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  1. Woah, this was a lot of helpful insight information. Give me a minute and I'll do a commentary on much of this as I can.

    I'm glad that someone sees this! Most people I've talked to where I live at say that you can only have a strong body through lifting weights, but I'm not going to throw my back out of whack (again, I'm just 100 lbs) just to attempt to have a fit body. I want to be able to have a strong body through exercising and dieting without having the need to almost kill myself in the process. I've recently noticed how subconscious I feel about my body and that I want to better it so that I can get rid of the subconscious and feel really good about myself. :D

    I am looking into these right now and will get back you on that when I've read more.

    Can you elaborate more on healthy fats? My mind's blown away since I've never heard of such a feat until today.

    So what are all of the foods that have transfats in them? I've been cutting back on my junk food consumption, but I'm afraid that I've been falling too short.

    Such as?

    That actually does sound delicious. I've never had a protein smoothie so I have no idea what to put in it and how much of it. (Does that make sense?)

    This is going to be my Achilles heel since I love bread, potatoes, rice, and spaghetti. And how does this ketogenic diet work? I have a feeling that this transformation process is going to be an odyssey for me.

    I'm going to do a bit of research and mix that into different pieces of advice several people have given me on here and see if that works out for me. I might have to experiment with a few different things to see what works for me and what doesn't.

    Thank you so much for your insight on this! Every one of you has been so kind and so helpful me and I really apperciate the gratitude.
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  2. I hope it's okay that I reply even tho it wasn't intended for me. Monk is welcome to add to my reply or make his own of course.
    You're not that likely to hurt your back unless you for example try to deadlift heavy with poor form. With that said doing calisthenics is a completely viable option that I also recommend. Just don't neglect your back muscles. You need to do at least one of inverted rows and pullups (both is better). Chances are you're too weak to do for example a full pullup, so you'll have to do progressions.

    It's simple: trans fat is terrible, saturated fat isn't good. Unsaturated fat is healthy (in moderation). Unsaturated fat is found in plant-based foods as well as fish.

    Basically what you mainly want to watch out for is margarine/butter as well as processed foods (ranging from french fries to cakes).

    There are 3 main sources of protein: 1. Meat (processed meat is typically worse than unprocessed) 2. fish. 3. legumes. Eggs, dairy and nuts are also great, but they don't work as well as a main ingredient in a dinner. Every single food contains some amount of protein, but those ones are your bread and butter to make the intake nice and high.

    Small note: A regular (unfit) person cannot realistically put on much more than 2 pounds of muscle in a month. So don't try to gain lots of weight fast, you'll just put on a bunch of fat. Though at 100 pounds your bodyfat could well be too low (which in that case is detrimental to your hormone balance and hence also your ability to put on muscle), so don't worry too much about that initially.

    A keto diet, while it works for a lot of people (particurlarly people with diabetes and people who need to lose lots of weight), is a very extreme diet. It takes serious dedication to maintain.

    Sounds good!
  3. Of course, it's okay for you to reply. I'm not going to bite your head off or anything. c:

    When you say that I should do at least of inverted rows and pull-ups, what do you mean and what are they? Also, what are progressions? (I feel bad asking all this stuff but while I am a genius in subjects such as philosophy and literature, workout methods and techniques are out in left field for me so all of the clarification I can get will be very helpful.

    Well, I wasn't planning on binge eating or changing my diet all at once, but rather to phase it out so that my body can have time to get used to it. I've been doing calisthetics, to an extent, for the past week, but while I feel a difference, I've not seen a difference just yet. Just to make sure that I get this: this month, I'll have gained only two pounds of muscle and that will be the case for every month afterward, correct? I actually don't know how much body fat I have on me.

    How extreme are we talking?
  4. You promise? :oops:

    It's okay.
    An inverted row is basically a pushup in reverse, so instead of pushing yourself off the ground you pull yourself upward against gravity. A pullup is when you hold (usually) a bar and pull yourself upwards against gravity. By progressions it mean that you start with a easy variation of the exercise and then progressively do a harder one. Here's an example with the inverted row: http://www.startbodyweight.com/p/horizontal-pulls-progression.html

    Seems reasonable.
    Yes, pretty much. You'll start to see diminishing returns, but that's many months from now.

    Well, you could try it for say a week and see what you think.
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  5. I promise. You can ask my AP, Jack, and several others on here. I'm a very nice guy. :D

    Thank you so much for the information! I'm going to read on that inverted row link that you sent me!

    And how many months would that be?
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  6. You really care for specifics, huh? :p
    I don't know, honestly. Let's just say you shouldn't worry about this as someone that's just starting out.
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  7. Yes, I do. Alright. I won't worry about it since I'm just starting out. c:
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    Must Start gym
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    As mentioned by mr Ensamheten, trans fats are the stuff that you find mainly in low quality fast food, junk food, fried foods etc. So chips and proccesed food is highly likely to contain trans fats, whilst oil/fat extracted from plants, or that is just in the plants like avocado and nuts is pretty good for you.

    Also like he said, a full keto diet is pretty extreme, for me it's more of a matter of approximation, like, what do I want to cook tonight how can I make it as high fat and protein as I can?
    If I still put some pasta in there it's fine, but the pasta/rice/potatoes aren't the base of my diet, there more of a filler.

    Keto works like this, your blood delivers fuel to your whole body, in a large portion through glucose, low blood sugar probably means something to you, it means there isn't a lot of glucose being delivered to the body through the blood which results in lethargy, lightheadedness.
    Carbs and sugar get metabolized into this fuel, glucose.
    When you take away carbs and sugar from the body, it takes notice and changes the process and main energy supply source from blood glucose to "ketone bodies". It generally occurs when the body is metabolizing fat at a high rate and converting fatty acids into these ketones.

