Excuses and Justifications - What Were Yours?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by VitoMisto, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. VitoMisto

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    What are some of the excuses you guys have used to continue a porn addiction? Together, we can look over them to identify our own problems and have a fresh and objective look at them.

    Mine were:

    -I never watched porn on my phone. It was always in the privacy of my bedroom, on my computer. My excuse was that showed containment.

    -I never paid for porn. I can't be an addict because hey, I'm not spending real money on fake sex.

    -I never posted pictures or videos of myself, sexted, or gave out my number. I used burner emails for all my porn site accounts. I made burner Skype and Yahoo messenger accounts,and only used the web apps. Somehow, I thought if I kept it in incognito mode, it was sectioned off from my regular life.

    -I stopped downloading porn and only streamed it (see above).

    -I might have looked at some sick shit, but it was all legal. Nothing to do with minors, noncon (rape), dubcon (dubious or impaired consent)- even fantasies- or animals. I reported suspected CP or models that looked too young- as if that made me morally better somehow.
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  2. Joshmsmith95

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    I would google articles and read that it was “normal” to do what I was doing but in fact, it’s not when it messes with your life. I don’t think I realized how much PMO has affected my life until I found these forums. I guess I was in denial, just like with any addiction. Ultimately, we have all started the first a crucial step, admitting we have a problem.
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  3. MarinoBigFan1984

    MarinoBigFan1984 Fapstronaut

    I needed to clean out the pipes
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  4. ghengis_naan

    ghengis_naan Fapstronaut

    In addition to these, I'd ask my friends and post online to seek validation. Not HELP.
  5. _Daniel_

    _Daniel_ Guest

    "Just a picture."
    "Just a video, that's not even hardcore porn."

    Yeah, right.:confused:
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  6. Sadgirl

    Sadgirl Moderator Assistant Staff Member Moderator Assistant

    My husband's justifications:
    - I don't pay for it
    -I don't watch videos so it is ok
    -I don't actually type in the web addresses, just do searches then click on the website
    -I do it when my wife is angry at me so it is ok
    -I can stop
    -It isn't always porn. Clothed photos too so that makes it ok
    -I don't always O
    -All guys do it
  7. strggl

    strggl Fapstronaut

    - everyone does it
    - I read it has some health benefits
    - I do not have a girlfriend, so why not
    plus few more already mentioned above
  8. jobbyj

    jobbyj Fapstronaut

    one more day, i will stop tomorrow
    its going to take ages to reset my PIED - i give up
    wife wont be into the things i am into, so may as well stay in fantasy
    one small peak....

    its all bullshit
  9. DemonSemen

    DemonSemen Fapstronaut

    -she doesn't want to have sex
    -it's good for relaxing
    -porn empowers women's sexuality
    -it's just acting out fantasies
    -I'm not paying for it
    -I only do it when everyone is asleep
    -Everybody rubs one out at work
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  10. Mine were :
    - "It's not addiction if it's done once a month."
    - "I could be doing a lot of worse things but I'm only PMO'ing."
    - Some sort of reward for successful achievements in real life.
    - "I can't be fixed so I might aswell just PMO anyway."
    - Tries to create existential philosophy and metaphysics that justify porn.
  11. moominfindinglight

    moominfindinglight Fapstronaut

    ^ THIS

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