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    "Does GOD ever get to a point where [Change? No. GOD sees every moment in that moment, from 100 years after that moment, from 10,000 years after it, from before the earth was created and throughout eternity. And you probably don't understand that] HE won't forgive you [have you read mathew, marc, luke or (gospel of) john from the bible? So God ultimately gave us the commandments we break, the curse which makes us naughty by nature, the faith to believe 'that HE forgives us' -which HE demonstrates sacrificing His only Son who DOES obey the commandments then willingly layed down His life for us (to die like an unworthy sinner who although is worthy and crucified that law too! Took the law down with him!] for breaking too many promises?
    Well, first, Jesus said swear not by heaven for its Gods throne or Earth for it's God's footstool but let your yes be yes and your no be no. Any more than this comes from the wickes one. Who told you to promise anything EVER?! But that's ok. It's not ok your pastor said 'if you are genuinely apologetic' that's not in the bible. God doesnt ask us to understand but obey, God doesn't suggest our nature can change but provides instruction to deal with life but to answer you with the correct answer from Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible from Matthew Chapter 18:
    21Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?

    22Jesus said unto him, I say not unto you, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.
    There you go: 70 time 7. That's 490 times a day. I have no clue what it means. I think we ain against God more than we can imagine. But none of us will ever dream we might be able to pull off 490 unscheduled pmos in one day. So I guess it means there is no strings attached to God's Law Love Salvation. It is certainly a very common misconception that we are to feel and think as God does as suggested by the commandments. No. Those serve to raise aweness of our state, God's state and in edifying us to the nature of the enmity which always proves difficult is only desribed to show the interest in reconciliation! God wants us to come to heaven! If thw law could provide righteous for us the the commandments would be righteousness. That would never work. Maybe screaming at the top of your lungs "I hate you! All you do is make me feel guilty, Im sick of it and Im sick of being afraid of going to hell!" Would be a good example of a perfect confession of a sinful mans state as it is which IS sincere! That is kind of thing God can certainly help you with. It's holding back which will not get help. You never have to agree or feel as if its right for you. You are commanded to obey. Perform His commands and He honors his word. It's really all there is to the beginning to get your relationship on. It's not fair. No Life is not deserved. All the trouble and frustration and failure is no more fair to us than all the wonder joy splendor and pleasure but deserve or fair aint got nothing to do with it. check it out: we have this oppurtunity to eternal life in heaven with God. Now that aint fair! But since Jesus died for this cause it pleases the father whoever glorifues His son, that His son has gained more by his death. Of course the more the better, it is never our righteousness or being right, even in our obedience we are not right but santictified by His command, if we were righteous then the command would have no place in our life. It is the same righteousness of Jesus that is the righteous we recieve for obedience to this faith. So that if anyone sins we have an advocate with the Father. Jesus Christ making intersession on our behalf. See we could never become perfect. If we did everything right we would not be perfect and we would still not be acceptable by God's standard. Perfect please. Jesus Christ is the person God sees when He looks at us because we believe in Him. this gives His son glory. This pleases God that His son should be glorified. So there you have the long and short of it. Take this message [moderate to formiddle] back to the preacher loading up sincere apologies on innocent sheep. He may be a wolf in sheeps clothing. Don't let it pass! He offered to mislead you in a way that becomes like a necrotic sore which gets worse instead of healing because every time you try to be sincere when you feel guilty it gets harder and more agitating until you are unwilling to pretend anymore and many men leave the faith for this cause. Can you understand? If he understands this then he is literally an enemy of God misleading children as a minister. That can not be allowed to continue. I'll judge that right now but... i wasnt there.
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    There is a program you can do over web conferencing called Life after Lust. Might be worth looking into this or other programs. I can tell you I have hard time getting over my issues even though I have read tons of books/articles and watched lots of great video content on youtube. Two years ago a contacted a coach, but didn't move forward. I looked at that email 2 months ago and nothing had changed for me even though I did manage to go 8 months without porn last year. That is what made me decide to get some real help. I didn't want to be in the same position in another two years. Accountability with a group and/or a therapist experienced in sex addiction really makes a difference. Look for someone with the CSAT or the SATP designation, which means they have training in treating sex addiction. One other group program I am aware of is Rev Group Coaching. You can google Recovered Man to find more info. I do not think the person leading that program is a licensed therapist with destinations I mentioned I am sure there are other good programs I am not aware of. If you don't get help it gets much harder to beat on your own. I think at the very least you need an accountability partner you can confide in and contact when you are triggered.
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