Escort to stop relapse?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Bluskyhusky, Jul 10, 2020.

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    Hi. I'm a bit of an odd one. Without going into too much I've had ed problems at least since 21 when injuring my penis during intercourse.

    Currently 34 and not had a girlfriend in 8 years. Social anxiety through the roof. Possibly on the aspergers spectrum. No job. Isolated. I do have a fuck buddy though, although she lives far and I cant see her often

    Having PIED issues lately so been on nofap. Having great results after only a couple weeks. Went to see my fb - got hard without using a piece of a blue pill or manual stimulation , came in minutes (not sure if that's good or bad but felt amazing).

    The problem is since then I've been really horny. I woke up the next day with wood and immediately began fapping, half asleep. Caught myself just before I came but a little leaked out. Same thing happened yesterday and I was in a shit mood all day after, no motivation.

    3 days later and I've just woken up and done the same thing. Not gonna be able to see my fb for a while. Talking to other girls/getting a date at the moment is mythical. I dont want to relapse. Is an escort viable in these circumstances?
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    It's your choice. I don't know how it feels to be in your condition but you might come to regret getting an escort, or not. Idk, I wouldn't want to do it. I just don't like the idea of escaping the problems I'm facing.
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    I have been here before and it didn't help me as such. My thought about it though escorts are not so different from fapping psychologically. In both cases gratification is instant, you get it when you want it and worst case scenario is that they are both addictive. If you decide to get one, please don't get addicted.
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  4. It appears as you are asking for an escort. If that’s the case, you might not get far here.
  5. takingthejourney

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    Dont do it you can get girls without paying and you have the proof its way more fulfillling during it the natural way getting an escort will make you feel like crap after think about it
  6. Searcher78

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    Using a sex worker to overcome your porn addiction is like using crack to overcome your nicotine addiction.
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  7. Yujirō Hanma

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  8. vril

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    I would say no.

    My suggestion is that you focus on emotional independence. What this really means is that you learn how you can be serene regardless of circumstances. You don't need to be a certain way, people don't need to act right, certain events don't need to happen, in order for you to be happy.

    Think about it:

    If you learned how to do that and then walked up to a girl and she dissed you, that wouldn't bother you because your well-being is not attached to her accepting your advances.

    My guess is that you have a similar problem with finding work. There is anxiety throughout the process, especially the interview. But if you mastered this ability, then whether an employer hired you or not won't upset your game because your self-worth isn't based on them giving you a job.

    In either of those situations, you would simply look at it as a negative result rather than a failure, and then take the feedback to improve your chances the next time. You set up this feedback loop where you are continuously improving.

    It may sound cold or selfish, but in my own study of emotional independence, my serenity had a lot to do with the awareness of our inter-dependence on each other. Creating a positive environment correlated to improving my own life. "A rising tide lifts all ships." When you value yourself then you bring value to everything around. We are naturally attracted to that attribute in a person.

    So study emotional independence like you are getting a PhD in the subject. It sounds like you have plenty of time to do so.
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    One thing you should really consider to is that if you are in the United States, seeing an escort is a crime unless you are in Nevada. I would still recommend against this regardless of the legality of it. it is just replacing one problematic sexual behavior with another.
  10. StarRider

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    You need to have a camera running, then it's a porn production and you're fine. ;)
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  11. Do you want the truth? Clearly you are still a slave to your impulses. Clearly you are not taking this NoFap thing seriously otherwise an escort wouldn't even cross your mind. Start getting serious and recover from this addiction. When you tame your lust inside, when you gain control and real mastery you will no longer crave for these short term gratifications.
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  12. sam30

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    Does this count as browsing on escort website even though you didn’t go to see one?
  13. Sam you shouldn't be looking at escorts. You are still living in the fantasy life. These are your triggers and the reason why you still have major urges on day 30. Going to an escort or thinking of going to an escort, what does this tell you about yourself, that you are too weak to talk to a real girl? You are just reinforcing this belief by doing that. Be serious and stop fantasizing. If you do this consistently enough and be mindful of fantasy and never indulge in them you will feel mentally strong and confident. One day you will feel like you are above that nonsense. You are still in recovery, keep going and stop being a pathetic fool. You are better than that.
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  14. mk.brb.ddshvc

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    I would say it's better to abstain from escorts. Even more so if you feel lonely. Because you can't buy a partner with money. That's total bullshit and you know it too. Once you are finished the hallow feeling of loneliness will overtake you.

    Better yet to love yourself and try to see comfort in you being alone with yourself. As in you not being around with no one, but being around with yourself. It's a scary feeling to be alone with yourself, but that's what you have to do to beat loneliness.

    REBOOT PEPITO Fapstronaut

    I think it is better to abstain from scorts. They can fulfill your desire quickly but for rebooting purposes it is better to have or to create a relationship with a real woman you are attracted to. That will make it easier for you to recover cause it will not only give you sex but real support and love. One of the reasons i got into this addiction was because i couldnt find the right one to support me.
    Hope it helps bro.
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