Eye contact as flirting tool?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by RamboErecto, Nov 7, 2019.

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    So I never, ever, watch the people in the eyes.

    Last weekend I had this birithday party of one of the friends of my sister. I go there with a 7 days streak, and it was very easy to me to watch people in the eyes and specially the girls, I learned something new. I will talk about it in no time.

    But first, I wanted to say that Im a total losser, mostly for bad looking I think, but I will not denny that this is because a lot of factors and not just how I look.

    About that party: As you know, or at least in my case, a 7 days streak works like a charm on me, it unlocks TONS of social skills in my case, in that unlocked skills is the advantage of look not only girls but people in general in the eyes.

    That party I discovered that look at girls in the eyes plays a fundamental part in flirting game, since looking at them very focus will show my intentions just by doing it, and also I can see lot of the things that they are thinking.

    I just talk with lets say 4 girls that day, and focused only on watching them in the eyes. With the help of the streak it become a very easy task to me that day. Included people that I didnt talk. I will constantly go to the bar to ask for some beer, and realized that just looking the girl bartender in the eyes will catch his attention to ask what I want to drink. That dont means that I liked her, actually, because of the constant eye contact that I made, she trow some "false" smiles, that telled me that she is not interested, but it was quite a new thing to me, it was a new thing to see that keeping eye contact with people will denote their reactions or their postures about things.

    So, I wanted to share this for myself and for the others. I feel like almost 50% of the work was done if I just look them in the eyes. Also it is a way more honest conversation. Still very very bad at flirting, but I think maintain eye contact will help A LOT indeed.

    Plus, I just tried to keep eye contact after a relapse, and I noted that not I just cant, but also the things that I trasmite to the other are way different. As with the 7 days streak on my back I felt way more secure and had a more natural eye contact. When I relapse, I felt like I almost creep the people when I look them in the eyes.

    I can take some flirting advices, also I can take some reflections, that is the point of this topic!

    Thank you for read
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    Yeah you're right, actually it's scientifically proven that eye contact creates an emotional bond and increases trust between people
    I may be wrong, but I think eye contact is a powerful thing, and it can create bonds between you and a stranger girl without you two saying a single word
    But you need to be smart doing it..like don't stare or gaze at the girl..it's kinda creepy and uncomfortable, but just look at her eyes for a second and then look away, let her feel that she's noticed
    I think it makes the girl curious about you, and she will start looking at you too ,and if you see her constantly this may go further and feelings may arise
    Just don't force it..it's supposed to be natural and flawless
    And of course you should know that it's a normal thing..it doesn't necessarily means love or attraction..but it's always a good skill to have and will give you a lot more influence
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  4. Yes. Keep practicing this, I'm working on it too. If I see a girl I like, I fucking look her in the eyes. A lot of them get shy and look away or maybe they think I'm a creep. But I'm not hiding my gaze from the world, fuck that. The internet and social isolation has screwed us.
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