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    I am here just to warn people about listening or watching hypnosis audios/videos during reboot process

    While you are in your way to abstain from pmo, you might crave different stuff that might seem less harmful to you , but on reality they are very dangerous.


    First time to watch those videos, I was so stressed , lonely , can't sleep, insomnia

    I watched YouTube for something to help sleep, I found many women there offering hypnosis to help you sleep, some watching their legs dangle ....all this crap

    I was so excited and felt so good !

    I didn't know that couple of those videos installed many fetished that I suffered later for many many years
    1- Foot fetish
    2- Leg fetish
    3- Hypno fetish
    4- women fetish
    5- women voice fetish
    6- Joi videos( many years was my only source of entertainment)
    7- femdom
    8- And finally sissfication

    It came in this order
    Hypnosis file
    JOI videos addiction for many years that can't have an orgasm unless I was given a command !

    I decided to quit porn last year

    I was sick from flu for about two weeks , so I told myself , hey you already passed 2 weeks without PMO , let's end this shit forever

    But , after 45 days, I felt so powerful and successful , and ego told me let's watch couple of those idiot mistresses and laugh about their stupid instruction, I felt so so horny but , Hey I am successful, I didn't jerk off or touch myself !! Woohoo I am a hero

    Let's watch more strong compilation!

    Suddenly I found myself opening long Phub video> 60 minutes , it was a compilation of humiliation and tease that is using very advanced techniques

    I found myself stunned for around 18 minutes , can't even look away from pleasure and I had an orgasm without even touching myself . And it felt so good

    I didn't know that I relapsed again till I relapsed , from this time one year ago, I couldn't last more than 14 days maximum and go immediately listen to HFO video

    This became a new hypnosis addiction , that led to more strong humiliation/ feminiazi/sissfication videos

    Thank God that I didn't watch a lot of this shit , just watched for about 2-3 weeks
  2. Successfull

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    People make those videos use lots and lotsbof high tech compilation techniques, they talk about neuroplasticity , Nofap website, yourbrainonporn and laugh inside the video

    Those videos share :

    1- Use bnaural beats:
    Those beats can literally make you sick, I rad an article that they can cause anything from pleasure to cancer

    Some comments on Phub was scary , like RIP listener hahaha !

    I really got like a seizure for the first time in my life
  3. Successfull

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    Thanks Roady , you actually inspired me to write down all that

    Keep going, you are doing such a great job
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  4. Successfull

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    Hypnotic shit components to destroy you:

    1- Binaural beats (Alpha, theta waves ....)
    Discussed in the above post
    The weird thing that this technology (The so called brain waves ) are brand new and you need many high tech devices to make them

    2- Spell casting:

    Most of those hypnotists confess frankly that they are witches like alex.. Snow, some tell you literally we are witches, we want you to serve us, some ask you to prepare yourself for your new religion, some like "$ittty Says" hypno files imagine that you meet with one that will take your soul to Satan !!!

    Guys come on, this is not just fantasy, it is pure witchcraft , curses,spell casting and satanism

    Mistress Lexi said many time: You will never stop, even if you returned to Jesus , she said many times that she is casting g a spell . She is not kidding, literally she is

    3- Coolidge effect:
    Some video compilations on phub are more than 70 minutes , some 120 minutes using hi technology devices that I believe took more than one month of working OR a dedicated team using newest high speed video editor softwares to collect , cut and compile those mini videos and synchronize them with both binaurals, and background talk

    4- Destruction oriented:

    Most of those videos tell you
    Give in
    Give up
    You will never leave the rabbit hole again person
    You are mindfucked
    Let's destroy your prefrontal cortex
    Your will power is gone

    5- Triggers
    6- Amnesia induction
    7 - IQ reducing!!!???? Ha??!

    WTF is going on ?

    Are we that precious ???
    Who is funding those videos ??

