Everything you need to know about women attraction - 5 years experience with life hacks

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by sephhh, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    It’s beautiful! You’re beginning to notice the subtleties of attraction. As you get further along with this you will feel it with more and more strength. As these women are more drawn to you I’d recommend capitalizing on it by initiating conversation even if it’s simple and pointless like the weather. Try to feel it out a little bit just for fun; you’re in a healing process but it doesn’t hurt to probe the situation ;)

    Thank you for your comment! Nofap can only do so much for us. You had a long streak before so there was only so much you could feel and then it leveled out. We have to do the rest to make it work and do life hacks. In my opinion, there are other things we can do to attract the things we want. There is always something we can work on; our minds, bodies and spirit! It just doesn’t end with nofap.

    I want to add one extra thing to my previous post. If you’re trying to hookup with girls and you want to do it quickly; witty sexual jokes that are indirect works wonders. Get them to think about sex but in a funny way by being indirect with them. It works nearly every single time. But not everyone can pull it off. Don’t go get fired at your job for sexual harrassment now. lol. I’ve had a girl tell me, “We are absolutely not having sex tonight.” Then I say a few jokes, they’re laughing. I dropped her off later and she called me when I leave and begged me to come back and I stayed over with sex. I become very good with communication with nofap and use physcology in my favor. ;)
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  2. Actually, the funny thing was, I was having a conversation with the two ladies next to me (one in her 60s and a rather bitter old cow, the other in her 50s, attractive but married), somehow or other the 50s said something denigrating about her level of attractiveness and I flat out said something to the effect of "I'd enjoy having a roll around with you. Tangling with hubby after, not so much." She was a little taken aback by the comment, but not vocally offended.

    Innuendo and double entendre can be a goldmine. Watch a Bond film with someone other than Daniel Craig and you'll see how he uses some terrible lines yet always gets the girls. It can be a bit risky in the modern world, but there is still a majority of women out there that want this to some degree, whether they'll admit it or not. My goals in this realm are probably best described as medium term - I need to work on myself before I can put myself out there, but I am pushing the envelope on what I would have once found uncomfortable; I say 'Hi' to every pretty girl I lock eyes with, I engage with people I would have ran away from (homeless folk asking for change, donation collectors on the street, religious folk wanting me to come to their place of worship). I see this facet as analogous to house-building, with each interaction being another brick, mortared in place by my progress. There are some levels I can't reach just yet (due to issues I don't wish to discuss here), but myself, pushing my comfort zone, can't be too bad a thing.
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  3. fil.exe

    fil.exe Fapstronaut

    Hear the man, leaving your legacy behind is the most fulfilling thing to do before passing on.
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  4. This is a very interesting post. I thought I was the only one experiencing this phenomenon. I’m not 100% convinced yet but I’ve found that when doing nofap for extended periods of time it seems to have brought me “luck” or pushed the laws of attraction in my favor. Thanks for articulating this.
  5. tidus

    tidus Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    I really enjoyed this entire thread very much and I've read every single post that was listed. It has definitely motivated me to continue to break this habit and I appreciate you sharing your story and viewpoints with all of us. I will now begin reading your journal that you shared with us and get a better idea of your experience. However, like some people have mentioned, you make the encounters with women sound SO EASY. Like you're hardly putting any work and all of a sudden after a substantial streak, women are flocking to you. I am in no way doubting you but I am also not 100% convinced that is all it takes for women to be attracted me. I can see the benefits of abstaining from PMO work in your favor for sure and I do believe it does assist you in your conversations and interactions with women but I guess this is something I would have to experience myself personally. But something just tells me it's your appearance and that you're this really attractive guy and that's why all these encounters have been so simple with you. LOL.
  6. Totally agree. I feel like the original poster is probably a real good looking guy to begin with but I hope he’s right though. (I haven’t made it to 2-3 mo straight with no pmo to confirm this myself)
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  7. Sephhh,

    Re: March 16 post.

