Everything you need to know about women attraction - 5 years experience with life hacks

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by sephhh, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    Motivational Video !

    I am honored to have all of you interested in both this journal and my path. It brings me joy to see that I am able to have some positive influence in your personal journeys. I will try not to make this post terribly lengthy and at the same time respond to each one of your comments. I am happy to see the sparks of conversations between all of you.

    Beekay148 – I know the path in front of me cannot include exes. It could easily cause a trigger. I am into investments! I will PM you to talk about it I have some good recommendations and you’re right the market is perfect to buy right now esp after the positive G20 convention! I for one cannot work for another person; I have been my own boss for a year now, and it is liberating. Nofap has helped me move into this and I hope that it sustains me and excels me to greatness. Including my own business and more just like you.

    Scorpion2 – I’ve read your journal and I love the similarity between our stories. Thank you for posting a link to it on this page. Having gone in and out of it you’ve experienced the highs and lows that come out of it. It is a strange but certainly an exciting phenomenon. How glorious and beautiful the peaks are when you’ve been to the darkest of valleys!

    Infinitepotentialforyou – The benefits are long and lengthy, I could go in such depth into this subject. I’ve listed off but a few of the ones in my initial post here. The truth is, out of all the benefits I’ve felt there is only one word to describe it all; power. I feel power in nearly all aspects of my life. The power to love, to see and perceive, the power to know that I can do anything I set my mind to and the power to have unwavering motivation that does not go away.

    Lucid Kazekuro – I cannot describe how much power your words resonate in my heart of gratitude and praise. Both here and on my profile page. I humbly thank you. The wisdom gained from failure is something of great value and everyone no matter small or large have failed at something. When you fall down 7 times you get up 8! There is a fire in your belly you need to reach for and pull out; it has always been there but numbed by addiction. I look forward to seeing more of your posts and journey. Thank you, my friend.

    Isla171 – Thank you!

    zakes – The quote but no comment! Haha nice.

    Kareza – Yes, money will stay and women will probably be more sold on working out issues. There are good women out there, I know it! Unfortunately it is difficult to find. I blame partly social media because women have attention rained on them from random men, exes and/or old friends. They blow as blades of grass in the wind.

    Questionite – Spiritual growth is like a muscle we need to exercise. One moment you can be on point and feel in touch. Other times you feel glimpses of it. I found with nofap I have unlocked insight, intuition and a connectiveness I never before had. Keep it up!!

    elevate – I don’t believe I suggested that women aren’t human beings or less than men. The differences between each one of the women that I reference is different in each individual case; yes some immature, some real and some cases I sabotaged it. I am no saint here. And no, sir, it does not depend on my streak, this is real evidence and experiences I have brought to the table which have been tested over and over again even before my knowledge of nofap; please read my journal from 2013 before dismissing and assuming (link on original post). I stumbled on this knowing nothing about nofap women attraction on my own. I apologize about your take-aways and respect your skepticism.

    The truth is, there is a disconnect with them when I PMO. The way it was explained to me by my ex-gf was that I come off as arrogant, selfish, a badboy and potentially dishonest while on PMO. She advised me that she knows I’m not that way but women are guarded by a man that intimidates them. Their perception of me is much like your comment, skeptical! With the polarity shift from nofap to pmo I go from being familiar to, “I don’t know you.” or, “I’m scared of you.” Nofap allows me to connect with women and they are able to see my true self. Just today I was getting food and a girl was taking my order she asked me if I’d like some of their sauce to go with the meal, I nodded without saying anything. She came back over to me with the to-go bag and their special mojito sauce (amazing btw). I said “Okay, thank you.” Nothing different about the way I said thank you, I wasn’t even smiling. As soon as I said it she busted out in laughter and had a huge smile on her face. We had a little conversation about the day while maintaining eye contact which was quite engaging. Once the brief conversation was over I walked away and realized that there was nothing special about my words. I’ve never had a woman react so happily to a simple thank you. I thought about it on my drive and realized that she had to of felt something deeper, something real.

