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    So Im 30 y/o and I never had eyaculation trough vaginal penetration or by a girls hand.

    I just can eyaculate with my own hand, and most of the time during sex, after the act, I just need to touch myself and eyaculate with a girl at a side of me, in order to avoid the pain in the balls that is originated for have the sex act without eyaculate.

    I never had sex without a Condom. I dont mind about the risks of not using it, as you can imagine, if I never had sex without condom it means that I have the risks quite clear. Lot of my friends used to have sex without condom and suffered the consecuences.

    Since im a Condom user, I dont know how it feels to have sex not using it, but sometimes I think that having sex without use it can help me with my delayed eyaculation, since I suffer it and lost my erection just after putting the condom on, then I cant feel shit.

    Im now a pills user, so I can have sex with condom, but I will never reach orgasm anyway.

    Is here any people who can reach orgasm using condom? please help me
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    Never had sex without a condom? Boy...wait til you experience what a pussy feels like! It's like returning home...sure you'll come in seconds!

    As for condoms, which ones did you use? Extra thin are better if you have to use them.
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    In my wild west days, I was so afraid of pregnancy, I would always use a rubber. I have sisters and there is so much drama with their baby daddies it's like 7th level hell type shit. I don't know why people hate condoms, they save lives

    I'd love to feel a pussy one day without one, but in our political climate today, it's gonna be hard. Everyone is triggered! I'll probably be asked if I think baby gender reveal parties are OK before I get to shag. lol
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