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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by aspiringwriter1997, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. So I have been on the no fapping, anti-PMO journey for almost a week now and while I have been drinking water and meditating to help improve my body, I feel like that is not enough and so I have been thinking about adding some exercise/workout methods to help my body get stronger physically and to better myself. So what tips do you guys have that could help me (to help you guys out, I'm a 5'4, 100-pound dude so I don't want a tip that could end up throwing my back out of whack. :p)?
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    Maybe you can start going for a walk at the park and when you feel more confident start running... or you can go to a gym and ask for a rutine to get started...
    Personally i go to the gym and i have to say that at the beggining i didn't like it but when i started noticing changes and the gym become a part of my live i started to enjoy it
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  3. I recently got a gym membership and although I haven't used it much yet, I have an appointment with a personal trainer that works there and he and I are going to set up a training regimen for me. I have got to do something to get me out of the house more often and burn up all those pesky hormones.
  4. There are gyms around here, but I would feel out of place, and I'm limited in transportation at the moment. However, I love to walk and I usually try to walk as much as I can whenever the weather is nice. I might try to set a goal to walk about 10-20 minutes a day outside and see where that goes.

    I was thinking of starting by doing situps, pushups, squats, and so forth before going from there. Would that work out pretty good?
  5. yes man that would be great...do it
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  6. I have a friend who sent me a list of this some time ago, but if I can't find it, I might google the number to start at or ask you guys for pointers to help me out.
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    I'll be doing exercises myself tomorrow. Could set goals/targets. I try to do 100 push ups a day myself as is.
  8. Well, 100 might be a bit much for me at first, but would 10-20 be reasonable?
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    Hi! I’m a certified personal trainer, and I’d love to help you out as you begin both the no fapping journey and your workout journey!

    For someone just getting started I’d recommend doing 3 sets of 10 of the moves you said (squats, push ups, and sit ups) and 3 sets of 30 seconds of planks. Remember quality is king! I’d recommend doing it 3x a week (With a day of rest in between) and increase the reps by 2 or 3 each workout for the first couple of weeks. Then you could start adding in some other body weight exercises (Romanian deadlift, lunges, dips, shoulder taps, single leg bridges, side planks, etc.) then you’ll get more confident and be able to feel comfortable at the gym!

    It’s all about consistency, just like with NoFap! I hope it goes well for you!
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  10. Hey brother, I'm pretty sure @aspiringwriter1997 and I would both love to get regular input from you in regards to working out etc. Either here or in a separate conversation.
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    Thanks for the info!

    What would you recommend as a substitute for sit-ups? I find they hurt my back so tend to avoid them. My posture is quite poor
  12. So three sets of ten equal thirty, correct? You might have to be specific with me regarding this since I have no idea what reps mean, but I'll gladly take all of the advice I can get.
  13. keastman811

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    I’d love to help both of you and anyone else out! Message me if you have any questions!
  14. Make that two, please, lol. I would love that so much.
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  15. keastman811

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    I’d recommend doing the McGill big 3, he's a back pain expert and these 3 moves are easy to incorporate into your workout and it'll definitely help your ab strength and posture

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  16. Captain_Planet

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    Cheers mate!
  17. Nice to see someone with expertise give advice (I'm not a certified anything :p).
    A lot of people do planks incorrectly, so I thought I would mention some cues: Retract the shoulder blades, basically push them away from the ground (this applies to pushups as well). Keep legs straight. Actively contract your glutes and abs (this applies to pushups as well). Pulling the gut in a bit ensures there is no rounding of the spine.
    Wall angels is a favorite exercise of mine, I do a few every time I warm up. Would recommend for posture improvement, but they only do anything if done with good form. Once you start going to a gym doing face pulls is a must.
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  18. MarkoSkoric

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    It's great you are trying to incorporate an exercise routine into your daily regimen, but I would highly advise to get your diet in check first.

    How old are you ? 100 Lbs is way too low brother. You will need to gain weight if you want to progress with regards to your exercises.

    Here is me at 200 Lbs and 9% body fat, just so you know I'm not just talking out of my ass.