    Have you ever been in a room or grocery store and a woman walks by and you feel something different about her? Not necessarily attractive but you notice her more, you look and you start to like a feature on her you don’t usually like and she simply sticks out. Then on the flip side, have you had a very attractive girl that put you off for some reason, in your mind you think she’s maybe skanky or feel that there is something wrong with her, maybe she opened her mouth and said something that made you think less of her. It’s the same thing however women are more receptive to it; they feel, see, hear and think just like we do. We are mostly visual, as men, and as such this ‘feeling’ doesn’t affect us as intensely as does women, in my opinion. I hope that makes sense.

    A woman cherishes love and connection, they are receptive to energy whereas men give energy and are more visual beings which is why we struggle so much with pornography. It’s built into us. We are completely different.
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  2. MrMurk

    MrMurk Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Actually a quiet interesting view! Thank you.

    How would you explain the attraction thing that comes from semen retention/NoFap?

    And what are according to you the benefits of semen retention/NoFap?
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  3. elevate

    elevate Fapstronaut

    Your thoughts and feelings tend to express themselves in your behavior. Consciously or subconsciously you communicate many little things through your behavior. Vocal tonality, eye contact, facial expressions, body language, posture, confidence, enthusiasm, etc. A lot of people need semen retention / nofap streak to have higher quality thoughts and feelings in order to express better behavior. The streak is motivating and they believe in the science of whatever the various youtube videos claim for it. So it's more or less a placebo effect. Either way, it's a good thing as long as it works for them.

    The benefits of nofap is that you clear space for better things in your life. Better pain, problems, and negative experiences to have higher quality pleasure, solutions, and positive experiences. You're less likely to escape reality and the difficult things you know that you should be doing. You start developing your reality more. So you gain more courage, competence, and confidence. You become more audacious, bold, daring, and gregarious. When you're in a constant state of escape and instant gratification, it's hard to have focus or enthusiasm for the messy, uncertain, awkward, unideal, painful, and problematic reality.

    Better thoughts, feelings, and behavior doesn't just affect women. It can affect anyone you come across, but it's still not as magical as you make it seem.

    I don't like it when people here get the idea that they should do nothing other than wait for things to happen to them. Nofap is only the starting line to create space for you to actually face your reality. Not another way to escape handling the difficult problems in your life.
  4. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    Elevate - thank you for your comment. You’ve listed off some great changes that occur when someone practices nofap both consciously and subcounsciously. You’ve listed off some amazing benefits that can instill power and energy in people that elevates people into a better version of themselves; it is magical. It’s magical to receive attention from women thousands of miles away, it’s magical that I no longer have thoughts of suicide or failure and it’s magical to feel and experience every single benefit.

    I agree that you cannot do nothing and wait; you have to harness the energy and apply it accordingly. But I never suggested that you should do nothing and wait around for the days to pile up; actually quite the contrary.

    Bruce Lee said, “Don’t think, feel... it is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory.” Do not concentrate on the nofap and the streak. Feel the changes and concentrate on ones self. The heavenly glory awaits.

    Also, nofap is not the only life hack I practice. I consciously choose positive thoughts and meditate, I try to be outgoing to everyone I meet, I practice intermittent fasting which I believe is just as powerful and energy giving as nofap and together they magnify one another, I read and listen to motivational books and videos, I eat a clean diet and avoid negative habits, I don’t play games, watch too much tv and I work out often, I work a lot and write and plan goals. Nofap is not a solution to everything, but overcoming the addiction inside is no placebo, it is life giving and changes ones mind. I am a doer not a procrastinator anymore.
  5. Kareza

    Kareza New Fapstronaut

    Once engaged in an orgasm, there is an increase in Dopamine. Then the levels of dopamine decrease to levels lower than before climax. (Dopamine levels are unbalanced:- therefore requiring novel; stronger acts to achieve previous Dopamine highs not to dissimilar to drugs). The effects of which can affect one perceptions (during this period). Semen retention should help normalize the Dopamine levels among other things (the little things in life easily bring joy).

