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    I'm new to this everybody. Well putting out a public post that is. Basically I have issues wanting to see prostitutes or escorts. But the thing is I am very choosy on who I see bc of bad experiences. I will text then or call them when I'm in a private place and try to feel them out if we click and seem to be on a mutual level and most of the time I lose my interest because they are just all about money. I try to find one who actually cares but it is so stupid bc thats what they do for money! I have had some amazing times but that is very very few. I usually feel worse bc I let myself down. To me it is a double bad. Bc you have woman trying to make money and guys going into it and we are both just doing wrong. I try to find a woman who enjoys meeting me and likes having sex with me and is passionate about it but I must be stupid looking on these escort sites. It's all how much time etc. Idk how much time I just want to have a good time. Is there a way I can rationalize this to make it ok? I just need to find a.girlfriend who will treat me right. I'm a very caring guy. Been one week clean. Usually at night I get these urges.
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    Hi, welcome here and thanks for sharing a bit of your struggle.

    The feelings you have towards women are natural: you want to be connected with a women and build up a relationship.
    But the way to try to achieve this is not the right way. Yes: escorts and prostitutes are there for you: for money.

    You better find out why you once choose for this path. You have issues to work on.
    Once you go through this issues and leave them behind you, you may attract women in your life in "the normal way".

    Do you watch porn?
    Make the decision to stop it completely. The more you grow out of it, the better you see the reality and the more space you give yourself to vent your real emotions.
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    The best advice I can give you from my limited experience is to just be patient. Women, especially good women do not come quickly or easily. You have to invest your own love, respect, and compassion but you cant do that in a day. If you are interested in someone take the time to become their friend. You will find that it is more rewarding than pursuing them in a sexual manner from the get go.
    As for the escort issue, just quit cold turkey. It's a waste of so much effort and money and wont give you anything other than a brief moment of satisfaction.
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    I appreciate you guys. Yes i do have a porn issue. It has led me to searching for escorts. My porn issue is not as bad as others but it is a problem and it is going to stop.
    I am going to go hard core no PMO or escorts. All that has to stop.
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