    It's like putting different quality gas in your car, essentially.
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    btw here's my recipe for a smoothie that i almost always make after a workout,

    1 banana
    1 maybe some other fruit if I have
    30-60 grams of protein powder (depends on intensity of the workout, I buy mine on a dutch site mattison.nl, mostly vegan stuff)
    2-4 teaspoons of sunflower seeds
    2-4 teaspoons of flax seeds
    1 teaspoon of unroasted cocoa powder (unroasted means there's actually a ton of nutrients and minerals in it like calcium and zinc)
    1 teaspoon of ashwaganda, which is a root powder that has all kinds of benefits to testosterone levels and more
    1 tablespoon of peanut butter, to make it thicccccc

    And to top it off, some rice, almond or oatmilk to make it smooth, I generally fill up until you can't see the contents anymore.
    Sometimes I'll throw some coffee in there if I feel like saving time, or other stuff if I feel like it, you're free to expirement in the case of making smoothies, that's the fun part!
  11. Get on a simple strength program. 5x5 stronglifts or 5 3 1 are great places to start. Do cardio everyday. Diet is everything. You can not out-train a shit diet.
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    I went to school and got a bachelors degree in Exercise Sports Science, and I've worked in the healthcare industry for about 3 years, as a Physical Therapy technician, a stretch person, and a personal trainer. I can tell you that the first and most important thing I think anyone should do is figure out their body type so that they can tailor workouts to their needs. According to most experts, every person falls on a spectrum of three distinct body types. Endomorphs, Ectomorphs, and Mesomorphs. If you can identify which kind of body type you are then you can start to create workouts from there, along with matching your personal goals for fitness.


    Try this and see what you get. I can help you out more from there.
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  14. Please show me your sources.
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    William Sheldon was a psychologist and physician who published research work in the 40s that summarizes physique and personality classification. Now most physiologists and health professionals follow his model on body type classification (NOT correlation of body type and personality). There's a whole article about it in the link below:

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    Follow Athlean-x on youtube for top quality information. Check out BuffDudes and Jeff Nippard as well.
    Calculate your daily calorie needs to know how much you should be eating in order to lose weight/gain muscle.
    You don't need any supplements to reach your goals. With a healthy and balanced diet you can do just the same.
    All food is important (except the stuff thats obviously bad for you), meaning carbs, fats and protein.
    You can find substitutes for protein powder in order to make protein shakes/smoothies. I replace protein powder with cottage cheese, greek yogurt or egg whites.
    There is no anabolic window, meaning if you don't eat immediately after a workout, you won't lose muscle, your workout won't be a waste of time. Drink plenty of water. Quit all the sugary stuff.
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    That research was debunked and is considered to be total trash.
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    I said that his model on body type classification and behavior/personality is bullshit, yes. But his model for body type is still used today...

    Go look up any exercise physiology textbook on the web.
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  19. I would like to know what useful information somatotypes gives us that the statement "I am skinny and would like to gain mass" does not. People use somatotypes as a convenient excuse for why they are skinny or fat (as tigerfitness even mentions), which makes them the polar opposite of useful. 2 years ago I would've been an endomorph on that silly test, now I am a mesomorph. How is it useful (as opposed to just saying "I were fat, now I look athletic").

    Citation needed (i.e.: that is bullocks).

    Let's go over this article for fun:
    "Sheldon’s conclusions were published it has become widely recognised that most people have a body type"

    While of course before scientists would scoff at the idea that some are tall while others are short (and so on). :rolleyes:

    "with difficulty building muscle"

    For the vast majority of people (young men) "difficulty building muscle" despite hitting the gym mainly just means you're not eating enough (elderly women is another matter obviously).

    "with a high tendency to store body fat"


    "with a high metabolism"


    "To become more muscular, you need to keep cardio sessions to a minimum"

    No, you don't (if you compensate for the calorie expenditure by eating more).

    "and focus on intense workouts using compound exercises"

    To do compound exercises is good advice for literally anyone.

    "You’ll also need to take on about 3,000 calories a day"

    Calorie requirements are highly individualistic.

    "In one study of 66 people, the top 17 “responders” experienced a 58% gain in muscle cross-sectional area, while the bottom 17 gained nothing."

    Whenever an article writes likes this the appropriate question is "which study?".

    "Aim for 2g per kilo of bodyweight per day of protein minimum, but be wary of overdoing it.Ectomorphs who are sub-15% body fat should aim for 8g carbs, 4.3g protein and 1g fat per kg of bodyweight"

    This is overdoing it. ~2.2 grams is enough to optimize hypertrophy. Up to 3.3 grams may reduce fat gain. https://examine.com/nutrition/how-much-protein-do-you-need/
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  20. So I've been doing the exercises for a month now and I am starting to notice a significant, but slow, change coming to my body. I can see the outlines of some well-toned arm, leg, and chest muscles starting to form. I can't show the pictures on here for both modest reasons and NoFap rules, but I'd be happy to send them to anyone who's interested and/or wants to encourage me and help me (I've been doing this with @GymRat07 on kik and he's been such a great help to me already about my self-confidence and building up my body).

    I do have a question though. I've been noticing that my spine's been hurting me a little after the workouts and it affects my posture for some time afterward, but for the most part, I've been able to finally walk straight and sit up in a chair without having to be hunched over. I'm wondering if I should wear a back brace either when I'm exercising or just in general so that it can help with my posture and tone. I got one some years ago but wore it only once. So if you guys can let me know what I should do, I'll appreciate the help so much.

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