Escalation , help please!!!!

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by User9816, Jul 10, 2020.

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    Hello I am 22 years old I am from Chile and I have seen porn of all kinds for 9 years and this year it got very bitter, I have seen gay porn, lesbian, milf, sissy, all genres none violent, I do not like violence, but this year in the month of May until the end of June I started watching CP on the darknet, I saw this kind of porn about 10 times or maybe less I do not remember because every time I saw it I was not in my right mind sincerely, and the last time it hurt me a lot, Every time I saw this content, even if it was very few times, I was shocked, and the last time was 15 days ago, it made me change, but every day I have flashbacks, even if I felt that they have been decreasing day by day, I don't want this to come back, I don't want it to become a pedophile paraphilia, I have never liked any child, in fact I always play soccer with them because I do acts of charity, and I have always considered myself a good person on the outside, but inside my house this changes. I have been 15 days without porn or masturbation, I hope you understand me, and I hope this disappears from my life because it hurts me a lot.
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    Deep inside you are not a bad person.
    You have to heal your early wounds.
    Only an anxious/ stressed person would watch extreme p.
    Only anxious/stressed person would take drugs.
    Heal or repeat.
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    Those are P induced stuff. Quit, once and for all, and you will heal

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