Ever experienced the "nofap benifits" claimed on internet?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by GotCaught, Jul 8, 2021.

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    Has anyone ever experienced the benifits of nofap that are claimed on internet like thickening of hair, attraction of women, boosted self confidence, and stuffs like that?
  2. I'm on day 14, and I'm noticing a reduction in social anxiety. I do feel a little more able to simply blurt out what I'm thinking and feeling, which nice. I'll keep posting in my journal with other things I notice.

    One thing I notice is that these improvements are not linear - for example, yesterday I felt quite good and powerful, and today I felt more anxious.

    But overall I am noticing some benefits so far ...
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    yes I have, must have been about day 60 or something, I felt an insane burst in confidence, felt like a god. In this moment I realised that I can do and reach whatever I want to accomplish. Sadly this was accompanied by strong urges Wich I gave in to at about day 63. Baddest decision ever.

    And this magnet effect towards woman I can confirm too. Women can sense your confidence and desire. If you can control your desire this heightens your spiritual power. Your dominating in the spiritual area. This is real, and men will feel comfortable too in your company. Because if you stabilize in yourself, you'll radiate stability, wich people love, it gives them a feeling of security and comfort.

    So yes nofap effects are real. Depending on your level of addiction and your level of dedication to the process the time you'll achieve them may differ. Remember all natural growth processes leading through ups and downs. So you may taste some effects early, but have to go through the downs to fully reach them.

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  5. If your counter is right then you've to be happy as you're about to reach there again.
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    Just the boosted of confidence
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    Yes, after I was binging for about 2 years again. Man this addiction is so crazy, f**k. Especially the 14 and 20 days mark is hard as hell.
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    Hoy sería mi 13/21 creo la meta será incrementada .... Cercana ... Después de llegar a un Hito básico 21 se sube a 30 y así sucesivamente. Éxitos
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    2 out of the 4 you listed yes
    also you feel more productive and creative. learning new things is easier too
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    I did from the first couple of streaks of just doing NoFap by itself. Afterwards not so much, but then I realized NoFap alone was not enough -- probably an effect of some internal brain/hormonal acclimation to it.

    Wasn't a great feeling but not too surprising -- after all, humans aren't designed to have "conscious control" over all bodily functions anyway. (If we did, we could probably even all look like bodybuilders by "consciously" or mentally elevating our levels of testosterone!! And also the steroid industry would go broke...)

    Eventually you might find that to get the benefits of NoFap you'll have to start doing "more" than just NoFap...
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    I dont know whether women notice me more or whether i just notice it more because my brain is being rewired towards real world women and situations rather than porn fantasy land. You'll certainly notice it, though.

    Self confidence - sure, its a tremendous achievement and you arent a loser pervert any more, of course youll feel more confident.

    Dont know about hair. Especially because baldness is associated with high testosterone? I have noticed an improvement in my skin tho after a couple of weeks.
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