Everything you need to know about women attraction - 5 years experience with life hacks

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by sephhh, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    NOFAP - Women Attraction

    From the movie Interstellar:
    Dr. Brand: “Maybe it means something more - something we can't yet understand. Maybe it's some evidence, some artifact of a higher dimension that we can't consciously perceive. I'm drawn across the universe to someone I haven't seen in a decade, who I know is probably dead. Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can't understand it.”

    To place my ideas on paper, so to speak, on the truth and reality of what semen retention offered me in the last 5 years and the experiences of both long nofap streaks and multiple relapses are as follows:

    We are energy producers. We create life. We are tapped into this universe on more levels than just physical; our minds and spirits are part of our energy that we produce. Although, science can not prove this point; what I can offer is not science-backed it is purely my experiences and my own opinion on the subject. Science is used to explain the physical universe around us but there are areas that science cannot solve due to the lack of variables and non-physical nature, in this case, of semen retention. Yes, people speak of ‘superpowers’ that they can feel, but how can that be measured scientifically? We can measure the nutrients found in semen and even look into a microscope to see it create life with a female egg. My point here is that we cannot measure ‘superpowers’ on a scientific level. This post speaks of our energy, our minds, women attraction and the law of attraction that we have within us. It is a personal experience!

    Women are intuitive. They can see into the future. How so? You may ask. Both subconsciously and consciously they can see themselves with you or not with you within the first second of seeing you. Subconsciously they won’t know why they’re attracted to you on nofap and they’d say maybe it’s the light from your eyes, your skin that radiates, your body language or maybe even your voice. But, the truth is, it goes even further than that; women from long distances without seeing me are interested in me. Ex’s appear again and contact me. What is this power? Truly, we don’t know; how could we? The only answer that makes some sense is that it is simply the design of the universe, my friends. It is the law of attraction working in our favor. We are able to tap into a higher frequency.

    Women are on a completely different wavelength than men. They are different. What semen retention allows us to do is to move onto these various platitudes. Remember that we are all tapped into this universe together in some non-physical way, in my opinion. You can achieve women attraction, financial success and any thing you set your mind to and transcend to levels of genius in the field of your choice. ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill (most popular book on the subject of finding out what makes rich people rich) Hill speaks of the super wealthy achieving financial success in their 40s-50s because they overcame their sexual wasting from their younger years. With nofap you’re using semen for its purpose and design; to create and attract.

    This is absolutely undoubtedly true. I have experienced women literally wanting to change their entire lives so they can somehow fit into mine. Women have lied to me about their marriages and even offered to leave their marriage/boyfriend to have me. I have had multiple women I worked with literally fight over me. My manager threw herself at me willing to lose her job wanting a secret work relationship. Girls 7-10 years younger than me inviting me into their beds. Women calling me wanting to talk dirty out of nowhere or requesting a massage. Most are really good girls too! Some virgins! Girls sending me pictures of themselves without asking. I’ve witnessed girls act hornier than a sex addict around me. They couldn’t get enough of me. (It made me quite cocky at the time). Girls explaining how different I am and how comfortable they are around me. Girls defying their parents, religious beliefs and their own principles to be with me. “You look familiar to me,” as one girl told me at the gym without losing eye contact. “You have light in your eyes,” as another woman came over to my house every night for two weeks straight to see me. “I can connect with you and you make me laugh,” another woman explained. One woman laughed hysterically as she ran up towards my house from her car she was so happy to see me. I had groups of girls I’d hang out with and go out with drunken escapades; just me and three-four women who all liked me. This attraction occurred the strongest 60+ days of nofap every single time. Please maintain the idea that women have never done this to me EXCEPT for the 1-3+ months of nofap streaks. It has nothing to do with looks because I see beautiful women with men who aren’t good looking at all; wonder why? Well maybe it’s their energy!

    None of these things happened to me ever before or after practicing nofap. While off nofap women treated me like crap and want nothing to do with me. “You come off as full of yourself and a bad guy to date,” my ex stated after my relapse. Even my friend’s girlfriends didn’t like me and even called me a creep. One girl said, “Just take me home,” in the middle of a date. I would joke around and say, “Women are repulsed by me.” Because it was true, literally I could feel negativity radiating out of women in my presence without a word being spoken. And if I said something to them their body language showed that they just want to get away from me. Then, two weeks nofap is the beginning of the polar switch. I start noticing subtleties and stares; 30 days in ex’s start messaging me, semi-attractive girls start appearing without trying. But 60+ days I have my pick of anything I want, so it feels.

