Evangeline Lilly is against a Lost reboot but it probably will happen

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  2. I totally understand why she and other actors/actresses from Lost wouldn't want to do a Lost reboot given that recent reboots of older classic TV shows and movies haven't really been that good and the writers of the original series even said that the actors from the original series shouldn't be in it but I have an idea for a Lost reboot that would take the show in a completely different direction with even more mysteries to try and solve.
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    Oh, reboot as in, doing it again. I thought it was about someone being against rebooting from pornography.
  4. Nah it's about rebooting the TV show.
  5. So many memories with Lost, i hope they dont ruined this.
  6. I agree with her. I don't think they should reboot it. I can't see many ways that will go well.
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