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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by MarcoM, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. MarcoM

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    Today is my 9th no PMO, but... is it normal that everything is the same?
    I know that 9 days are few, but i don't know if it's normal that i feel little motivated every day that passes...
    Thanks for help!
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  2. 28yrsold

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    Keep going and you'll definitely experience all the benefits. But when depends on person to person and time to time . In my first serious try at nofap, I experienced positive attitude towards life, high energy and high confidence on the fourth day itself, but on my next streak there were no benefits even till the seventh day.
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  3. I personally see the superpowers as a placebo affect. I only do this to build self-discipline. It depends what you want to get out of it. If you are like a usual guy in this forum looking easy way to be a winner from loser, I will tell you right now it isn't going to happen. You need to take care of your life as a whole, not just wanking part because it won't fix much. It's somewhat helpful though
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  4. ptrjovskis

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    It's the same for me, unless you're deep in addiction you aren't going to experience any major changes. And especially no sudden ones. Placebo effects can, however, be strong. It's debatable of how strong it is, but I do know that in some cases it can change a persons life.

    This is basically the reason why anyone should to it - coupled with the reason that us building a habit out of it leads to addiction and from there all the symptoms who are only to be removed by abstaining from PMO.
    So abstination coupled with cold showers is an easy "recipe" for better self-dicipline, and from there it's easier to change your life.
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  5. bennieMag

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    Balancing ones life to be able to successfully meeting all the requirements of the work and also having fun at the same time is the key to success. This not only helps you to be happy but also feel content at the same time of having achieved something good. Learning to find the happiness is the work that you do is something that I follow to keep me going.
  6. Infrasapiens

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    150 days and everything is the same, except that I have dignity now.

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