excessive sweating and masturbation - how to make toxin flushing tea -Detoxifying Tea

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    did you sweat too much when you were regularly masturbating? did it smell bad?
    there are other factors too but from what i have been reading, it seems like sex hormones cause excitement leading to excessive sweat all the time.. also it seems like when the hormones are excreted through armpits, they are more prone to bacterias leading to that foul smell..

    also i have something useful for you guys its ayurveda thing:
    you know that bad lifestyle increase toxins in our body - while we are in rebooting period, it would be great to flush out the unwanted toxins in our body with simple kitchen spices..
    here is the copy of original text from the site..

    "Boil two quarts of water in the morning. Add:

    ¼ t. whole cumin
    ½ t. whole coriander
    ½ t. whole fennel

    Let steep for ten minutes with the lid on. Strain out the spices and pour water into a thermos and sip throughout the day. Start fresh by making a new batch of tea in the morning."
    so we have to drink that two liter tea instead of water.. i tried it today and drinking it hot wasn't good.. so i drank it in a little above room temperature.. like 60-65 degrees Celsius..
    and it actually feels good..

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