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  1. We started discussing this in the Questions for Christians thread and I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to the subject.

    So is evolution a fact or a theory? What makes it a fact? What makes it a theory?
    Is there evidence that proves evolution took place?

    Some additional questions:
    Why have we stopped evolving?
    Does pleasure during sex mean that the main purpose of sex is pleasure rather than reproduction?
    How does evolution explain why some people have no desire to have kids?
    How does evolution explain why people are compassionate, show mercy and offer forgiveness?
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  2. I think it's a theory that you have to have a lot of faith to believe in.
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  3. Good questions.
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    I recently finished a book on how humans evolved out of the animal kingdom.

    It is a theory that is based on empirical data. It can't be a fact because a fact consists of a single datum only. Evolution is an interpretation and combination of many data, making it a theory. I think it's important to keep this in mind; otherwise we tend to believe that we know more than we actually do. Scientific progress can only be made where there is a general acceptance that everything might turn out entirely different in the end. Calling evolution a "fact" is kind of a scientific dogma. Everyone who uses this word to enforce the meaning of evolution uncovers a conceptional misunderstanding of scientific theories.

    Who says we have? Human culture is very young compared to the timespans of evolution?

    If humans did actually stop evolving, it would be because they aren't challenged anymore by nature. They don't have to fit themselves to their environment because they make their environment fit to them.

    Even if their was no biological evolution for us anymore, there still is a huge cultural and also psychological evolution that can't be denied.

    From an evolutionary standpoint, we experience pleasure when something is useful for us, and such is reproduction. Moreover, we might experience pleasure as a byproduct of bonding with our partner.

    The environment we live in today is different from the one we lived in thousand of years ago. While man is still the same at heart (apart from the ongoing evolutionary process), he behaves differently because the world has changed.

    It does so by stating that compassion, forgiveness and mercy are helpful for survival.
  5. First off what do you mean by evolution. Evolution exists, it's happening now. But did we as humans come from monkeys? Hell no. But some people listen to the mainstream and think there's evidence towards this but this is false. Evolution, in this sense, is 100% a theory.

    It's a theory bc there's a lack of evidence towards it, just like many other theories (global warming, big bang theory, etc)

    There's evolution in that humans are growing over time very slowly, along other studies shown in animals and humans. But, once again, of you're talking about did we come from monkeys.. No, there's no REAL evidence towards this whatsoever.

    We haven't stopped evolving, it's a slow process.

    No pleasure is just a part of it. Sex is the basis in which everything is revolved around in life. It literally makes life continue. The other questions have nothing to do with evolution
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    Evolution is real.
    Example, how we and other animals have adapted to survive. Adaptations are evolution.
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    It's a tough one to discuss. I find its supporters are some of the worst religious fanatics around. Pretty much every "online expert" about evolution has either very little or no scientific background at all. They are just super smart and skipped all that basic beginner science and jumped right into the most complex stuff. Having a discussion with someone who uses very complex scientific terms discussing things that would really only make sense to someone who dedicated their life to science isn't a lot of fun when that person has no more scientific background than you do.

    I'm not a scientist but hearing people "prove evolution" always reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld when George was talking to Jerry about taking his car to a mechanic and how the mechanic could tell him anything because George didn't know cars they could have said, " you need a new Johnson rod" .

    [ * disclaimer I have no study in evolution, many of the questions I ask might already have "answers"] Also I don't believe evolution because of the ideas I'm presenting I don't believe in evolution because people are full of shit and this society is fed endless amounts of bullshit. I'm just putting up some idea that maybe someone else would also be interested in discussing.

    Personally, I think the idea of the big bang is absurd. Anyone telling me what happened 17 BILLION years ago is full of shit, IMO.

    As for monkey evolution apparently, that is about a common ancestor to monkeys [ not modern day monkeys] and the evolved man came out of Africa. How they all migrated around the world and why I don't know. I also don't know if they say it was the fully evolved man that migrated out of Africa. I assume it would have to be because if it was a cave man that would make no sense as obviously, people around the globe could not all evolve at the exact same rate. That would be absurd to think that 1000's of different groups of creatures around the globe would all evolve the exact same way at the same rate unless you think it's some kind of divine evolution. The caveman in Europe would not evolve at the exact same rate as say the caveman in China.

