Everything is making sense.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by MrSalvatore001, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. MrSalvatore001

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    The past few days have been really good work-wise. Although I couldn't get my project running because of a stupid mistake on my part. I resolved it today.
    My mindset has shifted from negative to positive thinking. I'm taking more risks(not big enough but baby steps). Jerking off to porn reduced testosterone in my body which lead me to take no risks at all and chicken out of a lot of opportunities.
    I've made a list of monthly and daily goals which has helped me to sort out my priorities. There are 6 months left until the end of the year. Within these 6 months, I'm going to bring changes to my personality, habits, and life.
    Everything is making sense now like a divine plan is underway for me. As clutches of porn become weak, my body and soul are being cleansed to give birth to my true self.
  2. eye.wander

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    Yesss! I can smell a big change from a chicken BABY to chicken ALPHA! I am sending positive energy for you to preserve that FLOW mode, bonne courage buddy!

    What do you mean by taking more risk? In a professional or private life? Could you share some points in your lists? Today I was feeling really aimless, couldnt find one...
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    This is inspirational!

    We write about "superpowers" in NoFap.

    You are giving us a testimony that superpowers are real.

    They are building in you.
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  4. bluemax4

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    Well done brother, proud of you. Hope to join you on the road to recovery
  5. Kiz Whalifa

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    This is some potent positive energy right here, I'm charged up. Congrats for resisting the downward pull and proving that like is what you make of it. Inspirational!
  6. Walter White SR

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  7. MrSalvatore001

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    Chicken BABY to chicken ALPHA. LOL
    Taking risks in both professional and private life.
    Professional- Actually executing my ideas or skills I've learned and not abandoning it mid-way. And learning to delay gratification.
    Private- Learning empathy as porn made me emotionally numb. And talking to lots of people to hone my social skills as I am an introvert.
    Monthly and daily goals are different for everyone.
  8. This is fantastic effort
  9. eye.wander

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    Yess! All my life I was not changing almost anything because I have been not believing any change is real and I was not using learned methods. After a few days, I would forget anything and go back to "normal" state... Now I know strange people do change and we will change if we will go straight after any fail...

    Good luck with "both" lives!
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