    “Don't fall into labeling dopamine as bad. There's no such thing as a bad neurochemical or hormone, although either can become a problem when out of balance. Dopamine is absolutely necessary for your decision-making, happiness, and survival. Yet when it’s too low or too high (or when changes in its receptors alter your sensitivity), it can cause real problems. If you look at this chart you can see some behaviors and conditions associated with dopamine levels or with sensitivity to dopamine. Sensitivity equates with how many receptors a nerve cell has for dopamine.”

    Sephhhs' initial post hints at the results. PMO is suggested as a contribution to depression; a change in brain chemistry (in one direction). The effects of nofap leds to a resulting change in brain chemistry (the other direction); which helps normalize the brain. The book 'Cupid's Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships' by Marnia Robinson' goes to some length to describe the various Brain cycles.
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  6. Thomas Smith 2

    Thomas Smith 2 Fapstronaut

    Yes! This!
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  7. CudMaverick.

    CudMaverick. Fapstronaut

    So we just lose the attraction after one relapse? Man thats a bummer
  8. CudMaverick.

    CudMaverick. Fapstronaut

    So whats the point of the retention with female attraction if we lose it as soon as we sleep with a female? Like having wings but not flying amirite?
  9. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut


    I only lost the power when I relapsed with PMO. When you are re-wired and having sex it's more energizing, powerful and it doesn't leave you as drained. Sacred sexuality is a way that you can reciprocate the energy being able to make love and connection which happens to be, in my experience, a very easy way to make a girl orgasm multiple times. Semen retention is ideal but not always realistic. PMO does something deeper and darker to our subconscious minds than we really understand.

    Women who feel my energy still want me even after sex. Yes, even the really hot ones. They will feel attached to your positive strong energy. And imagine yourselves, building up all your energy, you save it all up and work through your frustrations and self battles. You lose sleep night after night and you deal with the emotional changes involved with flat lines and spikes. You save and save it then you take all that built up energy and use it to get a girl that you know is cool and shes super sexy. You take her home and when you finally orgasm the right way after 60-90 days, with an awesome beautiful woman who wants you and feeling great about your life your mind will think it's the greatest thing ever. I promise.
  10. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    Day 35

    I am nearing the precipice that leads to the great deep waters of women attraction. Lol

    I am interested in this round of nofap experiences. I feel I am well underway to achieving my own moby dick of a woman; perhaps not in size but in beauty. lol

    I was on the flight from Puerto Rico to Orlando, Florida and the flight attendant was very obvious in her glares towards me. I get on this flight 30 minutes before it takes off and am sitting in the aisle seat further down the plane. I swear, the flight attendant stared at me for 15 minutes straight. I tried to not look over but I could feel her looking at me. Then I'd glance up; yup, she's still looking. What made it really weird is that she was cross eyed and so maybe she thought she could get away with it, but her good eye was definitely the one looking; in this case the left one. She was a cute blonde, but I wasn't into her. The eye thing, of course. So anyways, time goes on the plane starts moving down the runway and the flight attendants begin doing their safety presentation. This woman walks right up and does it seriously right next to me. She touches her ass on my elbow no joke literally 10 times during her presentation. All 'obviously' accidental. lol

    Saw another girl at a gas station pumping gas next to me. We had a brief conversation and I made her laugh with a few comments.

    My ex-gf keeps calling me, I picked up by accident when I was half asleep. We talked for a few minutes, she said she had no one to talk to. Right after she said that I heard her phone vibrate. Lol. I told her I'd call her back tomorrow and got off the phone. The next day I didn't call her. I decided to just block her number instead. lol

    Something I started to notice are little things like the lady at the store gave me a bunch of extra french fries, like, way too many I didn't even ask for extra. Even over the phone I had to cancel another flight I had and they don't offer refunds at their airline to anyone; I was able to talk the lady supervisor into refunding me the full amount and going above her boss. There were some other insignificant experiences. I have noticed that I become a much better speaker with nofap.