    That needs a LOT of money to fund
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    I guess I must be lucky, because hypnosis content never really worked on me, even when I was at my most addicted. I watched a few times out of curiosity sure, but every time my reaction was to say to myself "This is goofy as hell" and then turn it off a minute or so in and look at something else. JOI content always made me laugh out loud whenever I clicked on a video and it had that in it (notice how a lot of the time it isn't clear what a video even is before you look at it, this has to be a way of tricking people?), and I dont really know why, it just seems to stupid. What makes this even weirder is I was heavily into other submissive aspects of porn, but this was where I drew the line. I've often wondered what my internal reasoning was but I've yet to figure it out.
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    The problem with all of these is the highly susceptible state one is put in before any of that begins. Truly the things you listed are downright the products of psychopaths but i cant help but notice how all of the serious levels of porn addiction have submission in common. This submission, for a man especially, is uniquely destructive.

    I remember reading the experiences of a "bull" (psychopath) on a cuckold forum and he played on the exact same pattern of gradual submission of the man. He was absolutely evil.

    It's the act of submission that destroys a man.
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  7. Mistress Lexi is wrong lol Jesus is freedom en carnate. He's much stronger than any created being.
  8. miXhal

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    Yep. Couldn´t be more wrong - returning to Jesus is actually the only completely reliable way to get rid of this once and for all.

    (btw. I love your nickname :D )
  9. I once had a "shaman" who was really a dark shaman; try to convince me that in order to remove a succubus from my aura i first needed to do a ritual, that might include blood ritual. He said i need to embrace it fully and then and only then can he cast it out... yeah right..
    I started talking to him about the true nature of Yeshua, how he is en-carnate into the very fabric of this 3 dimensional earth and chose to stay in the collective consciousness to help people(another subject, im not an orthodox christian obviously). There are many benevolent beings watching over Earth who stayed to do the good work, and even some who have chosen to reincarnate as humans.
    Point is... if there are people at "higher consciousness" expo's willing to destroy people to their face, these woman online who have never met you will shred your life apart without blinking an eye & take your most valuable energy and essence. Evil is real in this world and it beds in the minds of humans in the form of thoughts. So what kind of thoughts are those mistresses feeding? Inadequacy, loser, failure, not enough, powerless, hopeless, ruined. <<<< This is already spell casting.
    -Add seduction and you have the power to send entire nations to war! It's absurd.
    -Take it to the next level, add audio to hypnosis and other spells and innvocations they use to receive "help" and you are dealing with something much deeper than porn...
    The funny thing though despite it all they are incredibly inferior without your permission. They can lose that spell on your mind in an instant if you can break the cycle and form positive thoughts and healthy substitutes. These bottom feeders man, behind that glitz and glamour is something that is so ugly. It's insane often times i wonder if could look at the etheric realms what i would see over the shoulder and in the rooms of these porn sets or mistress lobbys. The kind of entities and energies must surround these people are evil and their biggest lure is making people believe "it's just porn". HA!

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    ... You sure? How about the Holy Spirit?
  11. true that ;)
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    I was really into erotic hypnosis before I started with hard P. It is really evil!
  13. 543hyz

