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    Great to have you here. Today we start with our 2 nd Accountability Group based on the immensely successful Open Green Heart model. The members of the other group (and I mean all of them!) profoundly improve their lives and ongoingly expand their goals.

    To participate in this group, we accept men who are:

    • Living in the European timezone areas and speak English.
    • Willing to engage fully by setting an achievable and demanding goal.
    • To stay in contact with the group via a safe end to end messenger (Signal, Telegram...) and meet once a month for a Video Conference
    • Obey the agreements of the Open Green Heart manual and the transformative process-work to keep the group Container safe and effective
    • dare to show up
    • Maximum Group size is 8!
    • Free Spots in the group: :emoji_zap:2:emoji_zap: more can join
    • We started a few months ago, and you can join at any time.
    If you want to join, download the manual, read it and check if you agree with it. When you are ready for your journey post:

    "I am in for this life-affirming challenge."

    If you now think: "Well, that could be the thing I have been waiting for."

    Then you are more than welcome to join us, give it a try or ask for more information. We are looking forward to meeting and supporting you.

    Hug Jörg

    By the way: If you are interested in forming a Group (Open Green Heart) yourself or for your gender or in your language, feel free to contact me. You are more than welcome to use it for free. Just give us some regular feedback to improve this Project. There can be as many "Open green heart groups" as all of you want to create.

    And to get a glimpse of what our "The Open Green Hearts" is all about, here is some more information:

    The Workflow: What can you expect, how does it work, rules and freedom

    We created a workflow which encourages men to connect in a shame-free and secure way!

    Each accountability container agrees on a basic set of rules and will add their own, additional agreements when they start.

    a) Each of us acknowledges their addiction and commits what goal he or she wants to achieve.

    (Why? Because if you are not ready to see your addiction or do not want to set a goal for yourself - this group is not going to be able to support you.)

    b) We all train ourselves to observe when the urge for our addiction kicks in.

    c) If any member of the group senses an urge, it will send a simple symbol to the group. The symbol is represented by a green heart, which stands for an invitation to support this person. There is no need to describe or justify what's going on. It is just an invitation to be supported. It helps to avoid any judgements or fear of being judged. It is a convenient way to get into contact - shame-free

    d) The next step is that this person holds him/herself accountable not to give in before another member of the group replies to this support-invitation.

    e) As soon as this person gets contacted by another group member, he/she will receive support in a bespoke workflow which helps to get through this urge of porn addiction and enables to transform this negative energy into something life-affirming and get into action.

    f) Then this person shares this achievement with the group to manifest even more this positive change.

    Is this workflow an obligation?

    • If you a the supporting men: Yes! Except the men working wishes a different kind of support at that moment.
    • If you are the person who sent a request for support - you will always set your rules of how your work should look. You are the leader of the process. The supporting man is following you by being a supportive facilitator.
    To be able to be open and show up in a group, the group itself has to be set up in a way to ensure men can do their work in a shame-free and secure surrounding!

    Please be aware:
    We do not offer professional support. And our groups don't replace such. We advise you to use our material or to join a group in addition to any professional support you may need.

    Have a great day.

    Big Hug

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  3. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    Update: 2 Men are on the waiting list. As soon as we reach at least four, we will start that group.
    Come and join us. You are more than welcome.

    Hug Jörg
  4. Hey there,

    this is awesome! I can join. I believe other can benefit from my help and I really need an accountability group.

    I like the fact the system is structured. I tent to do well in such when rules are clear.

    You can PM me.
  5. Snakeloa

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    Great Julius. Please read the Manual if you haven't already.
    I will notify you as soon as the group starts.

    Hug Jörg
  6. Snakeloa

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    Men, the group will start soon. The time to join and get a grip on your life is now. Learn to transform addiction urges and thrive as the man you were born to be.

  7. Snakeloa

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    Men, I did hit my latest goal, and I am so confident because I achieved so much with this open green heart group, that I will again double my personal goal!!! From 180 to 360 days of no PM.
    And if I can manage this, you can too! Build your own Open Green Heart Group or join the European right here!.

    Hug Jörg
  8. Snakeloa

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    Men who would like to join us?

    A group with a proven concept as a guide line, which will support you on your journey.

    A safe container to offer a shame free environment to really open up.

    A process that will do more than than just help you to get some days on the counter.

    This group does transformative work. Here you will have the chance to fight for something that empowers you instead of running away from the pain.

    Drop a line below if you want to join. We are looking forward to get to know you.
  9. GenericImperialFist

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    Can't wait to join you guys. Thrilled to see how far I can make it with this group.
  10. Are we ready to go? or do we need more people?
  11. Snakeloa

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    Great! @GenericImperialFist

    To everybody:
    Men, I want you to have two more fellow men to have a good start with a strong group. So who is in as well?
    If you want big ass results (aka real breakthrough results) join this group now!
  12. Homelander

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    I was interested, but after reading the manual I decided this program is too intense for my own situation.
    I currently only need a group where I can occasionally share my victories & struggles and also listen to other people.
    Therefore a AA group in my local area would be more suited for me.

    But, its a fantastic well put together program you put together that can benefit many men.
    So please continue your great work and I hope you guys the best!
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  13. Snakeloa

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    @Homelander Thank you, I appreciate your kindness.

    You are welcome at any time.

    By the way, in our 1st OGH group, (which will soon hit the 200-day No-PMO barrier!) we have a man who used to be in an AA group for many years. He found AA to be too restrictive and was looking for a way he could fight his addiction in a relevant but as well liberated way. When he found the open green hearts, he learned to fight his addiction day by day, lovingly and truthfully.

    Therefore, end of the day, you will brush your teeth and take a good look into the mirror and either you see a man who failed or won that day. But the question is if you can honestly love that man from the bottom of your heart. That is what we aim for.

    So let me point this out, even so, I do not know your situation. It is not going to be easy, but this group works by a simple process, and it is never too hard, except you keep telling yourself it will be. That story you are telling yourself is in the way of your recovery. You might find other solutions that might suit you or not. But man, whatever you do be honest to yourself.

    And if you want to join at any time, you are going to join a group of men who will support you on your path of liberation and self-love.
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  14. Snakeloa

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    Last call to all men from the European time zone to join this fabulous AP Group based on a rock-solid success system. Do you dare to stay truthful and open up to the most vulnerable version of you to thrive in life?

    Join NOW as we start next Sunday the 27th of October!

  15. Snakeloa

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    Hey man if you want to see who it all started to check the other thread with the original OGH No.1 Group which is back online.

    So if you want to join this English-speaking OGH Group (European Time zone only) safe your spot now!
  16. Snakeloa

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    Men, where are you? We need at least another 2 to start this group in a good way. So join us now. This is the call for you if you want to liberate your life from porn addiction while taking action to outgrow the urges and become the man you did not dare to dream of.
    Hug jörg
  17. FarTooLong

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    I am in for this life-affirming challenge!

    I read the PDF and would love to be part of the group.

  18. Snakeloa

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    Perfect @FarTooLong Welcome. You are going to be thrilled with your results.

    Who else dares to join us? Men, step up your game to win back your life.
    Here you will find a ruthless open group, committed to achieving big ass results with a system!

    Newest quotes out of our first group:
    Liberate yourself men!
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  19. biglouiii

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    I would like to join. I'm 21 years old from Sweden
  20. Snakeloa

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    Hello @biglouiii you are very welcome. Please download the above-mentioned manual and get ready to start soon.

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