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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Porn Craver, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Porn Craver

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    Anyone can shed some light on Ethical Philosophy and core values, beliefs system?
    Any help will be appreciated..
  2. MaxB

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    Can you elaborate on what you’re looking for? Are you trying identify which ethical/moral philosophy you should follow?
  3. Honestly a lot of it is fancy-sounding but useless if you can't even love/accept yourself. Start with basic self worth then learn to figure out your values. Source: a pile of self-loathing known as 'DeskWaffle' who is still not sure of his values.
  4. You've already made the first mistake I'm afraid. Nobody else will have answers for you. Those you have to answer yourself
  5. recovery_isaac

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    It all comes down to you, man. You need to search within for morals. Searching outwards gives you nothing, but other imperfect human beings.
  6. You can try this:

    If a feeling arises, positive or negativ you start to:
    • Notice it (often we don't even notice how we feel)
    • And then ask yourself 'why are you feeling like this?'
    This might give you an answer like 'I want to be respected, I want to feel desired,...' or anything else
    • And keep on aking why?
    • Why do I want to feel desired?
    • Continue until you reach a point where, for you, further questioning seems useless, until you feel like you hit your core value.
    Of course this takes time and practice, so don't expect to know everything after 5min ;)
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  7. recovery_isaac

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    That's awesome advice! I've done this myself for a lot of things :) I've found that the most important values to me are family, kindness, and that it's okay to have a bit of fun sometimes as long as it doesn't detract from family or kindness.

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