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  1. twistedshadows23

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    Hey guys, I wanted to post some things I've found super practical and useful since I've started integrating the steps into my life. I just wanted to post some things about the first three steps have been working for me

    1. The AA 12&12 says "we found no enduring strength until we admitted defeat."
    When I feel tempted to act out or have cravings, I repeat the first step in my head and remind myself I am a sex addict. This has not failed me yet. It always works. Sometimes I have to do it for 5, 10 minutes or sometimes all day, but it works.

    2. Came to believe that the steps work for the people who work them. Not complicated.

    3. Made a decision to work the rest of the steps. Also not complicated. However I use the third step prayer as a mantra to keep me from thinking. Thinking is risky business for me if I get lost.

    I have worked the steps a few times before and am currently working them again. I always made these steps so much more complicated than they really are. I say them every morning when I wake up and remind myself that I'm not running the show today. It's easier to stay sober once you understand how simple these steps are. Have gotten confirmation on that from other people I'm working with. Please post down below your experience with these three steps!
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  2. mindfulstoic

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    Hi.. new here and glad I found the 12 step group. Applying these to sex addiction is a new concept I am practicing. So I am probably at Step 1. I have admitted defeat. This is what got me on this site though I tried it years ago (probably when I was first introduced to the program for another addiction).

    I'm interested in hearing and learning about other people's experience. While I am skeptical, I remember feeling the same way when I started my journey away from other addictions. So I am hoping there is hope here too. Thanks!
  3. yoitscisco

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    Hey man, glad you're seeking recovery. I feel the same way as you as far as step two. The steps (AKA the actual program) work for those who work them. All the fellowships have the same step aside from the first one! In NA we believe in the disease of addiction, which can manifest itself in many different ways. It's caused by a spiritual malady. So once we treat that, in theory we won't have any addictions. That is how it is with me. When i am involved in helping others and staying connected, I have balance in my life, in all areas. But it's a big process. We have varying rates of sickness, therefore varying rates of recovery. I know I was sick, and still am! But it's a lot better now. I don't feel the best all the time, but i look at my life and God is restoring me to sanity in all areas of my life. I am quitting porn, which is recent, but i began the process 18 months ago, and after doing my fourth step, I feel a lot better. So it happens in time. In NA they say the antidote to our diseased thinking is honesty. That has been true for me. Whatever I admit and am willing to work on, can be removed. Definitely not immediately, but talking about it starts the process. In AA theres a prayer about God removing our difficulties so that we can be of use to others. And I believe He wants to make us better so that people can see He's working in our lives. He won't let us struggle for everyone to see forever, otherwise people may think that He doesn't even exist. God is consistent, and when we live in line with Him as best we can and sincerely, He removes our struggles. That has been my experience. I said on a Facebook post before i got clean "God help me get clean" and shortly after I did. That was God helping me out. I can't help but think He's doing the same for me with porn. Next will be caffeine, vaping and exercising too much lol. But yeah I have seen people, mostly in AA that are very humble and selfless, we all can be if we continuously surrender. There's not any limit on God to give us help. It's just up to us to work it.
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  4. mindfulstoic

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    Hey.. thanks for giving your perspective. I find many similarities, and you're right, it is a big process. As this new layer of addiction is being removed from my life, I am also finding another level of energy that I did not know was there. Glad to know someone else can relate to the benefits of the Steps for porn. I gotta say I've done more meetings during the pandemic than ever in my life. The ease of online meetings have really helped me stay connected to the program. I feel like I am learning a lot of things about emotions that I did not know was there recently. It's all great stuff. Thanks again for your comments!