Ex guy wanted to be friends but why?

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    here we go again
    cut him out of your life!
  2. I can't. I feel this need to hear from him. with him i can be myself and let my true thoughts out. all the time i feel i am wearing a mask pretending to be someone i am not
  3. i told him then he basically hurt me and he wrote me:
    "I'm sorry. We can't be friends you said that yourself and I don't think we have much in common. I didn't mean no harm. At the beginning I thought there can be something between us, but there wasn't... and now I just don't feel the need to see you, that's all. It doesn't mean that I hate you or anything."

    our texts from last saturday got even worse:
    i texted him days later with what happened also when i told him i couldn't be his friend and since he dumped me and the idea to be friends after was all his not mine at all (he knows that too, basically the truth). few hours later he said "you are actually right." (what does it mean? of course i am right, i just said the truth) he kept saying he thought there could have been something between me and him but there wasn't. is that possibile or he used me for s. and he is lying about it?

    i asked if he followed the latest elections, his answer was simply "no, I didn't follow anything about that election"
    i said why i didn't vote pretending he did ask me about that
    then today I asked what gifts he got for his bday
    jug, (brand) bottle, tshirt, perfume, boxers
    i asked about the bottle brand
    him: "it's a brand"
    "they do water filters,"
    me: "Never heard of"
    "Is it linked to your job?"
    him: "no. It's for drinking water. The water goes through the filter and it's clean"

    now he doesn't even ask me questions, it is only me texting him and asking him questions and he looks like he is doing me a favour in answering me. he texts me putting the full stop at the end of a sentence like he is mad or something with me. what does his behaviour mean? why does he keep replying

    guys even at work see me as a nice piece of meat but not to date but some guys i worked with stricly had crushes or were really taken by other female colleagues sort of girl next door, beautiful but not just that. there is something wrong with me. my beauty is a curse, i have nothing else. i feel hopeless again about love. uni is my big goal and it keeps me going
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    you have to move on, this wil never work. If someone likes you they want to be with you! You don't beg for someone's attention, block and delete otherwise you miss the man of your dreams!!!!!
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  5. i am surrounded by people i cannot be myself with and now he doesn't even wanna be friends and he abandoned me. what guy would reply to a girl he doesn't wanna see anymore? and putting a lot of full stops, like he is doing me a favour in replying. is he doing coz i ask him to talk sometimes? so he feels pity for me or he is bored? i am hurt but i cannot text him. i need to figure some stuff out on my own
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    He replied bc he felt sorry for you. He just doesn't want to feel bad himself as a bad guy. You also need self respect and stop fantasizing. If you say there are guys with crushes, start talking and have fun with those guys. Tune out some of your unrealistic standard. I'm sure those guys or any guys would have a conversation with you that you so desire if you give them a chance open heartly
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    If you dont stop with him, you've get hurt again and again...........
  8. these colleagues don't have crushes on me but on other female colleagues. i just feel kinda invisible, i would want just the attention. since last guy i had friendzoned me, that made me feel a piece of garbage. it really hurts me. btw "having fun with guys" is dangerous for me, i cannot let myself go. i dunno if other people go through the same but when he told me he didn't want to see me, i wanted to find another guy and have s. with him, i had quite a strong urge. i also "miss" s. haven't had that since november. feel like everyone is getting laid except me now and i hate this. i do feel i am missing out on this

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