Everything wrong with pornography

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  1. 1. It's all a big lie
    Do you honestly believe those women in the videos are telling the truth? don't forget that no one does porn for free (and sometimes if they are it's rape.)

    2. it removes your emotions/Creates empathy
    Remember that bit from Silence of the lambs where buffalo bill does the whole "lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again" thing? that's because he dehumanizes his victims so he doesn't feel bad about hurting them. Porn is kind of like that. you're buffalo bill and you really don't care if some girl is being forced to give head to some guy. now if that were happening in real life, would you stop it? some guys wouldn't. quitting porn, you'd be amazed at how strong your emotions really are when you're not numbing them with porn.

    3. obviously, it's addictive because it draws upon your dopamine, like every addictive thing.
    Your dopamine receptors are VERY strong at a young age and they influence you highly. porn loads those things every time. Now if you stopped for 30 days, just imagine how many sensors would crave dopamine. imagine how awesome sex must feel if you're only having sex with a woman and not masturbating?

    Let us keep this list going!!
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    Thanks, mate! Good thoughts, much appreciated. Let's lift each other up.

    Are we 'sexually liberated' if porn is taking over our thought processes and corroding our ability to sustain meaningful relationships? I think we are less sexually free. A powerful industry is manipulating us - and ruthlessly exploiting some hard-wiring in the male brain - to turn us more and more into sexual and emotional robots, only capable of achieving sexual fullfilment in a room with a computer, alone.

    Keep up the good fight!
  3. That's how Satan wants us to go. God wants us to "be fruitful and multiply" and you cannot do that with porn. So when Satan tempts you with porn, you tell that ***** to fuck off because she will no longer control you! Become a warrior!

    (Yes, I believe satan is a woman. Who else could tempt men so easily?)
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    The Silence of the lambs analogy is really great! I feel hopeful that I won't attempt to dehumanize someone so I can attempt to sexually gratify myself at another's expense. Yes poronagraphy has sickened me and I'm glad I no longer accept it.
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  5. It's a love-hate relationship with youself.
  6. 4th thing wrong with porn; It is a love hate relationship with yourself. You want to be better but the addiction holds you down. You hate the addict within you and you want him to leave so you can be better.
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    5th thing wrong - you're supporting the bad guys. There's nothing noble, decent, just or fair about making you're living filming or producing videos of paid strangers fucking each other. Almost everyone is in the sex industry because they can't get the job they want it's based on exploitation. Don't support the Mr Bigs and the pimps.
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  8. tricks you into investing a lot your precious time and energy into something that is of no benefit to you nor the people around you.
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  9. I've read stories that college girls without morals got into porn to pay off their tuition. Imagine the awkwardness 15 odd years later when their sons hit puberty and find that video of their mom on the casting couch at 21.
  10. The 6th thing wrong with pornography - It's a waste of time. You could be writing that novel you wanted to write, or hitting those weights you wanted to hit, or practicing that guitar you bought so you could make a love song for that girl you're interested in. You lose time you'll never get back.
  11. 7th. Its made to be real but it isnt, tricking people that they can do that awesome stuff that the MR. 10m Dongguy did in the video he/she watched.
  12. Already up there, at no. 1. It's all a big lie
  13. I ment the negative effects that it has in relationships trying to imitate it, there's some interviews about it outhere
  14. Like Brother/sister porn for example. I started watching porn at 8. Imagine I seen that shit at 8. It only became popular in recent years now its on secound page with cleared cache and cookies so I assume it doesn't take long for new user to find that out. That for sure fuck u up at 8
  15. That would fuck you up at 8 years old. Brothers and Sisters are not meant to have that type of relationship, and anyone who promotes that is, as we trailer park boys say, "Fucked in the head."

    Ok, so here's how I would word it; 7th thing wrong with porn; Gives the viewer a bad impression of relationships. This is still kind of a branch of the number 1 thing, but it expands on it. Like Self Worth quoted, "Brother/Sister porn" that should not exist, it's disgusting.

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