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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Vindicat, Feb 19, 2022.

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    Hello guys, I'm on hardmode, trying to fix my mind damaged by porn.
    Since I started I have great improvements in my mood, brain fog and muscle gain. And I really glad for all that.
    But also, I had a major Social anxiety, especially while talking with strangers, doing anything in public (training in gym etc), and with girls.
    Gradually, anxiety becoming easier, but I don't want to hope that only nofap will magically fix it.

    Literally today I knew about Exposture therapy.
    Shortly, It's about overcoming your fear/anxiety problem via intentionally facing with it.
    I already got a short kinda plan, including approaching random people, especially girls and talking to them on random stuff.
    I wonder if you had social anxiety too and succesfully fixed/improved it. I wish you would share your stories of success. The advices will be helpful.
    Even if you hadn't ever faced with these problem, you free to share your thoughts.
    I'm going to find some books on topic.
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    I want to say that at school there was no anxiety at all, or it was adequate. I even performed at events several times and there was no anxiety at all, I enjoyed it. For some reason everything broke 2 years ago. I thought it was because of the negative experience with weed, but after those events, I also performed well at the university. In general, I have no idea what and when exactly broke. I went to the doctor and prescribed a course of benzodiazepines. had no effect. Just 2 years ago, the biggest problems with porn began because of the lockdown.

    Not even a useful information, just want to share and read yours.
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    Exposure therapy is definitely an effective tool, for sure. There's lots of scientific support for that. Good luck with your experiments :)
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    1. Exposure therapy works.
    2. It can be pretty hard at the beginning.
    3. People sense self-confidence or the lack of it.
    4. I felt like a damaged goods some time ago (Ex left me, devastated emotionally and financially)
    5. I have started exposure therapy.
    6. I have no issues anymore.
    7. Just be sure that your mind is in the right place.
    8. I have always got some phone numbers etc but if you mind is not in your right place, it will just result in plenty of one night stands.
    9. A friend of mine was shy to talk to girls.
    10. I have asked him to hit on every girl he meets before he gets home and he got eventually married.

    So, go for it.

    Best of Luck!
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