    Very interesting Sir. I don't know anything about chakras, but I practice yoga and mindfulness everyday. I really want to turn the corner on meditation, but my internal dialogue is so strong, I can't shut it down for the entire 5 minute meditation. I try to focus on breathing, listen to external noises, like the traffic sounds or my fan. Nothing works. I bring my focus back to the external again and again. It's like a rubber band, I can bend it, but ultimately, I want to live in the internal dialogue and my mind can't resist it. I've been doing this daily since January of 2018. Also I've been reading "Mindfulness for Beginners". How do I get there? I tried shorter meditations, longer ones. I see the benefits of awareness, but what will it take?
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  8. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    It is like the brick by brick analogy I love it! Hahaha that's hilarious what you said to that married woman; it's a little too direct for me but then again it's all about delivery! Women don't exactly admit it but they do want that James Bond type man that's confident and his words carry power. That's why those movies have been so successful for so long. ;)

    I am 100% convinced because I've come to day 51 today and I've certainly been quite lucky so far. I was on the flight from Maryland to Utah and the most beautiful woman sat right next to me and for 4 hours her and I talked about everything. The seats are pre-assigned that's gotta have something to do with luck or something. She starred into my eyes for long periods of time when we were conversing and I could feel her melting. That's every mans dream is to be placed next to a beautiful, funny and impressive girl on an airplane for 4 hours and she was the one who started initiating conversation with me. I couldn't believe it; all this time trying to imagine myself with a girl IDENTICAL to her and there she is. Plop! right next to me. Seriously tho, how many times have i flown and been stuck with a fat big guy who takes over the elbow rest in an aggressive dominating way. This girl even placed the arm rest up so there was nothing between her and I. I couldn't believe it. I got her number waited till today (two days later) and texted her. She's already responded but I'm holding off till tomorrow to message again. That's luck, or the universe? :)

    I appreciate your comment and interest in my journey! I hope to hear your story when you find out for yourself! You better come on here and post about it both of you because it's 100% real! :p
    I admit I am not a bad looking man, I'm considered tall and I have blue eyes with brown hair. I'd rate myself a solid 8 out of 10. But I am certainly no model here - I have a receding hairline and a little belly right now from travel food. Besides, how many times do I see gorgeous women with men that aren't attractive? ALOT! I actually struggled with that for so long because I felt like I wanted to be with a girl at a certain level but couldn't get to it ever. I repel women with PMO and low energy. There's so many girls that are too intimidated by good looking men that they want to date someone that makes them feel comfortable and be their friend&more. Take that notion out of your head that you have to be at a certain level to be able to achieve any attraction at all. It is there! Only one way to find out! :)

    Before you bash it! Try it! You ought to look inward and look at your own self talk and self image. I look at myself in the mirror and I see someone completely different than I did 2 months ago. What I'm saying is that it's your energy and vibe, my friends. Be like Bob Marley and surround yourself with positive vibes! "Every little thing! Is gonna be alright!"

    AWESOME QUESTION! I love the inquiry because that's something I have struggled with massively!

    The problem is your mind. It wants to think out of the present moment. The past doesn't matter and the future will never come; it is always now. PMO&MO places you in a false realm. You place all your most power to this realm of non-reality. You think about the future with a future girl or the past with a past girl while feeling intense pleasure built into your DNA to reporduce; nothing is happening for you in the moment. So you will likely get PIED because your brain never lives in the moment but lives in some ether realm. Only allow a woman to place you in that mode of intense love, intimacy and passion. Not by yourself with a computer screen; how that is such a non-manly thing to do guys. Seriously pleasuring yourselves when there are plenty of women that should be doing that job for you!

