Ex Drug Addict, Learning how to love truly.

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    Hello, I'm 33 M, gay. Jakarta, Indonesia. Yogi-Agnostic/spirituality.
    dealing with POM addiction, PIED, Fetishes.

    Sex is a sacred and beautiful thing, I abused it to deal with negative feeling.
    I think relationship is about giving, but now my attitude about sex is the opposite.
    I see other guys is there to satisfy my hunger. I want to change that.

    Long term goal is not to engage to P for the rest of my life.
    I'm committing to 90 days hardmode
    (because statistically that is the amount of time to change the pathways on the brain.
    (hoping for it to be shorter tho)-but realistically, prepare myself if it takes longer)

    -I've overcome my addiction to drug so I know what method that works for me
    if I see the task is too challenging, I'll be less motivated.
    so I divided 90 days to weeks: 12+ weeks and divided the weeks into 24 hours.

    -and integrate mindfullness into the program, looking within always give me a pause
    when my mind is chasing and craving, a pause can give me a chance to detach from my body and mind,
    thus let me make a choice at that given moment.

    I'm only on my second day, and so far so good, but I know it's going to be more and more challenging ahead.
    so I'm going to need AP

    anyone with similar view regarding this thing,
    ideally: same sexual orientation and age and interested to integrate mindfullness into the program.
    do not want: people who try to 'cure' homosexuality
  2. Determinad0

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    Hey there,

    I'm a gay guy in San Francisco looking for an accountability partner to help get out of the PMO cycle. I also struggled with drug addiction for many years, but I've been drug-free for a few years now, so I know I can do this. I've got some good systems in place and looking for someone I can help stay strong. I've also practiced meditation off and on, and I 'd like to be more consistent in my practice. I also practice yoga and exercise a lot. You sound like you'd be a good partner. Let me know if you're interested.


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