    What's your diet like ?
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  19. I'm 21 years old. It took me 18 years to get to 100 pounds, but I went back down to 90 lbs after I had a nervous breakdown a few months before my 19th birthday and it took six months to gain those ten pounds back and I've been around 100 lbs ever since, although I think it could be because I have such a high metabolism and not from the fact that I was born three months premature. I can eat like a horse and not gain a pound, but I've been cutting certain foods out for the past few years and I still haven't gained any weight so exercising has been my best option at the moment.

    Not bad looking! You look really good in that picture! :D

    Actually, I don't know what my diet's like. I generally eat a lot of meat and bread, but I also eat vegetables and fruit whenever I get a chance (to an extent). I've been cutting back on things like chips, sweets, ice cream, and etc. What do you think I should do? It seems that you might have some helpful insight for me and I can use all of the help I can get.
  20. MusicMakingMonk

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    Hey man, I've been somewhat skinny build all my life, and the idea that in order to get a strong body you need to go to the gym and lift heavy weights is entirely false.
    The category of excercises you're looking for are calisthenics, or bodyweight fitness, these are excercise where the only thing you have to use is your body weight and some basic props like a chair or a sturdy wooden chest at most.

    I would look up a youtube channel like calisthenicmovement in order to get a better understanding of how to start and with what excactly, as well as basic things like proper form and using the full range of motion in a particular excercise (This makes a *huge* difference).

    In terms of diet there's some basic info I can give and that is the knowledge of macronutrients, you have micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients, and those are protein, fats and carbs.
    Now, fats sound like they are a bad thing because they make you assume that if you eat a lot of fat's you will get fat, but that's actually not true in the case of healthy fats, which you can find plentiful in nuts, fish and certain meat. Transfats are the stuff that is bad for you, and is mostly found in junk food, so fried things, things that are heavily proccesed. Definitely a good idea to cut back on anything that contains transfas, but do in fact eat the healthy fats, you'll want those.

    Then there's protein, and protein is important for muscle growth, see, when you excercise and exert pressure on a muscle through movement, the muscle fibers you have start to tear apart, lightly. In order for the muscle to grow back you need protein, the protein is what comes in and repairs the muscle, making it bigger and stronger, that's why it's important to eat a moderately protein-heavy meal after a workout.
    Protein can be found in high concentrations in meat, some dairy products, but also veggies like lentils, beans and nuts.
    If you feel like gaining weight faster it is possible to buy a protein powder, and make a healthy smoothie with some fruit, the powder, and whatever kind of milk you want (including veggie milks like almond milk, yum). I myself like to throw in some sunflower seeds and chia seeds, "superfoods". A big scoop of peanut butter, and some powder based supplements like ashwaganda and unburned cocoa powder.

    Now, the most common macronutrient, carbohydrates are kind of a controversial topic at this point. Carbs are the simplest macronutrient. Bread is mostly carbs, and so are things like potatoes, rice and pasta. Sugar is also a carbohydrate, the simplest, and as it turns out, sugar and an excess in simple carbohydrates in your diet is not the most terribly healthy thing in the world. Some people go as far as to avoid carbohydrates entirely, and eat a high-fat high-protein diet, or a "ketogenic" diet. And people on it report to feel quite good, reporting that nowadays when they do eat carbs they feel sluggish or just not so great.
    make of that what you will, do your own research when it comes to diet, and expirement around a bit, everyone is different (some people feel great on a vegan rawfood diet and some people feel great on a meat only diet). Both equally absurd ways of going about it, but if it works for them what can you do but shrug?
    I myself strike a bit of a balance in this, I try to eat as high-fat and high-protein as I can to the extent that it's practical. But I don't shy away from bread (love my peanut butter sandwiches) or pasta.
    Though I do tend to go for the whole grain variety on carb-heavy foods like bread, pasta, rice etc. As the full grain variants tend to be a bit higher (not much though) in protein level and fibre, and are at least made up of more complex carbohydrate chains.

    Hope that helps, if you have follow up questions do let me know!

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