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    "Every moralist is a pornographer", wrote Brazilian play-writer Nelson Rodrigues.

    It is correct to afirm that our "hypersexualised" society is not getting laid. At the same time, the world is becoming more conservative and less humane. In reality, the visible increasing of porn addiction, as we can see, and the need for communities of help, like NoFap, only proves that our sex-symbols/signs are not here to turn us on. They are deceiving us, and making us lonely.

    Baudrillard would say that our sexuality is now being simulated - nothing but a mirage of desires that are currently substituting those of real life. We wish so badly the virtual peaks that we no longer can reach them with our bodies. The french philosopher once wrote: "we are all becoming transexuals" - not in the sense of sex-change, but by loosing our identities in this constant swapping of sexual desires/personas. (At any point here I am equalising "desire" to "perversion", please - desire, or as I prefer, desideratum, is an expression of sacred will, a very instinctive will-to-pleasure that ultimately unites people and make babies).

    Perversions apart, it is right to say that pornography is not necessarily evil, (visual depictions of sex are celebrated in many cultures across the world, including in religious texts, like Kama Sutra). Fantasying is the main ingredient of sexual arousal. But there is something to be said about those who find evilness in every depictions of sex, or non-procreative pleasure they relate to unnatural deeds - I call them sexual iconoclasts.

    Perhaps, our current mood of Porn Addiction*, allied with excessive masturbation, has awakened a different kind of man/woman in our times - a citizen obsessed with sexual politics. Baudrillard call this environment, "post-orgasmic". It is sad, deluded and paranoid. It misconstructs the speech of pleasure in order to judge what is "normal" and what is "natural" - without even thinking about the meaning of these words. Unfortunately, that's the kind of discourse I find most unsettling about the NoFap community. It brings all the elements, and has the tendency to, turn the whole thing into a cult.

    Modern pornography has reinforced certain narratives over morals. It is not a coincidence that most porn websites have some "satanic" symbols, (like the famous "red tail and horns" used to scare children). This is deliberate, of course. But one thing is true: Porn nowadays feels like watching CNN while listening to an evangelical radio station. It doesn't instruct us on ars erotica only, but it comes charged with hard-core politics and all sorts of racial tensions implied - from sex with refugees to interracial/confederate motifs... this is mainstream porn, and it is turning us sick; porn is no longer used as a way to release tension, but to add more tension (with a theme of your preference, you just need to browse "labels" with the help of your subconscious).

    Having noticed that the "main guilty" here is (not an ethnic/social/political group), but the billionaire internet corporations, the tech-tycoons of Silicon Valley, and other wealthy political pawns around; I came with the conclusion that contemporary porn is an effort to turn the world more moralist, conservative and extremist. It has nothing to do with sexual liberation, but sexual retention. It makes us addicted first to the devices that we are now constantly holding - our phones, our computers. It helped to turn the internet into a sensation, that is ultimately fake - but now holds the global market. As social media has nothing to do with social relations, porn has nothing to do with sex - but it sells (ideas included). It is not an expression of desire, but of power (extreme content, racial narratives, etc). It is not made to arouse us, but to anger/terrify/desensitise us - about ourselves and others.

    Not only you will find porn addicts turning radically into religion ("NoFap is Jesus in disguise", as seen on youtube), but it also creates resented people who are always relapsing, and are unable to see the complexity of the game that is happening between tech-companies and governments - but they need to find someone to blame, in order to rescue the internet from criticism. These INTERNET ADDICTS are the people who say: "the internet is simply a tool". Bollocks! The internet is the main cause of addiction, not porn - and not ONLY addiction to porn! It is the internet, and YOU, who needs regulation, not only porn. (Read: "The Shallows - how the internet is changing our brains", by Nicholas Carr).

    The NoFap moralist seems to have the need to demonise masturbation along with porn and actions/people who don't fit "their model" of "nature". It is always showing up here too, and I reveal: once I was one of them.

    ("Porn is evil because masturbation is unnatural!"), usually followed by some easy reductionism ("Oh, but the Theory of Evolution tell us that the reason we have sex is to make babies, therefore masturbation is bad..."), sometimes reaching straightforward ignorance ("Porn promotes homosexuality"), or hatred ("Oh, depravity is a weapon against Goyim!").


