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    I caved at just over two weeks without PMO. It was hard to see my discipline fall apart, and my urges slowly take over. I have completed thirty days once, and it was astonishing the differences I felt over a month without fapping. I didn’t obstain from orgasims, as I was with someone at the time. But, once I relapsed two things happens; I ended the relationship and fapped even more. It took two months before I decided the NoFap mentality was the healthiest I had been in awhile. Starting again in February it was challenging. I didn’t have a significant other to release all my urges, and it felt exhausting to fight my desires. Just speaking or seeing a women made me twitch, and think about being with them. I need some advice from a Fabstronaut in my 3rd attempt to pass 30 days. How did you fight off urges without having someone to release them? Did seeing a women make you crave PMO?
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    Here is the list of tools I usually throw out there when people are looking for help:

    - Go to weekly SA meetings and find a sponsor there. To find one near you, go to https://www.sa.org/meetings/

    - Do an internet search for CSAT office in your area (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist)

    - Find an accountability partner if you don't already have one. Many are available here on NoFap.

    - Look for help online; There are sexual addiction recovery books, workbooks, self-help books, Youtube videos and MANY other things to help.

    - Start a journal about your recovery. On NoFap, somewhere else online, in a word document offline, or even with pen and paper.

    - Obtain a copy of the book used by the members of SA meetings, which is commonly referred to as “the white book” which can be purchased here: https://www.sa.org/store/product_info.php?products_id=32

    - Put safeguards in place to help you stay sober. Think of your weaknesses and eliminate them. Such as:

    - Do you take your phone (or any other device) into the bathroom with you and relapse because of it? Then make a rule to never take any electronic device into the bathroom with you, ever. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    - Do you read erotic literature and relapse because of it? Make a rule to never read anything that could ever be found in that section of any bookstore ever.

    - If you struggle with looking at internet porn or any other addictive material on the internet, get an internet filter to block that category type of website as well as any specific site you know you’re vulnerable to and give someone else the password to it. (Spouse, partner, AP, sponsor, etc.) Obviously, you should not have the password.​
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    The trick lies in finding out why are you doing so? Is it loneliness? Then be social. Is it stress? Life is full of fun activity, choose whatever appeals to you. Is it being deprived of romance? Not true, you are depraving yourself, go get married (but of course after quitting with a least 3 months). Is it because you have no friends? Then go make some friends. It seems difficult to quit. But the truth is it in NOT. You are NOT a heroin addict; you can do it.

    Moreover, change your daily routine, do things differently and fill your schedule up with activities.
    I would also recommend checking out this app called Reborn. It has tons of “Alternative activities” that you can start doing today
    Remember that you’re missing out on beautiful things in life just because of porn addiction. It will get you nowhere. Start taking action and find your passion in life away from illusion.
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