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    Please, feel free to leave the most motivational message you have for the people who are struggling. I'll start:

    You're not the slave of your addiction. I know it's hard, but you have to say "NO!". Say it out loud, make them the last words before the period. Think of how your confidence and power will enhance, day by day. Think about your plans, the things you want for the future. Remember how bad you felt after all the times you masturbated, it's not worth it. Don't trade the benefits for a few seconds of pleasure.

    "What if I jerked off?" Masturbation is not an option anymore. There is no "if". You're strong, you're in charge, you just have to say "NO!". After that, go clear your mind. Erase those thoughts from your head and replace them by something that will make you feel better. Music, films, books, exercise, whatever... Use all that time and energy you just saved for something that will bring you good results!"

    Your turn!

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