    Against the first and the second argument, I would like to quote the great French libertine, Marquis de Sade, who once stated: "Your body is the church where Nature asks to be reverenced" - if masturbation was unnatural, it wouldn't be pleasant. ("evolution, you dumb!"). The problem with PMO is addiction, not masturbation. And those here who believe masturbation gives them "pleasure" enough to be addicted - followed by feelings of guilt, shame, etc - I just don't think you are using the right words, or your concept of pleasure is too broad for me (maybe a bit masochistic?).

    What affect us here is not the "pleasure" of masturbation, but feelings of guilt, shame, etc (typical elements of the religious discourse). Therefore, excessive masturbation should not be seen as an act of pleasure, but the search for a pleasure that is lacking. It represents our aspirations, not our fulfilment. We spend hours masturbating in front of a screen not because we are getting pleasure, but the opposite - it is getting harder and harder to feel real pleasure in real life, so we turn to PMO, even knowing it is not going to satisfy us. Ask yourself: why!?

    As for the last two "arguments"... It is just shallow and boring - and it makes me agree with Nelson Rodrigues, as I quoted before: moralists are actually the biggest pornographers. They see enemies in other people's pleasure. They ARE the enemies of pleasure and Love. They are selfish. In order to eliminate their addiction they call for the elimination of political ideas (kill the communist!), ethnic groups (kill the Jew!) or even Love - "dare not to speak its name". Just pathetic harmed people, but even so, extremely dangerous when they get organised. Truly shameful that we always find these types here...

    {People like this, these castrati, are always in need to find "someone" to blame, but themselves. All I can say is: Grow up! You are addicted because you are weak, not because there is some ethnic minority plotting against your "race"}.

    *It is THE INTERNET, you fools!
    Start hating porn, end up calling for a Holy Crusade!
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  2. KillCommunism

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    Strange, my porn addiction started when I was a liberal. I'm a far FAR right kinda guy now and now don't watch pon at all.

    The OP study or article or whatever is just anti common sense propaganda.
  3. What is OP study?

    And yeah: that's precisely what I am saying here. PORN is part of the Far Right agenda (with all the religious undertones). It is evoked to make people hate liberal views (because Porn comes with LGBT, right?), and blame their addiction on the"degenerate society" promote by "the left".

    Far Right governments always used porn to establish their power - just one example: dictatorships in Latin America were always about pornography.

    I never heard about Porn made by liberals, by the way - as far as I know, groups of defence against sexual exploitation by the industry are usually left-wings with a bit of humanitarian concerns, not evangelicals who believe gays are going to burn in hell.
  4. Oh, really?!

    We have neonazis in Europe getting more seats than the green-party. They gather all the characteristics to be called "far right" - and "nationalism" is an obvious euphemism.

    Are we living in the same world?

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  5. ClaudeDuval

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    Thats not really the case... media, corporations, the universities, and most political figures are left wing. The media claims anyone who doesn't support mass migration is "far right" lol They call Jordan Peterson "far right" ffs lol yes, the movement is growing because right wing politics has become the new punk rock since the left wing is now the establishment. Their idea of how society should be has been thrown in our face since the 1960s and people are starting to reject their pro pornography stance and their "sexual revolution" garbage. Now we are fed up... but were still underground but give it time and wait for Gen Z.... that's when the real fireworks begin.
  6. ClaudeDuval

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    The right wing as I know it has never supported porn directly or indirectly, that's nonsense. The left created the modern porn industry and normalized it through the sexual revolution(that was literally one of their goals). And not all of the right wing is demonizing all sexuality, were simply trying to put more meaning behind sex and not make it about simple acts of pleasure. The left has reduced sex to people just trying to cum... "free love bro!" The reason I ended up here is due to a sort of "political awakening". Before I was more liberal about sex, I thought "I can do what I want as long as Im not hurting anyone". They're literally creating a hypersexual ill society and then they blame the "rape culture" on us when they created it. Lol at the peak of my PA before i embarked on this journey, I didnt even see women as people i saw them as a sexual object... why? Because I was absorbed in their world of sex and porn and was brainwashed to think it was all about just getting off. The right wing who preach "traditional masculinity" are saying "stop making sex meaningless, make it about love again and start teaching men to protect women" the left says thats the patriarchy and slut shaming. Lol The lefts view of sex is disgusting... furthermore, using historical references to justify sexual perversion is ridiculous, the samurai and many ancient civilizations practiced pederasty and had sex with little girls... lmao "its ancient so its must not be too bad".
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  7. I don't understand how the "media" is left-wing. I mean, you can say that certain TV shows are "left" (for example, Channel4 in the UK has a bunch of left-wing journalists, it's true). But you forget to mention the internet - the most powerful media in recent times. The internet is definitely not "left-wing" - ao contraire - it is neoliberal, reactionary and hateful. Jordan Peterson is one of the personalities promoted by the internet, and despite the fact I don't recognise immediate political bias in his work, I believe he presents a challenge not to "the left", but to the currently order that is emerging in this world (that is not even clearly left, or right, but purely authoritarian).