    As soon as I messed up with PMO was the same day every single woman I was talking to disappeared or told me off. “You’re just like all the other guys,” one expressed the following day. One that had really liked me literally never responded to me again. Others immediately involved themselves with other men and wanted to date others. The manager that wanted me moved to another store. One nofap streak relapse my girlfriend left me for her very unattractive, married boss because she wanted money and became a sugar baby. “I don’t know you or what you’re capable of,” a girl announced after six months of dating walking away from me. “I just want to go out with my friends,” another exclaimed and never heard from again. After my very first relapse I cried driving home after going out solo, which was easy for me before, but I had lost the power to approach and talk to women. I was stuck in my own head and all the pain and regret of my life’s failures returned to my conscious mind. I’ve almost committed suicide a few times because of it all hitting me so heavily. All funny stories looking back now, but they were emotional times for me.

    The polar switch happened the day of my relapses. Multiple times have I gone through this and experienced the polarity shift. Unfortunately, I not only lost attention but I went from being happy and outgoing to immediately becoming depressed and the victim. It’s hard to get back on nofap when you suffer from depression. It’s a vicious cycle to break because one causes the other. I have to do nofap because otherwise I’m depressed and unmotivated. My mother has told me that I am the happiest she’s ever seen me while on nofap. I have a much better relationship with my mother and family and they even want to be around me.

    Other benefits of nofap (these will vary person to person and there are plenty of lists available but mine is somewhat different):

    Living/thinking in the now (my favorite)
    Increase in vitality and strength
    Concentrated and focused
    I can talk to anyone without fear
    People like me!
    I become witty, funny and personable.
    I have perfect timing with speech
    Hair loss stopped
    I love myself
    Animals even like me more
    I feel powerful
    I can workout without preworkout
    I don’t worry about other people’s opinions
    Intuition about everything
    I have foresight!
    I can sing (tone deaf otherwise)
    Personal talents increase
    I have better balance and ambidextrous
    More conscious of my form
    Heightened spiritual senses
    People laugh at my simple comments
    People are willing to do stuff for me
    No more ED
    Sex is 100x better
    Better connection with women

    All the benefits are reversed with PMO.

    I am over the girls and am practicing nofap to attract financial success now. Money won’t leave as quickly as the women if relapsed. Lol.

    How to do NoFap (my way with extras):

    I have experienced this process both with and without sex involved. I’d suggest to not have sex at all within the first 60-90 days of nofap, for multiple reasons but mainly to reset. The real reset is of course retention and normalizing the chemical balance, but also mastering ones mind by refraining from sexual fantasizing. You only allow yourself to be turned on by a real woman that you are with. After having sex at first there is a ‘chaser’ effect which can cause a relapse. Your mind at the beginning will associate sex orgasm to PMO unless a reset is completed. This effect goes away after time and that’s why I suggest a full reset ‘monk mode’ no loss of semen for 60-90 days. The famous cold showers are great with many benefits including prevention of wet dreams and cool down your heated body.

    With the excess energy I’d highly suggest placing it into something whether it be sports, gym, art, writing, work, business and any positive habit you can imagine. Otherwise, a relapse is inevitable if you decide to sit around and not accomplish anything. Also, avoiding dopamine manipulation and addicting substances; cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, television, video games, social media, coffee among many more can cause a dopamine dependency that will drive you to pleasure seek. Not everyone is effected by these things negatively. The number one way to beat a constant relapser is very simple; it’s the 5 second rule with fantasizing. Don’t fantasize beyond 5 seconds. Don’t think about it. That’s why picking up a new habit can be very beneficial in preventing relapse. Stay busy.

    NoFap does not solve all issues!

    More life hacks to assist in nofap:

    I have found that chakras or energy areas of the body play a very important part in your energy aura. And, oh yes, your sex organ is an energy chakra responsible for creativity. Briefly explained the solar plexus (your core/stomach) is very important and it assists in confidence and intuition. That’s why a good diet, sunlight, core workouts and intermittent fasting (IF) will help you through the flatlines and gain another source of positive energy. Intermittent fasting is another form of discipline and self mastery that should be explored deeply especially through the nofap process. It’s great for weight loss, energy boosting and building muscle/testosterone. I have tried many versions of IF and the one that works the best is working out after 16-20 hours of fasting and feasting 2k+ calories within 4-8 hours immediately after your workout. IF manipulates your insulin levels that burns fat, gives energy, more chemical balance, cells rebuild and I have more vitality within a week of starting it. Staying hydrated and drinking only water is important throughout the day. IF is the only thing that’s ever given me a six pack and reduce stomach size. NoFap and Intermittent fasting are life hacks.

