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    I was doing some pullups and my penis leaked a little watery liquid maybe mixed with a little cum It happened 2 times first it happened while I was pulling up on the pullup bar a little leakage and then I went to take a pee break and came back did some pullups nothing happened but then I did some pullups again a little leakage happened again im very confused because this is the first time something like this happened to me and is this normal like I can't think of the science behind this searched on Google but there is not a answer(also been on nofap for a while and putting in work) so someone explain it to me tf was that as for me I can't think the logic behind it penis leakage from pullups ?
  2. That actually sounds fairly normal.

    if you are refraining from having emissions, or even just cutting back from a frequent PMO habit, your body might have excess semen that it needs to discharge.

    when you are doing pull ups, which is a very intense exercise, your exerting yourself and working your core to its limit, this creates internal pressure which triggers that discharge.

    I’ve had similar troubles while doing abdominal exercises.
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    Not an expert but could be a weak pc muscles.
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    Buddy this is because of your weak pelvic floor muscles, I guess you might be suffering from pme as well. The only way is to exercise .
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    I know what you're talking about. Coregasms aka exercise-induced orgasms meaning having orgasms while exercising. It happened to men and women. It happened to me too by doing pronated exercises meaning laying on the stomach such as floor sliding pull ups because the private part touches the object. We have to be mindful so we don't bust nuts especially out the public like gym or swimming pools. That would be embarrassing.
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    I remember when I use to p&m 3 times a day for 3 or 4 years to freaky porn. I stopped and I believe a week later, I had some discharge when I pee in the toilet. I believe it was greenish colour like old cum. Back then my semen was like clear weak water colour, it wasn't thick sticky white healthy colour. Now I got the sticky white healthy colour back.

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