    As I said: the problem about PMO, and other sorts of addiction - is stamped in our faces, but we refuse to admit. Is the Internet itself, the way it is shaping our brains, our thoughts, our desires; it is manipulating us in a level that we are starting to hate sexuality and, in parallel, trying to find "who is behind" the whole crap. Porn Addiction is just one of the aspects of this poisoned environment, that is clearly repressive, not "revolutionary" (what "sexual revolution" are you talking about? The one that supposedly happened half a century ago? Do you believe we are still living at that time? Sex, by the way, was not the basis of the 60s movements, that were mainly anti-war - what they wanted was to stop USA's wars and despotism. Today what I can see is the opposite of the 60s - selfish narcissists living in complete loneliness and relationships absent of intimacy. As I said in my essay: we are not getting laid, that's why we get addicted to PORN. And who is responsible for this? The internet corporations - not leftist journalists from Channel4. Pretty obvious, non?).

    As someone who was born before the internet came to control everything, I can assure you that the world today is much more conservative, boring and neurotic in terms of sex than during the 80s, 90s (a period know as the rise of neoliberalism - an ideology that always brought more "right-wing", authoritarian instances than any sort of sexual freedom).
  8. And for those who belive I am a "leftie" - I would like to introduce a new word to your vocabulary of defamation: Anarchism. You should check this out. There is life beyond left and right - and better options than reactionary nostalgia or fake liberalism.

  9. ClaudeDuval

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    The media is left wing lol most social media outlets are left wing, that's why right wing personalities are annoyed because they're unfairly targeted and get banned for saying the smallest things. Twitter, facebook, google/youtube, all left wing. Cnn, nbc, channel4, bbc, sky news, buzzfeed, nowthis, AJ+, vice, all left wing. The right wing has retracted into obscurity online onto sights like GAB because theyre censored everywhere else. Lol entertainment and hollywood is all left wing... corporations are all left wing because loyalties and alliances are unprofitable. They support everyone and anyone because everyone is a potential customer. "Right wing" tribalism is bad for commerce. The businesses that are right wing are thrashed and boycotted until they become all inclusive universalist nothings like nike and walmart. Lol "here at McDonalds and starbucks we have a no discrimination policy, were super progressive because we want everyones money" lmao
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  10. Can you present evidence to prove this point - because I see a clear contradiction between the words "left" and "industry" here. Porn Industry is the biggest expression of capitalism, and I can present evidence (as I said, Porn was used by military dictatorships in Latin America, and it was one of the characteristics of the capitalist side of West Berlin during the cold ward - it is proved, it is fact). Porn has nothing to do with sexual freedom, but the opposite: is the denial of sex and sexuality.

    I agree that "rape culture" is a stupid "concept", and that is obsessively promoted by the left. But I disagree to say that right wing porn is unreal, or that right-wing views of sex are "healthy". "Rape Culture" is a bit of an exaggeration, but we should ask woman if thats true or not. Besides, as I pointed out, a big part of porn industry today is about politics. "Toxic Masculinity", would say a leftie, is pretty obvious when we analyse the popularity of labels like gang-bang, isn't?

    I don't know. I find unsettling to see how things can get confuse when we start to analyse more careful what is happening with people's perceptions nowadays... they are not living in the "real world" anymore.
  11. MLMVSS

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    Lol at everyone providing evidence here about some political group creating porn, whether left or right

    What you all failed to find in your research is porn has been around for millennia, much longer than the concept of left vs right.
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  12. Banned? Jordan Peterson, like dozens of other "far right" personalities, are constantly being promoted by youtube, twitter, etc. How on earth they are being "banned" if all people talk nowadays is about them, and their "ideas". Banned is Hakim Bey, with 2.000 views, who never gets "recommended" by youtube. Jordan Peterson has hundred of thousands of views every time he farts!