    Meditation assists in opening your third eye chakra (your mind).

    Your feelings open your heart chakra and opens to receive what you feel.

    Once all your energy sources are aligned you can tap into your spiritual self also known as your crown chakra. This allows you to tap more fully into the universe, I believe.

    Chakras is not religious based, it is your body broken into energy sources.

    Anyways, that’s my take on it. I hope that this assists someone! If it has, please comment! Any questions, please comment!

    Edit on 3/19/2018:
    Just to add my previous journal from another site from 2014(it has more detail about each day. The journal starts at day 30 which is a long read but a few posts down day 55+ I really became the ladies man I describe everything in much more detail. Not to be cocky, I am humble about it truly it can be lost so quickly. Prepare yourself and don’t ruin it like I always do with drama from women.)


    Lastly, this journal is not for me only! I invite any and all to comment and tell me about your experience with women attraction! I would love it and I’m sure your fellow nofappers would too! So don’t choke your chicken because it’s meant for women! Good luck!
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  2. Out of the Furnace

    Out of the Furnace Fapstronaut

    hey great post, where is this information from? the book you mentioned? also i can´t follow you on all the benefits going away when relapsing 1 time from PMO. its just weird you know, you don´t loose all of them, only if you keep on relapsing. cheers
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  3. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    Can you be more specific on what information you're speaking about?

    The book is very popular, it only briefly speaks of this subject honestly in one page. 'Think and grow rich' by Napoleon Hill.

    I would suggest that everyone is different, but yes; I feel the benefits gone with 1 single relapse. Everything, all gone. I think it goes beyond energy loss. I do not lose this energy with sex unless it's with an energy sucker.

    If I may entertain an idea with you that is somewhat religious and an ancient art; scrying is using a black mirror to call upon entities and spirits, whether good or evil. There is a reason why your computers, cell phones and televisions are black mirrors. This is designed on purpose without you or most of the population realizing it. Viewing pornography through these mirrors allow entities to take hold, enter you and control you. You don't have to agree with me; it's something interesting to look into elsewhere on the internet.

    Thanks for the comment! :)
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  4. I will admit I'm having a hard time believing the sudden extreme reaction from bad to good women have had towards you, but it is rather interesting and motivating to see if it'll be true after 60 Days. Thanks for sharing your story.
  5. Good read, motivating and inspiring. Bless you!!
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  6. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    It is a personal journey and I was shocked with the polar shift myself. I tell my story because I want everyone to know how valuable your life force is. Thank you for your comment!

    Thank you!! Bless you too! :)
  7. James90

    James90 Fapstronaut

    Great Post! Im on day 7 of NoFap for the first time and this gives me hope! Before I started Nofap, I always felt like **** and depressed. I'm 20 years old, have never kissed a girl and still a Virgin. Not having a girlfriend / intimate experience has really bothered me in the past. My twin has a girlfriend and everything. So far I have seen a slight increase in motivation and energy!
  8. sebastian182

    sebastian182 Fapstronaut

    And what about girls who hadn't seen you face to face while you're on a nofap streak???? . Are they still attracted to you?? Do they start keeping in touch again as well?
  9. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    I promise you it’ll be life changing!

    Yes! Ex’s that haven’t seen me will contact me. One girl that told me never talk to her again a month earlier messaged me and wanted to go out and stay over. Another girl I hadn’t seen in months would tell me that she couldn’t stop thinking about me randomly. Another messaged me and said she had a sex dream with me. A girl called me and wanted to talk dirty over the phone that’s over 4K miles away and she’s a virgin and wants to lose it to me, “You owe me 4 massages because you’ve been gone this long,” is a message I received just a few days ago.

