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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Fly310562, May 21, 2020.

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    My problem isn’t getting an erection. I wake up with one just fine and get one just thinking about sex but my erections are weak and only about 70 percent hard. I started PMO when I was 13 (27 now) and never really went more than 3 days without it and would also do it multiple times a day. Stopped PMO in February and don’t plan on looking back. Recently had sex for the first time but I couldn’t orgasm lol. During sex I could only get her in certain positions since my weak/flappy boner couldn’t penetrate if her vagina wasn’t up at a certain height. So I’m wondering if anyone here had weak erections and after quitting PMO had strong wood? How long did it take for you guys to get to a full erection?
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    Don't know about that, because my streak is not that impressive yet, but if you still NoFap you could be flatlining, that would explain the weakness down there. If your brain is rebuilding itself, it is no wonder all things sexual would seem problematic.
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    Hard question.. Did you abstain from masturbation and orgasm since February or were you occasionally masturbate?

    I had sex after about 70 days of nofap and my erection was weak, and then after avout 120 days it was good.

    PIED is always connected to performance anxiety as well. Keep practicing (having sex with gf) and as you relax more, it will certainly get better.
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    Zero erections
    I dunno what"s going on
    I guess i need medical help
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    Med check up is always a good thing for sure
  6. Fly310562

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    No PMO whatsoever. Only will touch my penis if I’m cleaning it. My erections have been weak for about 12 years now. In late December I got strong erections for about a week after stopping PMO for 5 days. That tells me that my issue might be PIED and not a physical one
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    what does PIED mean please?
  8. Fly310562

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    porn induced erectile dysfunction
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  9. Check this out:

    It gives you an idea of how you can assess on how hard your erections are.

    Example for me right now:

    My erections are usually between 2-3.. sometimes 2.. sometimes 3.. but most of the times 2-3.. It's NEVER 0, 1 and 4. I'm not sure why it's never 4 for me. From what I understand with my doctor, he said that most guys should have erection score of 4. That's what is considered to be normal. Be sure to discuss that with your doctor.

    What is the most important thing is that your penis should have normal erections, it should have daily morning woods. My doctor said that it's important to have daily morning woods. If you don't have that, then go see a doctor. I asked him once how often should we have morning woods? He said 7 days a week.

    He also said that your erections should have the ability to penetrate a girl's vagina with no issues. He said that sometimes due to anxiety, etc that we may have hard time penetrating, but it shouldn't be a daily issue. The key word: the ability to penetrate with no issues.

    Basically your erections are barometer of your general health. So monitor them, write down in a journal, etc.

    Hope this helps. For me, I know I can't always predict on whether if I'm able to penetrate a girl's vagina with no issues so that's an issue for me so I need to go see doctor again.
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    This might be a combination of things.
    Your body is probably still in a state of repair and some people say it takes many months to regain full erections. If you were able to get hard during pmo but now you cant, it is probably pmo related and you just need time.

    But erections can also be a sign of your health. If you arent able to get hard at all maybe talk to a dr, dont be embarrassed. Millions of men around the world talk to dr's about this all the time. Sometimes if you cant get hard its a sign of other issues like high blood pressure, diabetes ect ect so the dr will check you out and then once you have all the information you can make the best choices.
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  11. He's absolutely correct. Erections are a sign of your health. I suggest better talk to an urologist. They specialize in men's health.
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    I'm 28 and I almost ever get full erections unless I take boner pills. This has been going on for probably almost 15 years. If I have sex without boner pills I have to force an erection with a quick handjob or blowjob then quickly penetrate them, but if it stops getting any physical stimulation for more than a few moments it goes soft rapidly.

    I sometimes go weeks without morning wood, and when I do get it it's quite mild and probably not hard enough to have sex most times.

    I've had my T levels checked twice and the first time it was quite high, second time it was fairly average. I am in decent shape, resting heart rate is usually under 60, and I lift weights. At times I suspect I have a unusual heart condition but I've had EKGs and various other tests with no alarm, though I don't think the doctors were taking it seriously enough to really analyze it properly.

    Anyway, I know that erectile dysfunction is directly linked to heavy porn addiction. But, I suspect there is also actual dysfunction in the penile tissue on top of that, so i've been hesistant to get it checked out because it just seems like too much to deal especially since I know urologists are mostly unaware of porn's effect on the brain and body.

    I guess this thread makes me think otherwise. I've been content to get by taking boner pills since they do work quite well, but obviously that's not a good sign that someone my age needs to rely on them.
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  13. I agree. No man should be taking a boner pill. I have taken it too. We are designed to have strong erections that are strong enough for penetration into a woman's vagina. It should be consistent. I encourage you to find a doctor that takes this seriously because dude at age 28, you are too young in taking a boner pill. If an urologist doesn't take it seriously, find another doctor.

    If you think about it, millions of years ago or hundreds of years ago, there weren't any boner pills right? So obviously we are meant to have strong erections. So something's wrong, but exactly what it is, I don't know so I'm going to check it with a doctor as soon as the quarantine is over. Wish you the best luck bro

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