    Bruce Lee said,
    “You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

    Be like water, be able to flow and change your mind with mindfulness. How to practice this the most efficient way with meditation? Guided meditations on youtube are excellent and you can pick what areas you'd like to work on. Forgiveness may be a good one for you or floating amongst the stars imagining yourself feeling the cool crisp air in your face as you float away. Nofap definitely helps by placing me in the present easily and consistently. Timing of the day for meditation is very important as well. If you are trying to meditate during the middle of the day or sometimes in the morning when we have to rush can be problematic, i find it easier to do it at night before bed to start and practice. Try to allow yourself to go to sleep with your heart warm from your positive feelings. Mantras are important because it allows you to center on one sentence over and over again. I hope that helps! Say something along lines of, "I forgive myself, I love myself, I am fully of positivity." Repeat. Whatever it is, its yours and you can be creative! but keep it simple three or less things to repeat because you're using the mantra to forget things. Imagine Star Wars Rogue One, "I'm one with the force. The force is with me."

    Also, You don't need to actually sit down to meditate; I have experienced a form of meditation while playing a game or working out; when people use the term, "I'm in the zone." As the samurai say it in the movie The Last Samurai, "Too many mind." It wasn't until the main character played by Tom Cruise lets go of his thoughts on his surroundings that he finally breaks through to being a fluid, quick and talented swordsman. It's meditation and flowing. I believe that's what Bruce Lee was talking about with his moves and his flow like water.

    Till next time!

    Thank you for read and posting!!!!!! :) ;) :p

    Lastly, check out this awesome vid!

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  9. Actually, this is hitting on a continued point I've noticed in the last few weeks - flow. I'm a pretty rigid person when operating in the 'old' mode, needing to at least be aware of the rules (I track the train's times, for eff's sake), but there seems to be a drift towards my becoming more flowing. At my first parkour session last Saturday, there was a real focus on maintaining momentum (I actually mentioned Bruce Lee when the instructors were starting us out with exercises). Then on Sunday I started a beginners vinyasa (flowing) yoga class, and now you're discussing water. I'm thinking a good deal of the change I'm going to be experiencing in the next few months will involve the dislodging of the proverbial stick up my butt.

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  10. fil.exe

    fil.exe Fapstronaut

    Give this a second read.

    Those may sound like common aspects of his new attitude, but staying consistent to this regime every single day is something that doesn't go unnoticed not only by women but to man around him as well. Even If I'm just reading the stuff he writes I can already feel the fierceness in his actions and thoughts.

    When you become ridiculously focus on yourself that you ignore the discomfort, Life begins to treat you differently. He is refusing to stay mediocre, on a society that's guided by the rule of minimal effort. By doing more than is actually required, he manages to channel a magnetic force that draws people's attention. Everyone around him gets some kind of rush. They can't explain, but it feels like being around the next personality of the century. And women are naturally drawn to that type of aura, their primal instinct screams that this male has the perfect traits and genetics. It is the optimal partner to produce worthy descendants. Humans are bounded to the same rules as all animals, if you look at the grand scheme.

    Being centered in the only thing you are doing at the present moment is very similar to the concept of meditation, I'm glad I'm not the only one that considers the orthodox manner as outdated.

    I gotta restart using mantras. Everytime I read your stuff I find a way to improve myself. That's much appreciated, spending your time to lift people you won't even know in person and asking nothing in return.
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  11. Ashar

    Ashar Fapstronaut

    Amazing post brother. I am very excited right now.
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  12. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    It’s been some time since I’ve been on here. I appreciate your guys’ comments. I have been receiving messages from certain individuals about their stories of woman attraction; I invite you all to add to this thread so that people that read it can know that this woman attraction is real.

    Very interesting situations have occurred. I’ve spoken to literally every single exgf I have ever had in the last month. 5 exes. Some begged to see me. Literally three of them said the same exact words to me, “I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately; I don’t know why.” Seriously three of them both said that word for word.

    Another girl I was seeing maybe a few days a week wants to see me every day. Every single day she’s asking to hang out. She’s a 31 year old virgin about a 7.2 on hotness scale if one had existed. She wants me to sleep over at her condo every night which is apparently the first time she’s ever even slept next to a guy. She comes from strict family and she’s a strict person. She’ll make out with me and take off all my clothes and then take hers off and we grind without sex. She kept doing it so much that I’d orgasm just from her riding me. This included no sex just naked body riding lol. So... i am wanting to do sperm retention and this is counter productive because I don’t want to marry this girl to have sex like she wants; nor do I even see myself there.

