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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by aspiringwriter1997, Feb 12, 2019.

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    I strongly recommend to you write all your exercises in speacial book.
    Also drink zinc supplements after workout it help to regenerate after wourkout and will increase your testesterone
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  2. Zinc supplements? I just normally drink water or is that a bad idea?
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    Drinking water is fine man, nothing wrong with water unless you're chugging down several gallons at once.
    Zinc is a rare-ish micronutrient that is hard to get enough of (if you excercise a lot) from regular diet. That said, those shakes I make after a workout, I put in a teaspoon of unroasted cocao-powder, unroasted as the roasting process causes loss of several of those nutrients (for a less harsh taste as a trade-off), lots of good stuff in there as mentioned previously, including zinc! Lot of people take this as a general health supplement (but always do your own research when anyone recommends anything like this).

    Keep going after it my dude!
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    Chiming in here as someone who did keto diet for 8 months for shits and giggles. I wasnt over weight to begin with in fact I only weighed 120 lbs (5' 3" ...) when I tried it. I kept telling my friends I wanted to see how low I could get my body fat while eating bacon in their face.

    ***Bit of an long post...**

    It's very extreme and can get dangerous if you arent paying attention to what you eat. It's extreme like imagine having to take shots of olive oil 2 times an day... or your dinner being 1 cup of cook ground beef and an shot of olive oil and being satisfied with that.

    Keto is indeed an weight loss diet, but you dont feel hungry at all doing it. Because consuming fats makes you feel full. Dont plan on doing keto to gain muscle because it wont happen ... I've seen and heard people say "oh just eat 1g of protein per body weight..." No it doesnt work like that for keto because of the macros needed to be on it.

    When I did keto my macros were 70% fats/25% protein/5% carbs. @ 1400 calories.

    Carbs and too much protein can kick you out or prevent you from entering what's called ketosis (state of fat burning pretty much 24/7).

    When doing keto diet the main objective is to get into an state of ketosis and maintain it. Ketosis will turn the fats you eat and bodyfat into ketones and use them as your main source of energy.

    But getting into ketosis doesnt happen over night. It can take up to an month for the body to adapt to fats being an new energy source. Basically you first have to deplete all glucose in your body. You can get into ketosis faster by doing high intensity workouts, and regular weight lifting.

    When your glucose levels start getting extremely low (only for the first time getting into ketosis), your body goes into an state shock, and you experience the keto flu. Congrats you've entered ketosis for the first time, but your sick as an dog for a few days.

    They sell these things called ketostix in the pharmacy section of most stores. You pee on the tip of the stick and if it changes colors it meant you have ketones flowing in you (a sign of ketosis).

    Counting macros is important. You need to check everything for carbs! Like 1 M&M can kick you out of ketosis for an few hrs... At the time I wasnt allowed more than 17g of carbs. To get by with that you count 'net carbs.' So if something had 3g of carbs per serving, but 2g is fiber then I would only count it as 1g carb. So basically your 5% carbs would be mainly fiberous vegetables. Because I didnt care so much about all healthy I was able to sneak high fiberous bean chips, diet sodas/zero calorie energy drinks, and some flavors of Quest protein bars into my day.

    If you fuck up extremely bad while on keto and ate an bag of M&M 3 weeks in ketosis. You will get an mad insulin rush. That rush is dangerous and can cause you to black out in an matter of minutes.

    Proteins can be any meat source. I didnt care much at the time if it was processed meats. Yay bacon & homemade taco salads (no shells obviously...)

    Healthy fats should be your main sources of fats. You want stuff like salmon, avocados, nuts, olive oils, coconut oils. I didnt care too much about being all healthy. Cause being real some of them shits are cheap to be eating everyday... so my fat sources mainly came from olive oil, peanuts/almonds, fatty meats, and my favorite coconut oil and butter coffee...
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  5. Hey, man! I'll be honest, I didn't read the entire thread, but I thought I'd leave my two cents anyway. You would be surprised how easy it is to begin working out for real. Not just going for walks, or making one or two changes for your diet, but beginning to change your body. For me, I knew early on that endurance training would be my goal. I run nearly every day of the week through interval running. For example, I run for 2 minutes, then walk for 1 minute, and then repeat that for about 40 minutes, which is where I'm at now. Anyone can do this, and it is great for strengthening your heart's ability to regulate heart rate. I just love it. Even when I lift weights--which I distribute throughout the week by body part--I lift relatively low weight with excess reps.

    Essentially, the hardest part is to make your first rough draft of a routine, and begin to learn from there. Personally, I don't believe in going to the gym without a plan in place. If you have any questions, you can just any of the staff at your local gym. By the way, I recommend Planet Fitness. They only charge $10 a month for the white card, which can only be used at one gym, and offer a good variety for people just starting out. Be patient, and learn to fall in love with your body as you progress, but first you must make a routine first. If you're interested in endurance training, you can even ask me a question! I'm still fairly new at this myself, but have certainly made progress so far. Sorry if this was addressed already, but I didn't read the whole thread, as I said before.
  6. That's fine man! I'm actually glad you replied since if you have any more advice for me, please let me know! :D

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