Existential worry about not finding a girl I can relate to on an intellectual level

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Reuby, Feb 24, 2019.

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    Indeed there may be nothing wrong with that, but is it not an enticing possibility of having a partner you can connect with? Where it's not about sex but about connection? I hardly think it's like chasing a unicorn. I think it's more like sailing the seas to find an island to settle on ;)
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    Being with a basic bitch would kill me even if she was the most beautiful person in the world. To me, the life partner I choose needs to be able to meet my needs as I will meet hers. Yeah sure I could indiscriminatly have sex with girls but to what end. Plus, smart guys are just as uncommon as smart girls, and while I definitely would love some more close guy friend (even one lol), they can’t be the one that I would truly connect with, as imo, true connection, rare but within the reach of a persistent and diligent person, encompasses physical, sexual, intellectual, emotional and spiritual connection all at once
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    Also, thanks to all who have joined in on this thread. It’s very cool to know that I’m not alone in my goal.
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    Good thread here man.

    I'm 27 and still searching to find my first girlfriend. The advice here is very helpful.
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    Hey, Reuby, you're still in college, right.
    I recommend you take advantage of that, join groups of things you're interested in, socialize more..if you have any likeminded friends maybe meet their friends or girls in their lives..sisters, their sister's friends, their sister's friends' friends. You know what I'm saying?

    Try to put yourself out there when you have the time.. just for experience too..maybe nothing will come of it as you're hoping but you'll sure gain some experience and atleast you can tell yourself that you tried.
    After college I imagine would be a little tougher than while in college..because you'll be looking for that big occupation or already be in it and work for _ hours...maybe moving out of your parents house..and you won't have too much time on your hands..but, with the sort of people you surround yourself with in that time be sure and meet likeminded male friends and meet their friends and family.
    Ask your friends to think of you and introduce you to girls they know.
    Friendship first is the best route to travel in in my opinion.

    Also, who knows, maybe something chancy will happen in between these times, something unexpected. Like in the movies :+)
    Wishing you the best in your endeavors.
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    My Journal
    Love transcends our differences.

    Put that another way: There are many awesome ladies out there who you may miss out on by trying to find what you want. Look instead at what they have to offer.

    If you can find love like that with a good woman, you may end up with a richer life for all the ways you’ll grow together.
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    As I understand you)) It was also hard and painful for me. But everything went and now I'm happy

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