    I joined a MMA gym and am learning how to fight which is cool. Some girls go to this gym and I noticed one looking at me all the time. She’s not that cute though. The one girl that wants to hang with me everyday signed up for the gym because of me lol incredible.

    Also, I’m inheriting a business. It just kind of fell in my lap. Maybe all this success stuff is starting to workout. I literally wake up and tell myself, “I’m rich,” I speak out loud constant affirmations. I got an invite via email to convention of entrepreneurs and business owners that are looking for investment opportunities.

    We’ll see where life goes... who knows!
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  13. sephhh

    sephhh Fapstronaut

    I know I’ve talked about it before, however, if you are interested in bettering yourself intermittent fasting is seriously the best thing I’ve ever done. Want to bypass the nofap flatline? Avoid energy drop offs and fluctuations? Intermittent fasting is for you. Want to burn fat? Gain muscle? Intermittent fasting gives you more natural human growth hormone that contribute to increase testosterone, hair growth, consistent energy and will launch you forward into nofap. If you are a constant relapser and are tired of waiting around for motivation, intermittent fasting is for you. A recent study proved that intermittent fasting increased the cognitive function in mice.

    I want you to imagine the person you want to be right now. Take a few seconds to sense and imagine who you want to be and form that into you right now. What is the body you have? How well does your repaired mind work? With a lovely relationship? Are you successful? Family? The house you live in? The car you drive? I even want to know the material of the exterior of your home and the color of your car. What would your interests be as a successful person that you aren’t doing now? Why aren’t you doing them now? Close your eyes and see it.

    The question is:
    Did the wealthy man feel successful only after wealth or did he have the feeling of success before all his fortune which attracted it?

    You still have breath. You still have choice. Your destiny isn’t over.

    Energy makes up every part of our essence. We vibrate and shine. People don’t visually see the shine but feel it via other sensors we have; which is the sense of vibration. I believe this to be part of our third eye you may have heard of before.

    This is how/why an optimized intermittent fasting daily regiment works & more:

    What to do:
    6 hours eating window per day (example 13:00-19:00). To start first week, or during body maintenance, I’d suggest 8 hours. (Example 12:00-20:00). Simply this is it! Drink water throughout the day even during fasting period. You may have black coffee or tea with absolutely no cream or sugar. It’s so simple to do with very little dedication. You still eat whatever foods you normally do just in 6-8 hours a day. You learn to really enjoy the taste of food!

    Optimized eating:
    What do you eat? 2k+ calories with healthy greens preferred. Intermittent fasting is not a diet because you can essentially eat anything you want. I’d suggest limiting your calorie dense foods like breads, pastas, creams and unnatural sugars at least to a few days of the week. Do what works for you this is somewhat adjustable diet to feel out for yourself; also, what’s realistic. Do not mistake intermittent fasting with anorexia because they are completely different. You must have needed calories; starving yourself is not the point.

    The science of intermittent fasting:

    The reason why you’re allowed black coffee and tea is because it does not effect your insulin levels. The entire point of intermittent fasting is to drop your insulin levels. By dropping your insulin levels (Occurs 12+ hours of fasting; this is why doctors ask patients to fast 12 hours prior to blood testing for accuracy). Low insulin levels burns fat, promotes human growth hormone and allows for proper hormone balance. This essentially builds muscle and burns fat. Insulin is the chemical that stores fat when high amounts are in the body. You cannot eat anything that increases insulin during your fast. Only water, tea and black coffee.

    This is a daily fast that you do EVERYDAY. Occasional break days are inevitable. For those that drink drinking will have to be timed into this window; still eating proper amounts of food. If you can’t balance it out then you have to ask yourself one question; alcohol or self improvement?

    How to workout with intermittent fasting:
    Very simple, preferably workout at end of fast when HGH levels are high to build muscle and insulin levels are low to burn fat. You break your fast immediately after your workout and eat a large meal, possibly take vitamins and adequate protein (25-50g) This is a post workout meal! Think about it this way you are going back to how our ancestors ate; they’d go hunt while starved with senses peaked because your body is in need of nutrients; the starved lion is fierce. They’d exercised and chased down their hunted food followed by a feast. This is built into our DNA in the most basic animalistic way.