    Further note: I'd say that I haven't had a flatline or long period of low energy at all throughout this nofap journey. I have had multiple flatlines in other attempts of nofap. I feel I have to attribute that maybe I'm moving further along because I've mixed nofap with intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has been a key element in this nofap journey. It is the best thing I've ever done equal to nofap 60+days. I think the reason i didn't flatline was because intermittent fasting promotes natural HGH, increases testosterone, gives energy through the day, assists in organ cleansing and stomach balancing pH, balancing insulin, it tones the body and loses excess body weight among many other things. The good thing about intermittent fasting is that you feel the benefits from it typically within 3-10 days once your body adjusts. Please research intermittent fasting on youtube and watch for yourselves what people say about it. Life hack.

    I'll keep you guys further informed of funny stories and woman attraction stuff.
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  11. Dylan Durden

    Dylan Durden New Fapstronaut

    I love your insight in regards to law of attraction through NoFap. There is energy in the world we simply cannot understand. Even more cool is how you've opened your mind to the signs that the universe gives you. Fascinating topic and well written. Thank you OP.
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  12. Latzie

    Latzie Fapstronaut

    I once committed the mistake of letting my ego take over my personality when I reached the 90th mark.

    You might know what I think about you updating your stuff here and providing an analysis on your life perspective.
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  13. Bruce Lee was a philosophical genius. I would be amazed if he was a fapper. He did take drugs though, which surprised me. He is also an absolute key motivational persona for me. My favourite quote, "be water".
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  14. Latzie

    Latzie Fapstronaut

    The way you channel your message through words is astounding.

    That couldn't be more true, you not only got to be a player, you have to drag yourself to the field. The game is on and your opportunities won't search for you if you are on the bench.
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  15. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    Thank you for your compliment!

    You guys are all amazing! I hope you realize how precious you all are and that you are amazing. Everything about your existence is phenomenal!!

    What I am learning and centering my thoughts around is the fact that we can have whatever it is we want in this life! Truly, think about the fact that whatever you place your energy on is what is returned to you! Life is such an amazing gift with every breath of air we take and every pulse of blood being pushed through our veins it is an absolute miracle to live every single day. What a blessing it is that I can extend this message to you from a computer screen to the reader reading this. If you're feeling down and out get off your a$$ right now and go for a walk, take a few deep breaths and think of how amazing it is that you are here, right now alive!! No matter how horrible your situation may be there is always something bright to imagine.

    ENJOY THE JOURNEY! You, reader, are on a journey right now in this life whether its PMO recovery or whatever. ENJOY IT! Enjoy the subtleties of each passing moment and each passing day. You have felt the low valleys and imagine yourself on the highest mountain peaks but how could you enjoy the peaks if it wasn't for the hard treacherous journey that gave you it! Would you enjoy it otherwise? "If you do what it is easy life will be hard; if you do what is hard life will be easy!" - Les Brown

    Today is officially 47 days PMO free. I have had sex a few times with a beautiful girl, exactly what I imagined and wanted but I realized I literally asked the universe for this and it delivered it to me; your emotions and feelings are powerful enough to bring whatever it is you ask for; unfortunately this girl is too young and I am leaving Maryland tomorrow to go to Salt Lake City, Utah. I have done a great deal of travelling the last month. Puerto Rico, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland and now Utah tomorrow! Girls are starting to take note of me everywhere I go. I have to admit, there may be some correlation to my changed mentality and the women which are coming out of nowhere. Also, I have friends wanting to communicate with me I haven't seen in years; I had a friend I haven't seen in 3 years break down and cry to me about their entire life. I have people wanting to have conversations with me that I just meet. Just last night this guy opened up to me about his entire life. I didn't say much about mine at all but he was very motivated to talk to me; that never happened to me before!

    Yesterday I went to a deli to order my father and I some sandwiches; there were two girls at the register and they both wanted to take my order. So, they were both very eager to take my order and when the one girl took charge the second girl stood there and kept talking to me and wouldn't walk away. She clearly had other duties to do but they both gave me their full attention. It was actually quite interesting to watch because that has never happened to me, at least not for awhile. I saw a girl I used to work with here in Maryland (4 years ago) and she used to be really snobbish and she never gave me a hug before; she saw me and she gave me a full hug, not like a side hug or an awkward hug it was a full blown bear huge. I ran into her at a restaurant I stopped by. It was interesting to see how she lite up once she saw me. I didn't realize how into me she was (maybe it has something to do with nofap) haha..

