Everything I have is because of PMO? I really need help.

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    Hello, I have 20 y.o and I've masturbated daily since 12.

    I always had social problems and slow thinking in my past, didn't care at all until 2020 just the time when the pandemic started.

    I've started having really painful gastroesophageal reflux for months idk the reason, recovered in August, then in October I had a really bad sensation in my body, like my body claimed me to eat and drink water so bad even if I'm already full and a eternal panic attacks in the night, like I was about to have a heart attack or/and my body will collapse and breathing problems even I was breathing fine (Just to clarify I've never got COVID).

    The doctors I've visited told me that was anxiety problems, and found my health just fine, like I'm crazy or something, whatever...
    I went on with my life until December 20, when I started to have a really painful face/headache only in the right side of my body, the worst pain of my life, starts with the eye and irradiates to the rest of the head, felt so terrrible but still unconcerned, until one day I noticed a lot, a lot of eye floaters, that bother me until now.

    Right now I can't alliviate the pain and I'm afraid that the eye floaters are permanent, also noticed that I have BEFP which I never had before, I never had any health problems, I always ate healthy, exercised daily, but there's no day where I PMO at least 1 time a day.

    Is this the reason of PMO? I really tried but the longest I've got is 12 days, because I felt depressed that the symptoms don't decrease even a little. Relapsed today, I feel so bad, I want to see results but I don't know if I'll get them abstaining from PMO, I cry every day because of the pain, the relapse and not being comfortable to see a thing anymore, please help me, tell me if you had something similar and when you started recovering, please.

    Also my reboot will be difficult, I had a gf with 4 years of relationship, I've talked to her and she agrees to let me do my reboot then have s*x with her every 2 months to recover... But now I relapsed, please tell me that I will recover, I'm so tired of life just because of this, I got a lot of diseases in so little time that I don't know what to do.

    TL;DR: In summary I have these symptoms right now:

    - Right side only eye pain, faceache and headache.
    - Eye floaters.
    - Really intense BFEP.
    - Light sensitivity.
    - A bit of brain fog.
    - A little bit of visual snow.
    - Visited doctor and I'm "healthy".

    I hope someone can help me and I am so grateful to this forum, If I hadn't discovered it, I would really be lost.

    Thank you so much and sorry for making you to read this.
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    Regarding this...
    I also have all of these, except for the eye floaters. Only one of my eye hurts as well. I quit for 2 days last week, and all my symptoms went away. When I started again this week, they came back, and I'm trying to quit again. Besides my head, my whole body feels great and it's really just my eyes.

    All of this happened very quickly in just a day, like you by the way...
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    I can't relate to you much, maybe because it has been only 2-3 years since my addiction started. But I GURANTEE you that your health will improve so much if you abstain from this habit. Also, you need to abstain for even a longer period of time to start seeing some benefits. You think your 8 years of addiction will get cured in 12 days? It needs more time. For me, the symptoms are : Social anxiety, feeling shy & awkward in front of people, feeling very lethargic & sleepy throughout the whole day, bad sleep, usually more pimples on the face, frequently getting fevers, emotional instability. But since starting this journey, my health has improved so much. But I'm still not out of the woods, I still relapses now & then but I'm pulling 8 days, 10 days, 15 days streak more often and getting all these benefits. So, I hope you stay on this journey as well, I don't know if your symptoms will fade away but I can assure that YOU WILL FEEL SO MUCH BETTER PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY.
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    Yo I'm on day 2 now and like @AversioN said, I guess it depends on how long you were addicted to have the side effects from going away. I was only addicted for 8 months, and so far, on day 2, I'm feeling very good. For some reason my eyes and head were hurting on day 1, not sure why.
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