    And there is something else: the current government we have today in the UK is conservative (right wing, if you prefer). They jail "activists" like Zionist Tommy Robinson in order to provoke public comotion, and convince people like you that a "persecution" is going on. That's the best way to gather attention and make them visible. Please, don't be so naive.
  13. Hope you are not referring to my essay - because this is EXACTLY what I have been writing about.

    Perversions apart, it is right to say that pornography is not necessarily evil, (visual depictions of sex are celebrated in many cultures across the world, including in religious texts, like Kama Sutra). Fantasying is the main ingredient of sexual arousal.

    I don't think Porn is being "created" by Left/Right, and I never said that. But the reaction against Porn that we see happening it is definitely galvanising support for a CONSERVATIVE agenda that despises not only Porn, but promotes a "natural" view of sexuality and tries to find someone to blame for their weakness... (I didn't mention the word left/right in any moment on my essay, as you would see if you take some time to read it).

    But one thing is correct to say: Porn INDUSTRY is a very capitalist thing, and the ultimate concretisation of "workers exploitation" - through sex - (if we bother to speculate what Marx would say about this).
  14. MLMVSS

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    It wasn’t towards anyone.
  15. This is funny!

    PORN & Free Speech (a bastion of modern conservatism) acting much closer than you think.

    Alec Helmy is the founder and president of XBIZ, the adult industry’s leading source for business news and information, providing up-to-the-minute coverage of the industry at XBIZ.com and in three trade publications — XBIZ World, XBIZ Premiere and XBIZ Sensuals. In addition, XBIZ produces five annual trade events which culminate with the XBIZ Awards, the adult industry’s biggest night. XBIZ is frequently cited in mainstream media for coverage of the industry and has been published in CNN, Fox News, Newsweek, MSNBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, CNET, ABC, USA Today and The Los Angeles Times among others. One of the early pioneers of the online adult industry, Helmy is the founder of ASACP and a board member of the Free Speech Coalition.

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  16. MLMVSS

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    Free Speech is also a bastion of liberalism, perhaps even more so.
  17. OK, but liberalism is not strictly left/nor right - correct? As far as I know, the opposite of liberalism is authoritarianism. (Both left and right can be both...).

    Not sure how it works in the US (that I usually associate with liberalism with both sides of the political spectrum), but in the UK many leftist organisations are clearly opposed to free-speech, for example, in the case of promoting hatred towards minorities. The communist URSS was also marked by a strict control of the media apparatus, and had no free speech at all!

    As noted before, the Democratic Party largely consist of Social Liberals and Modern Liberals. The Republican Party, however, clearly consists of Conservative Liberals and American conservatives (Conservatives want to defend Western Culture from unlimited free speech, while Conservative Liberals uphold the values of liberty and so, free speech). Classic Liberalism can be found for a large part in the Libertarian Party and for a small part in the Republican Party.

  18. ClaudeDuval

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    Yes, but the
    left created the modern porn industry that's so massive today in the US and normalized it through the sexual revolution in the 1960s. Prior to that, nude breasts would be shocking to most... everyones "naughty secret" was a stupid pin up girl with a bra on. Lol During the 1960s that whole left wing movement literally made it a point to normalize porn and public nudity. They called it "free expression" etc. It was literally their goal. Yes, these things have been around but the modern porn industry in the US is a left wing creation. What conservative guy/gal works in the industry? None. Lol They literally made films to spit on the early christian conservative folks. Everyone in the industry is a hard line left winger... magazines like hustler would have political segments bashing right wing politicians. To say that "no organized group formed the modern US porn industry" is a complete and utter lie.
  19. ClaudeDuval

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    Porn creators literally made films mocking the christian right. All the school girl crap, even now its blatantly obvious that the industry has an agenda... its not just entertainment just like hollywood isnt simple entertainment anymore... hollywood is getting more sexual and political(50 shades, another film recently about pederasty, etc). they're left wing atheists... its a known fact right wingers in southern california will get NO work in those entertainment industries. Lol

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