    My energy aura has completely changed. I feel more powerful. Have mindfulness, my friends. The enemy attacks us in our mind. He doesn't have to tie you up for you to be bound he just has to tie up your head!!!! And the enemy can make you physically sick because your mind is sick. Follow your heart and feel the fire in your bellies! I love you guys and I want all of you to be successful. You can do this and there is nothing stopping you!!! It is truly such a simple fix to a complex problem. Simply stop your addiction! Stop it! Thats it!!!!! Don't obsess over it, just stop it! Just do it. You're having a bad day? Just do it! Just do it! Run after your dreams. Don't just walk, RUN! RUN after them! RUN! There is nothing stopping you but yourself! This may seem silly to you to read but there is nothing silly about it. Your life is serious and this addiction is serious. Please, follow me. I am reaching back to you with my hand open for you to follow my footsteps. Please take my hand and run with me because there will be a day that you are buried in the ground and this life is over! One day you will die but we have every single day to live! Live, my friends! Live!

    I'll keep ya'll updated as time goes on.
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  16. Awesome post... Thanks.

    The best thing about NoFap for me is learning how people like you are really developing in a positive way. We all think life is about what other people think of us, but it isn't... It is about being who we want to be. You are absolutely spot on.
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  17. Innervision

    Innervision Fapstronaut

    Thanks a lot @sephhh for the very inspiring and insightful things you bring to us! Please keep us informed about your progress and experiences, since you have a very nice way to put it in words!

    One thing I would like to ask you about interactions with woman is if you have some kind of "mental schedule" about what would be an ideal interaction, depending on the context you are? In other words, in some way you set yourself "prepared" to such moments and bring expectations, ideas, plans of action to it or your usual approach is simply follow the flow and see what happens next?

    Thanks again for your really nice posts and hope to see you around! All the best!
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  18. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    Interesting question! I appreciate your inquiry because it makes me evaluate my history with being a "pick-up artist" lol

    There is a level of intuitive thinking you have to be able to call upon; just so happens nofap does help, at least for me, with my intuition. Regardless, I believe being able to get through to a person is having the right questions to ask. I never get to the point, I try to remain somewhat mysterious and feel it out. I never would ask a question like, "Are you single?" or, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Those questions, in my experience, cause women to give you yes/no answers; it's definitely too simple. Like any salesman selling a product or service, you are selling yourself after all, they typically ask open-ended questions and figure out what their why is. The salesman then uses their 'why' to sell them. They are giving the salesman the fuel to close it. Why would they want you? You have to ask and lead them to that thought without telling them or asking them. Let them talk and always try to add to them when they stop. Girls like to talk about themselves so keep asking the right open-ended question and sit back and watch them open up! There is a flow that occurs that has to have good timing with everything. Be as witty as you possibly can because I know when I break-through to a girl when I can get them to laugh a few times. Your smile is contagious so definitely wear it without coming off as fake or trying too hard.

    Placing more thought to this there is a method. First, the obvious part is to make the situation seem safe, secure and laid back. No part of it should be anxious, quick or strong. I used to use the initial line, "You look really familiar, do I know you? I know you from somewhere." "Do you go to school around here?" "Where do you work?" You have to be genuine in everything you do especially at first. Sometimes it's as simple as, "Hello, I'm Justin." with a smile looking at her dead in the eyes. Don't get caught up in your own bullsh!t because they can sense that. Saying stupid sh!t like how much money you make or the car you drive is making yourself seem like you're trying too hard and you're talking about yourself. Only answer questions that she asks about you, don't go on and start talking about stuff she has no care for just because you think she might like you because of it. Be direct with your answers and don't babble on. Also, complimenting something you observe that she obviously put work or thought towards; example hair, clothing, watch, phone, jewelry, shoes, make-up.. anything that you can read that would make her feel accomplished or proud of herself. Find her passion and add to it, is it something that you can share together? Sometimes girls want someone to simply appreciate what they do and respect their passion even if you don't share it.

