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    Ok, there's nothing triggering here so don't worry...

    Today, I was cleaning the front of my apartment. I live in SoCal so there are a lot of Palm trees around. As you know, Palm trees have layers of dead branches that fall violently to the ground when the wind is gusty. Yesterday, there were about 4 dozen dead branches that fell and was collected in front of my apartment. I took it upon myself to throw away these branches (I'm a boy scout like that!). Well, mainly because it was obstructing the walkway. As I was cleaning, gathering, and throwing it away in the trash, I looked around in the garden to pick up pieces of dead branches. As I was looking around, I noticed something staring at me in the corner of my eye.

    IT WAS A SNAKE! I don't know what kind of species it was, but it was a quite freaky experience. You don't really encounter Snakes in the middle of Los Angeles (unless they happen to be someone's pet).

    This snake, instead of chasing after me, was bobbing it's head back and forth as it was retreating...it took me about a good 5 minutes to process what I have just seen. I thought my mind was going crazy from this Nofap thing and that I was hallucinating, but nope. That snake had been living in the garden for quite some time now. How do I know? It's because my apartment's garden has a lot of bugs including snails and roaches roaming around. Los Angeles is literally turning into some kind of wild animal kingdom. They are reclaiming this land! I have seen Coyotes roaming around neighborhoods. I have seen hawks swirling about. Now, I've seen a snake look directly in my eyes and retreat.

    Just had to share this...

    Any unusually weird experiences you guys had while on this Nofap journey?
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  2. I've seen coyotes in my neighborhood several times...usually like 3:00 am, and I was stoned as fuck, but I'm pretty sure they were really there...
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    Which part of the city do you live in?
  4. Lucky you, have fun. All I see is homeless cats, dogs and occasional bird.
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    Well, in my city and neighborhood there are only seagulls, stray dogs, and cats who live in the trash containers. Not a cool thing, but hey, they are animals. :D I have seen some titmice on my balcony sometimes. :D No dangerous animals for now. :D
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    Did it offer you an apple? DO NOT take it!
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    Well...I would've taken the apple had it been Fiji. I love Fiji apples!
  8. When I was younger, I lived in a suburban type neighborhood, and I saw what I thought was a super giant dog in my yard. Then I realized it was a deer. It was super super weird. We have lots of wooded areas in my town, but definitely not near my neighborhood. No idea where that guy came from.
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    I live in Bergen Norway. Suddenly one morning I noticed one large stag roaming about outside. He actually turned one of those big bench-tables over, breaking it in the process. He was scary but majestic.
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