, it was all the same. In another streak of 27 days I relapsed again but all the same; I had to stroke my penis and constanly stimulate it to keep it erect. Now I am on a 10 day streak but have been very depressed because of my erection problem. I don't even know if a 3-month hard reset would fix my condition. I am only 17 so it is a shame I have erection problems at this age. As for morning wood, I get them frequently but I am never fully hard, it is always a partial erection that will fade as soon as I stand up. I don't know if I have PIED or not, because I can't also get hard watching porn and its been like this. I remember some moments back when I was 10 that I would look at pictures of hot women and get an erection, but that was long before I started masturbating. Also, don't know if this matters, but the first time I ejaculated was when my penis was almost flaccid(it was the first time so I had some fear about masturbating, but after watching porn for a long time I stroked my penis which was almost flaccid at the time and ejaculated). All of this time I have had to stroke myself in order to get an erection.
    PIED is on potential cause but I still don't know. I have suspected venous leak as it matches with a lot of my symptoms(happens in a young age, need constant manual stimulation to keep erection) but I don't know. I also fear that I have conditioned my penis in to getting hard only while I touch it. I am afraid I will never get a proper erection again(one where I could look at a fine woman on a street and get rock hard instantly, like most people my age should do.
    Please leave your thoughts on my situation and what do you think my problems is. This time of nofap its for real and I have dedicated myself to do at least a 90 day hard reboot. But from my other streaks I am afraid it won't do anything. Any advice and input will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. You need to met a specialist and discuss your issue. We are not doctors, and those of ours who can be doctors cannot examine you on forum :) I think PMO can be a big factor, but please remember to check other possibilities as well. Usually, there is not only one reason.
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    I agree, maybe would be better to look for a specialist, mainly because of your age, too young for these problems.
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    Sounds like PIED I would do a reboot as you are
  5. I'm 18 and I had a 28 day streak. Two to three weeks in I had massive morning woods and sometimes had spontaneous erections. Just do a reboot and you will be fine.
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    And most probably you didn't have the exact problems the thread opener described in much detail? He who has already experienced a 38 day reboot (for those that are not good neither in reading nor calculating: more than 5 weeks. Which is more than two to three weeks btw). What's the point of mentioning and generalizing your own experience then? Showing off with the virility of your boners??

    Please go and see an urologist, and don't be ashamed to tell him. You probably won't be the first teenboy who comes to meet him with such a problem. He should be professional enough to make you feel comfortable - if not, it is his fault and not yours.
    If he can exclude it's not an organic dysfunction it might be a psychological effect - like a selffulfilling prophecy. You might be so tensed and anxious about maintaining the erection that it doesn't work because you're tensed and anxious (which is a typical issue of unexperienced males).
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  7. Exactly! Mon123, just do it! I know it can be shameful or unpleasant experience, but you must care about your health and start taking steps as soon as possible.
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    Tengo el mismo problema, fui al urólogo, he sent me to do exams, blood, testosterone, he said that everything was fine
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    Tengo el mismo problema, comencé a ver porno desde los 10 años, cuando intenté tener relaciones sexuales cuando tenía 16 años (Primera Vez), no pude hacerlo (Problema de erección). Desde entonces I’ve sabido que tengo un problema. He tenido algunas reuniones sexuales fallidas, traté de usar Erección Píldoras y funcionó. Ahora, cuando sé lo que voy a tener relaciones sexuales, me siento asustado por mis problemas de erección y no me permite tener un buen sexo. (Tengo buena erección cuando estoy solo o cuando me masturbo después de algunos días o Fantasize) Siento que si me mantengo masturbándome, empeoraré mi problema. Espero que Reeboot solucione mi problema (ahora tengo 20 desde tengo problemas de erección desde mi primera vez)
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    please update us,i've a similar problem
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    Myself as well, I would really like to get past this
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    As it has been said before, you must seek an urologist. He's the most appropriated person to give you a direction on this issue.
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    I tried to go to the urologist as I said before my blood, testosterone was fine he send me to take pills, (arcalion it,s the name of pills) days passed when I went to the urologist again he asked me if the problem continues, the problem wasn,t dissapear he said me that I have to go to the psycologist. ( I did prone fap since 6 years old, and I began to watch porn since 10 years old, right now I dont watch porn, I just have fap problem I hope that if a let Fap 3 month or more time I will fix my ED Problems. I am using pills called TestoUltra, I hope that,s pills increasse my succes probabilities. If anyone has the same past like me (prone fap, watch porn since early age), no doubt in contact me ,its migh that if we found a pattern we will can resolve the problem together with reboot. This curse I dont wish to anyone.( Sorry if my english is bad)
  14. I can read the despair in every sentence that you write. I understand pretty well what is happening to you, though it is a shame that it happens while your 18. It is not normal, and you should do something about it.
    Here is my suggestion: first of all.... relax! The more you stress, the more cortison your body is exposed to and this will damage your nerves on the long run. It is impossible to get an erection when you stress like hell.
    You're a Teen there is no reason you're not going to be able to fix that. Don't over analyze everything. First of all, accept your condition, and that it might not go away right now.
    You have wired your brain to masturbation, but this can be undone, especially when you're young. Good luck.

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