Extreme case, PIED recovery progress hope.

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by 32vpmo, May 24, 2018.

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    Brother ...I cannot tell you how i felt after reading your post....exactly same...just age is 31 rest all fits the case and yes one note thing ...I masturbated by thrusting against pillow, bed or balloons..rest all is same...please tell me where are you now on the progress ladder ? I am on day 87, my first streak. I have literally Zero urges to watch porn or masturbate since I came to know what it has done to me... Just I have been having sexual and fapping wet dreams in last 7 days...I had big improvement from day 70 to 77 , flaccid size bigger...life and sensation down there....some what erections...but it all went away at day 77..even the elongated penis shriveled again..it went to how it was before 70 days ..i am a pusher. ...plz share some of your insights !
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    I have hard flaccid due to penis enlargement exercise by pump and I hope one day I can be like you
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    if you guys have hard flaccid check with urologist it is maybe prostate problem
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    I’m the same as you. Currently day 88. Had a wet dream day 70 then a flatline which I’ve come out of now. Erections were coming back until the wet dream then nothing for a few days. I’m not sure if I edged whilst semi awake/dreaming. Haven’t watched P in ages and no MO in 88 days.
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    Brother just don't edge ..it gets better ...I am porn free ..it's been almost 5 months ...erections are not at there full strength ...but over all its improving. The graph is going up. I am getting good erections ...but the problem is now premature ejaculation...so severity of the main issue is diluted :) ..I am working on getting rid off PE. Had some little progress .. ...

    Key things :
    Don't let depression and self doubt take over.

    Eat healthy ...as much as I can



    Stay happy. Forget about this porn and pressure

    I know sounds cliche and generic. But it helped me. TC ..keep fighting
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    I'd hate to bump this because it's so old, but what makes the penis shrink when fapping to porn? Is it like a flatline response from the brain or is it definitively a flatline?
  7. To me, I think it's my mind trying to say "wtf are you doing?!"
    To be honest, I have no idea
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  8. Did you ever experience any flatlines??
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    This post gives me hope. It would be interesting to hear how things are now 1½ years later. But long time since he was here: "
    32vpmo was last seen:Jun 3, 2018"
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  10. Wow, he recovered so fast for anyone who was more than a decade in PMO.
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    How are you now? have you recovered or had big improvements?
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    I have ed due to peins enlargment exersise by home made penis pump for 10 years and overmastarbation. Even my doppler ultrasound and show no calcination or fibrosis but i still belive i have Injury That make me unable to nofap and rebooting due to continouslty Testing it by masterbation. I hope i a really have pied which can be cured by nofap. My longest NoFap is 35 day and in this time i try to eadge to Testing it. I am more extrem anxiety due to be beliving of posable damage from penis pump. I hope so what make me unable to nofap and rebooting is my beliving of posable damage from penis pump. That my feeling from 2012.
  13. This post is so inspiring. I'm really hoping to make it this time.

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