    My PMO downfall has always been because of women and their drama. I am staying vigilant about who I spend my energy on; you should too!!
  10. Thank you for sharing this extremely helpful post amigo ! Very inspiring!! Peace & greetz
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  11. This is very interesting, and addresses a major concern I've had about my reboot. As someone devoid of confidence, I have long had my interactions with females, particularly when I'd like there to be some depth/intimacy present, be somewhere that I've fallen down. Granted this started long before I ever PMO'ed, but it is nice to see that your streak has proven, at least for you, that NoFap has been beneficial on this front.

    I have had periods in my past where I have met or received calls from exes, and they were expressing interest in me. Being the schnook I was, I always re-established things until they soured again. I'm wondering if perhaps these events occurred during periods of no PMO (I'm almost certain that at least one did), and if so, what can be done in the future.

    Thank you for posting this. I look forward to reading more from you in the future. Whilst I wouldn't go so far as to say that you've given me hope, or laid my concerns to rest, you've certainly given me a heads-up to keep an eye out for any future developments in this field.
  12. Jackb97

    Jackb97 Fapstronaut

    That's fine
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  13. You dont just loose this ability after one relapse are you mad? You are here from yeasterday and already with 90 days streak what a coincidence..
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  14. Pmo is in the past

    Pmo is in the past Fapstronaut

    This will motivate me to have a nice long streak.I never realised that girls think about the future just from the first encounter.
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  15. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    Troll, huh? Rawr! :p

    Maybe I’m mad naturally; but I am 100% serious about losing all my benefits with one relapse. It’s just like a drug, my man! I never said I’m at 90 days! I have been there a few times throughout the years; at 26 days currently since last PMO session. It is most unfortunate that it’s still a battle 5 year later; I will NEVER lose hope.

    My old journal from 2014 (second nofap streak to 90 days! Very long and informative with depth):

    Please read at least the first few posts and they will explain a few of these situations in much greater detail. I started the journal at day 30. Days 55 plus were when the girl attraction occurred. (7 posts down)

    Woman attraction can destroy; beware.
  16. I read your other journal, and it was most informative, charting your progress. I've noted some frequency of thinking, in committed lifestyle coaches (they argue they're not pickup artists, but that's not the topic I'm debating) and participants pursuing other lifepaths that have intersected with NoFap, and there are doubtless more out there I'm not seeing beyond the 'successful lists' people bandy about. The process goes something like this:

    No success with women, seek success with women -> Success with women, seek success in business -> Success in business, Seek spiritual growth -> ?

    My question mark at the end is to indicate that I don't think there's an end-point to spiritual growth.

    In my past I have sought spiritual growth, and have been fortunate to have met many people who are on the path and wish to help. If I had persevered I would undoubtedly be a very different many to the one I am today. I'm currently employed in a job, which not what I want to be doing, pays very well for what is asked of me, and as I don't know what I want to be doing, is a good way to spend time. My weak point has always been with women, and I have to wonder if perhaps it is that lack of success that has kept me from reaching my potential. I've tried alcohol, terrible clothes, not having standards and even listening to arguments friends would make that I was gay. Turns out none of those really result in any long-term, positive results, and while my internal analyst continues to be largely sceptical regarding the claims of 'greatly improved interactions with women', I cannot argue with the results you have documented in your previous journal.

    I look to seeing how your current journey continues.
  17. MrMurk

    MrMurk Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Great story! Good to read.

    I really can identify with the benefits you call. Especially about the animals :p

    My friends' girlfriend said a few days ago she feels attracted to me. I could not understand where it came from, even she couldn't. She only talked about "attraction" and about my eyes, and how I look. Then of course it became obvious to me. It was 100% proof for me, that NoFap works.

    I had a wet dream the next night, so unfortunately a little bit of energy dripped away. And I felt it immediately... more anxious. Little bit depressed and overwhelmed by my feelings, low selfesteem, my best friend doesn't want to see me because of this incident with me and his girlfriend.

    But thanks to NoFap I now know I don't have to be perfect. I just know that energy comes in waves, and this energy will come back again. And eventually will flow away again. And come back... It's like you say, what you do with it counts.
  18. If really girls work like that its kinda sad, what if every man on planet started nofap?, Girls are really promiscuous creatures from nature.
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  19. MrMurk

    MrMurk Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Yeah I understand. Luckely they differ from each other.
    Just when I finished my reply, it came across my mind that a good girl is a girl that is also there for you when you're having a hard time. Girls that come and go when you are on/off NoFap are in my opinion not the girls you want to grow old with. These girls are just there for fun.

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