    Why the different racial characteristics? If it was the fully evolved man that came out of Africa would there be a need for such change? They went from I assume a black guy to a Chinese guy with no other evolutionary difference?

    Was "evolving" from monkeys [ common ancestor] an improvement? A monkey is far stronger, agile and more capable of surviving on its own than a human. A monkey can digest kinds of plants, leaves that humans can't. A human can't survive naked in the jungle without tools, weapons, and other humans to work with. He needs to cook and prepare his food [ grains] to make the food digestible he needs weapons to hunt. It really doesn't seem like an improvement to me, not to mention the intermediate stages from a monkey to human where they would have less physical ability than the monkey and still limited intelligence. Not to say it has to be an improvement or that there is an intelligence to evolution, but undomesticated animals are free, humans are not. I don't see it as an improvement.

    Why no other evolved creatures on earth, why no creatures in an intermediate stage of evolution? Or are they there and I just can't see them?
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  8. I agree with what @Themadfapper when he stated that society is fed stuff and people are just supposed to accept it as fact and led to believe it is true.
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    Now before anyone attacks me here.
    I want to say I want to be religious (in some ways) and I want to believe in a god etc but I struggle too because there's no proof known to us that isn't old text on some old scrolls.

    Now I find it funny when deep believers in god talk about evolution and say it's not real when there is also no proof god is real.

    So basically belief in anything is our own choice. Someone believes this, someone believes that.

    Right now I believe in evolution more than god. Simply because we are never going to know god is real until we die, and even then nobody in the living world will still not know because you only find out if...we'll if you die.

    But I find that also funny because believers will say that it's totally real and true because there is no way to disprove it without dying.

    Anyway these are questions of life itself and let's face it. We will never know and it's highly unlikely the human race will ever know in the future.
    Some things are just simply not meant to be known.
    Otherwise humans stop wondering.
    And a world without wonder will be a very boring one.
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  10. You probably won't believe me but there have been people who have gone to heaven and came back.
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    Nah I've heard all the accounts of people dying momentarily then seeing god and all that then they get revived and become born again Christians.
    I personally believe that when they are close to dying their final thoughts before being unconscious we're "I'm dying" so then life flashes before them and their subconscious starts dreaming after they are unconscious Dreaming about the afterlife etc. We hear about it our whole life, and nobody wants to die into nothingness. Not even atheists. It's very easy to imagine descriptions we hear of years and years.
  12. No like, people who have spent time in heaven with an out of body experience and have gone into detail. It's hard to make up.
  13. I disagree. Adapting to changing circumstances is not the same thing at all as one life form evolving into a different life form, as posited in the theory of evolution.
  14. This is demonic trickery. If people routinely went to heaven when they died, why didn't Lazarus come back with stories of his 3-day sojourn there?
  15. I don't know. Some people are chosen by God and some aren't.
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    Yes but many many many changes over hundreds of thousands or millions of years is what evolution is.
    Small and large adaptations are what eventually lead to evolution.

    After all evolution doesn't just happen overnight.
  17. You cannot suggest that Lazarus was not chosen by God. Jesus had such deep feeling for him and his two sisters that he cried after he died. God honoured him also by giving him a physical resurrection there and then, after his body had begun to decompose.
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    I think the problem is that it's been adapted as an ideology (social Darwinism) and even theology- there is no God, we're the result of natural selection and random genetic mutation and that's it.

    I don't doubt natural selection and adaptation but I don't think that's the whole story, even leaving God/Religion out of the picture. Let's imagine someone has a counter theory, its usually immediately pegged 'creationism' and viciously attacked by the scientific community...

    For example the cambrian explosion and of course the big bang- which many atheististic scientist resisted for years because it was ex nihilo and gave credence to the idea of 'creation'.

    Lastly its now become, like Freudian psychology 50 years ago a fashionable way of explaining all human behavior , which i just don't buy.
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  19. I can't answer. I wasn't there.
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