    This is an art-form! Once you get further along in the nofap journey and your social anxiety begins to diminish it's really a matter of practice. Truly, just throw yourself out there. There is nothing to lose except maybe you walk away feeling dumb for the moment. The odds of you going up to a woman and getting her number could be 1 out of 100 or 1 out of 1000 or 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 2! But the odds are in your favor to eventually get it! If you never approach women then the odds are always 0. Waiting for them to approach you is never a good strategy; even if you believe nofap will work for you. It may! but do you really want a girl that is actively seeking men's attention? I don't. I want a girl that puts up a fight, so to speak.

    It may sound silly, but all comedians and actors have an act they follow. Yes, they practice an act to themselves in the mirror. So maybe have some witty jokes ready, or questions lined up. Look at yourself in the mirror and recite these things. You're going to have to have good timing with your delivery and that only happens with practice or intuition. Not everyone is intuitive so practice!

    Lastly, don't get hung up on them. Don't place your happiness on their yes or no. Be able to walk away and not care. Oftentimes that aura will make them feel like you're the man unaffected by their emotional state. Girls need a guy that's emotionally strong and stable. It's part of being manly is to have strength. Also, every woman is different so your strategy should adjust accordingly. You can't go wrong with a few questions, a smile and gratitude. Don't over talk or babble, that's what you want them to do because they will feel like they want your approval.

    Nofap gives you the tools necessary to be able to easily do this. The benefits I often read on success stories are: confidence, less anxiety, eye contact, clear focused mentality, better voice and so on.. ALL of which help with your game.

    It is up to you to make this potential relationship work but I think the tools here will help you get started. Girls notice little things about you so keep that in mind that it's the little things that matter to them.

    That's my take on it :) ;)
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  19. Thank you, @sephhh, I read your posts here and use them for aspirational goals. I'm trying to get rid of the long-held negativity of thinking 'these won't happen to me' or even 'these might happen to me', but rather approaching it from a position of growth - ' these things are happening to me now'. I understand that you're busy living the life you are, the sort of life we all want, so you aren't on here to the same degree as the rest of us, but I am one of many who appreciates your return.

    Specifically related to interactions with women, I noticed a few changes, both subtle and pronounced, from Day 32 onward. At work is a bank of 15 computers arranged in a horseshoe, which we can use for work as we need. On to separate occasions I've had female colleagues choose the computer next to me despite there being other computers free to use, with one time having two female colleagues sit next to each other so they could sit near me. I'm not particularly attracted to any of them (I would have had sex with two of them if it's a possibility, but one is married and in her 50s and I'm pretty certain the other one is a lesbian). I'm using Day 32 as the same yardstick that you've mentioned about Day 25.

    More importantly however, I'm working on myself, which is something I'm understanding that I've long neglected. Simple things like dealing with my confidence issues, giving a rats-ar$e about my appearance, and doing some actual physical exercise, might be making a difference. My arms and upper body are feeling the burn after a couple of days of things, and I need to see about joining a local gym and getting a personal trainer to help me build a plan towards my goals (even the nebulous ones of 'get confident, stupid!' and 'be hot!!!'). In short, I'd like to have diamond core of 'Inner game', ideally with a nano-kevlar rebar. It is nice to read of your continued successes, and know that regardless of age, I can do that one day too (I could go to 25 - much younger and I'd feel like a dirty old man).

    Gratitude and love, Gato
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  20. Innervision

    Innervision Fapstronaut

    @sephhh Thank you very much for your long consideration! That has been an area of my personal life (relationships with opposite sex) I have finding huge difficulty through. Despite I felt some important progress along my previous streak (320 days), there was a time when the improvement seemed like had stuck and freeze precisely because of this issue. The complete picture you made makes total sense to me, although in practice is more important the set of skills you mentioned (confidence, less social anxiety, intuition, felling and so on) and all the theoretical discussion has little use (again, on the very moment of interaction). I hope to gradually improve on this topic and have some great experiences too, along all the other amazing benefits related to nofap journey! All the best and keep the fantastic job!
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