    It takes time for your body to adjust to this; give it 1 week maybe 2 if you maintain poor diet and only commit to the window (it’s not a bad place to start).

    I have done intermittent fasting on and off for the past 2 years and when I don’t do it for 2-3 days I notice a huge difference in my energy, focus and clarity. Next day I get back on intermittent fasting and my vitality, energy and focus is back.

    If you are remotely interested in nofap as a you HAVE to try this.

    Do not knock it til you try it; and yes I’ve heard countless people tell me they’ve tried it with no results; they lie. They try it for a few days and give up. They don’t believe in it mostly and they’re body isn’t used to it. Truth is you have to adopt it, adjust it to your individual schedule and realistically find how this works best for you and move from there.

    I cannot tell you enough how amazing it is. It is literally equal to, if not better than, nofap. The reason why it is so amazing to me is because it works so fast. You don’t have to wait 30 days or 60 days for energy spikes. Doing intermittent fasting in conjunction with nofap is probably the ultimate version of you. It is self-mastery. Self discipline. Master of focus and concentration.

    You have to find out what works best for you!

    Please look up on YouTube: benefits of intermittent fasting or intermittent fasting how to.

    I am at day 71 without PMO and 5 days since last orgasm. My new goal is 90 days without orgasm.

    You are capable of great things you just need to reach in and find that fire in your own belly. Reach for it, grab it and pull it out. Your talents are unique to you! Imagine yourself right now, and everyday, as the person you want to be. This woman attraction thing is real, but what really matters? Your happiness! Your contentment with yourself, your energy knowing full well your thoughts are the ones that matter. Everyone else’s is just noise.

    Your conscious mind is the center of this universe. You believe that other people have their own thinking and beliefs. Truth is, this all could be a fabricated video game where you are the only one that really exists. You are special to this world and when you start to see it and believe it everything changes for you.

    “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

    Stay classy!
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  14. savitri

    savitri Fapstronaut

    Hi. These success stories sound highly exagerated. Yet, assuming you still have some sexual experience, what is your personal impression, during periods when you had sex only, without masturbating, did you experience the same negative effects attributed to masturbation?

    And you consent to such femdom humiliation? Looks so beta to me
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  15. Male38

    Male38 Fapstronaut

    she wants you
  16. savitri

    savitri Fapstronaut

  17. Male38

    Male38 Fapstronaut

  18. Admiral Jesus

    Admiral Jesus New Fapstronaut

    Hey man! Love your story and input. Can say for myself that i have experienced the same results and it is phenomonal. I am a firm believer that this has an energetic premise for the result of attraction.

    However, i have a question or two regarding Intermittent Fasting.
    I used to fast a lot, mainly in 2017 and did not experience wet dreams whatsoever. Only when i gave into PMO is when i clearly ejaculated.

    For the last 5 months i have abandoned my fasting habits for a reason that is unknown to me, probably due to a lack of discipline and falling into the PMO cycle once again.

    Ive been attempting semen retention/nofap for the last month without fasting, but i have been experiencing many wet dreams, sometimes 3 times a week.

    Do you think theres a correlation between eating more than is required (more than one meal a day and abundantly) and wet dreams? Because i used to never experience them when i was fasting and doing nofap last year, and chicks were drooling over me!

    Im going back on the IF train again though, and im sticking to it.
    Just wanted to know if you think theres any correlation there.

    I do chakra-based meditation, mindfulness and exercise quite often. I just think im eating way too fucking much.
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  19. Hank Pym

    Hank Pym Fapstronaut

    Women and girls try to run away from you when you relapse?
    And is the reset necessary for the balance?
    Or just the wet dreams are fine without reset?
    And one more question
    Do the women try to run away after wet dreams ?
  20. kayesem

    kayesem Fapstronaut

    Shake it. Shake it. Eat more bananas!


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