European male atheist of 25 y/o looking for small group of AP, 2 to 5 people, 3 months PMO at least.

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by charles_swann, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. charles_swann

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    Hello guys,

    I had 2 one-month nofap experiences so far and would like to push it to the next level. I am looking for a little group of AP, and we would communicate via messenger (texting app of fb) or whatsapp, to keep us updated of the progress (and urges) of everyone.

    I relapsed today on my day 15, because I went on a routine which I still associated with faping in my brain (laying with laziness on my bed, watching chess videos). I like learning, traveling, reading, dancing. I am a chess player and write fictional stories sometimes.

    Even if you're not atheist, don't live in Europe, or are far from your mid-20s or early 30s, feel free to get in touch anyway! In my ideal thoughts, the person of the group would be quite similar though, because it would encourage empathy and identification between us and I think it would be better this way.

    Why I got on Nofap? Well, I think I am loosing too much time and energy with fapping. I think I could be more successful with girls and even in my life in general, if I was not fapping all the time. A few months ago, I went on cold showers, morning routine, healthy food, fasting. Last thing about me, I have been travelling for a year now. I write these words from Brazil.

    Hope to get in touch with some noffapers soon,
    Charles Swann
  2. Hi my names Alex, I am a 17 year old male I think that you could atleast shoot higher with our goals, and I would be hella interested, so congratulations you have yourself an ap partner nice to meet you tbh i didn’t read that entire thing im a lazy man unless it comes to novels but I would be interested to share ideas with you and as well to learn off of you.
  3. fapequalsdeath

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    I'm interested. PM me to discuss arrangements.
  4. charles_swann

    charles_swann Fapstronaut

    I sent you MP guys. Let's get in touch.
  5. lazry

    lazry Fapstronaut

    I'm interested. I posted here my own thread so there is some information about me. I don't want to chat on messenger thought and want to stay anonymous.
  6. Alex Superchamp

    Alex Superchamp Fapstronaut

    Hey, I'm interested if you're still looking. Am an atheist, chess player and occasional writer. Check out my post, let me know.
  7. hi guys, looking to details below, if interested, message me

    my story:

    35, married with PIED, had a complex childhood in which emotions lead me to using and abusing porn. Gotten much better at controlling it but cant quite quit, and so have say 5-7 days without, then 2 days full on. used to be daily, so a WIP. really want to get to 10 days, then 30. as i have defeated another addiction and it took time, but the hardest part was the initial month, and weakening the connections.


    someone committed to showing up in the chat (near daily), open minded and fun. can find the humour in the battle also. dont care on age, preferences, story etc. care more for the person to come in and be a part of a team.

    please reach out

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