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    i'll admit i use this username for other sites because its the easiest one to remember if i forget my password or something. but im pretty sure no one can find me lol
  2. Perm(anent) R(e)B(oot).

    Getting rid of porn is a permanent decision for me. Ill never watch that filth again. It destroyed my life and potential from an early age that im now catching up to.

    Semen retention is the next step. Pretty certain it will be permanent too but have not yet made my mind up. Experience on SR streak will tell.
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    Google the username and see what you find. If cyber criminals decided to target you this is how they would start to build a profile on you.

    If they wanted to blackmail you they may take information you've shared on NoFap and threaten to share it with your friends on the other sites where you've used this username.

    And that's just what they can do with Google. There's software out there which will automatically link different profiles on different sites to the same person.

    It's unlikely but don't say you haven't been warned ;)

    EDIT: Just realised it was you who made this exact point earlier on LOL. Nonetheless, the above is worth everybody taking notice of :)
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    Pancakes are a joke me and my dad have back and forth he really doesn't like pancakes. So every time we go out to eat I suggest Ihop's pancakes. The 99 is a reference to Nascar driver Kasey Kahne. I haven't watched Nascar in a long time. But if I remember correctly Kasey Kahne was the 99 car during the time I was watching as a youth.
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  6. I am a new creation in Jesus Christ.
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