Everytime the same questions, maybe collect a FAQ?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Daniel stops, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Daniel stops

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    Hello everyone,

    I joined NoFap a few weeks ago. It's not even a month being here. At first I have to say NoFap is great. It's a big great community and it really helped me.

    But in the last days I see that there are the same posts every day.

    1. I relapsed, how can I beat the addict.
    2. Am i gay?
    3. Is this a reboot/relapse?

    I guess everyone knows what I mean. If you read every day its hard to find threads with good conversation and new information. How must you feel when you are here for a year? And I have read many complaints of "older" members about this topic. I know I am not the only one how recognized it :)

    So my idea was to get a FAQ. I used the search-function but didn't find a thread. I am sure there have been such ideas before but I couldn't find. And if we already have one, then it should be easier to find :D

    How do you think about it?

    Have a nice day, Daniel
  2. kropo82

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    I'm tempted to point you at the times this has been asked before ;-) The trouble is that FAQs are so impersonal. Getting someone to wade in and discuss your issues with you is more powerful. We can still post a link to our favourite prior thread, or keep a list of the best ones. I do that when people post about ogling.
  3. Daniel stops

    Daniel stops Fapstronaut

    Yeah its a great idea. But I have seen posts where already 2 or 3 ppl commented and gave really bad tips and suggestions. But I get your point with the unpersonality. Difficult topic I guess :D
  4. It seems some people are too lazy to search or maybe have really bad dyslexia. I've seen some people start threads when there's the same sort of thread below them.
  5. Daniel stops

    Daniel stops Fapstronaut

    Yeah, as it seams I did it too with the FAQ-thread :D

    It just sucks if someone really needs help and the thread can't get the attention it deserves because of stupid threads or troll threads.
  6. Kenzi

    Kenzi Fapstronaut

    I think the search bar should be more accessible.
    But there are tons of resources, people just don't look for them... Users want people to interact with them about the same basic problems everyone has.
    Most guides , are compiled and pinned at the top of each section... Thanks to Alexander and mods team tho... They just get ignored.
  7. I think part of it might be that people want to interact with others about their particular issue so reading another post isn't enough. Also, even if they did find an old thread (which isnt always easy to find) and post in it, its so old that they aren't likely to get any new or personalized responses to their questions. That being said, i do agree that there are times when universal answers work fine and the people are just being lazy.
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  8. You could make all of the FAQs you want and people still won’t bother to read them.

    Welcome to the internet!

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    We have a basic guide with basic questions on the website, and people still don’t bother reading even that. I don’t see how an FAQ will be of more help.
  10. Daniel stops

    Daniel stops Fapstronaut

    Okay. Just some thoughts

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