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    This stuff is absolutely evil I will never watch another video like that again! It has been my turning point and once I get my mind back on track there will be no going back. I discovered sissy hypno when I was a teenager it started as a fetish but turned into something much worse but I did not realise as I was young. Growing up I have always been attracted to females but due to the fact of the damage the hypno has done I've had issues staying errect sometimes even if I am really turned on this alone has been frustrating and has put a lot of strain on previous relationships I've had not to mention the depression and embarrasment, I've had to deal with. I have never heard of this forum until today and I've had enough of going through this and not being able to speak to I have created a account, it's amazing to see there are other people who have been through this and came out the other end, I've felt so alone at times as there has been nobody to speak too. I have given up hypno for over a month I felt much better as I usually do and I feel myself again.i have been sorting out my life and getting closer to god, I relapsed about a week ago and this stuff is just getting worse and worse I discovered a video on pornhub which stated gooning or something along those lines. I was turned on and high at the time so clicked on the video. As I was watching the video it started to make noise I think it was bineral beats, there was a lot of flashing images at first I was not turned on until about a minute into the video I felt something over come me, after the video i did not feel like myself and started to prayer but it did not help I kept on having urges to watch gay porn and to act sl*tty! This alone is horrible as I am not gay so I was fighting as I know this is a bigger plan by the devils and being gay is not natural! So I kept having urges to go back to the video, I have not done this but out of curiosity I decided to go back to the video with the sound off and watch it in slow motion, I did this and what I found was sinister, when the video was slowed down you would not believe the amount of subliminal messages and triggers I found.goon for life! Porn controls you! Be a sl*t! It was so crazy the text could only be seen when slowed down. Ok so now it gets even worse about 2minutes into the video I discovered the video was saying things like worship Satan.. like wtf!!! summon demons!!!! Wtf!!! Quit your job! Goon all day! Horrible stuff guys.. This made me realise there are greater forces behind this it is not just a fetish and the people behind this are trying to ruin us. I have prayed and prayed for forgivness. I have been staying away from these types of videos and sticking with straight porn to reprogramm my mind which had been going fine but I have still not felt myself since watching the video . this morning I woke up and I was not feeling myself at all I was having dreams of gay sex and woke up hard which was horrible as I know this is only because of the subliminal messages from the video. It really does make you feel depressed like you want to die as it is not me! I just want my normal self back i will never go back to these videos again. I know this is a long message but if anyone can support me on my journey to overcome this I would appreciate it. I will not allow the devil to ruin my life and I hope you guys stay strong if you are also going through anything similar. Thanks for reading
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  14. Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your story.
    Staying away from these things is important. The hold they have will fade in time.
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    Saying those are witches and "devils" is taking responsibility away from yourself. Hypnosis is misunderstood from ages and it is very important to understand how it works if you want to be truly free. Hypnosis works best if the subject wants to get hypnotised.
    In this case we being the subject and erotic pleasure the factor behind our motivation. Now once we have given control or in a way "consent" and willingly let "them" (the mistresses etc) to enter our mind, they can plant whatever they want ... And they plant what is beneficial to them that is " more addictive stuff, only to get pleasure this way, etc etc) ... Adding roleplay saying they are witches or succumbus etc is just a part of making things exciting and sometimes "fan requests"
    Hypnosis can be a quite useful tool. You can increase your concentration or you can implant something beneficial to yourself in your subconscious... But as with any tool it can be and is used for destructive or "evil" purposes... But it only works if subject is willing... And in case of erotic hypnosis...subject i.e us are always willing... it can be used as to implant new fetishes in theory according to me such as being a sissy or femdom or foot fetish or ... etc...
    And to take it to a conspiracy level ... (highly improbable) ... But it can be a govt or govts or an organisation sponsored programme of mind control or to test how much you can change a person using hypnosis...etc... Also Humiliation JOI and HFO are present On Youtube ...some without even age restrictions and new femdom type videos are uploaded every month...
    I just wanted to say donot make it very simple by saying that they are the"witches" or "devil". I feel that Most of them are Just doing it for money. We are partially responsible for giving power to them... Blaming someone else is easier
    ...saying the Devil did it or why God did this to me? Why me? just a part of problem.. Take responsibility and donot indulge again...its going to be tough but will be worth it.
    And I am not a christian nor a big fan of Abrahmic religions especially conversion. But I like Jesus very much....
    ..A person on the path of righteousness shall find the truth even if he/she is an atheist...
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  16. Fightyourlowerself

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    That needs a LOT of money to fund[/QUOTE]

    Indeed, be aware were fighting a powerful industry but the nofap community is strong too.

    We will overcome their evil and help each other reach the straight path!
  17. miXhal

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    Not sure if it was meant that way, it could also have been just that temptation comes from them. Indeed, we by ourselves are responsible for not rejecting them.

    We are possibly going bit off the topic, so I´ll put it under spoiler:
    If you don´t want to discuss that with me, I get it, no problem. I am just curious about this: How can you not like christianity if you like Jesus? Do you know that He is called Jesus Christ - from that comes christianity? Besides, christianity is about nothing else but Jesus ;)
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  18. Michael A

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    Totally agree. This is evil. Who is making this?! This stuff should not be legal. Anyone know?

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  19. Rebooter45674

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    This stuff is present on YOUTUBE. Thats how I came to Know of it.
    I am amazed to see how Social Media works? and why does not it take any precaution for benefit of society?.
    Only one way to go is to educate others
    and Keep tight self control.
  20. Michael A

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    Yes. It's unbelievable. This stuff shouldn't even be sold in stores, yet streaming everywhere. Mankind was never supposed to deal with this. It's psychological warfare.

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