Exercise increases urges

Discussion in 'NoFap Fitness' started by PIEDSufferer, Apr 2, 2020.

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    No not really fatigue tbh. But I guess that's a good place to start.. Appreciate the response
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    What’s interesting about that is I’ve always felt like the urge to fap comes from the urge for sex. Like, fapping was just a way to help me relieve the urge for sex when sex wasn’t available. I didn’t change my mind about that until my last relationship, where I felt an urge to fap that was noticeably more than my urge for sex. I attribute at least SOME of that difference to anxiety (sex required “performance,” while fapping was more relaxing). This ultimately led to a serious PIED problem. Because my performance anxiety made me fear sex. And rather than address that fear and anxiety, I let it get to me, and turned to heavy PMO instead. So whether it’s PIED or performance anxiety (I believe it’s a cocktail of both), I’m confident that this reboot is helping me.
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    A very intelligent observation!!! Thanks
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    Definitely agree with this. Proper exercise will increase blood circulation throughout the body hours post-exercise. Otherwise, overdoing it will release high cortisol, the stress hormone. Your body will have high circulation but will have the less relaxing effect.

    I've been exercising lately and I also have this raging morning wood, which I last had during high school. The problem with me is that I feel frustrated about it. I feel that I am so not used to it that it psychologically adds up to the pressure to release it by fapping.

    Anyway, thank you guys for this. It has helped me to control myself.
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    I be very honest: I really feel that when I go to run, I feel that urges hit me hard. Is true!
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    I'd generally agree - exercise makes the urges worse. I just make sure I lift enough that I'm too tired to do anything but eat and sleep after.
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  7. A lot of times after have a good session lifting, my sex drive is sky high.
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    Yes, working out has always increased my sex drive pre and post NoFap. So i also get confused when i see alot of the tips within the NoFap community instruct to exercise to help manage urges.... At the peek of my addiction, it was actually my trigger to Fap four hours on end. It was routine, so its been hard to disconnect the two activities.
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  9. I agree especially when exercises increase our testosterone.
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    Odd... Weirdly enough I have had the same issues in the past especially while on the bike or running. My theory is that all of the blood I guess rushes downward because you just did workout the legs and lower area. Especially when you have a leg day it will boost the testosterone rapidly. But the thing is when I was at the gym this wouldn't happen, along with seeing woman who are ripped. If I'd be doing cardio exercises at home on the bike or work out videos some times it would get in the way.

    I don't know how to manage this but to just let it come and go.
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    I never thought exercise could increase urges for jerking off. When Im sedentary I get huge urges but when I run I get less I think. I rarely do intense workouts though. Im more of a jogging type. I opt for 60+ minutes of easy cardio vs <60 min of HIIT training. I can still get exhausted because I'm fat but most of the time I feel even energized after workout.

    I also only do cardio, because strength is so exhausting and boring for me. Yeah I know its not ideal but I'm trying not to be perfectionist, it can get me feeling overwhelmed way too often. Im planning on some pushups situps pullups dips etc. In the future though Im only 28 :D
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    Yea the bike does that to me too. I nearly O on the bike sometimes

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