Facebook causing you problems? Am I the only one?

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  1. I think its time for me to delete my account. They have an option in the settings where you can download all your pictures I heard and I am planning on doing it.

    I have been talking about it, but have been coming up with excuses. Wednesday I plan to make the jump. It started out as a beneficial social tool, but it is not that anymore. Not by a long stretch.

    People say they use messenger to talk to each other, but how often do you get left on read? (not their fault, they have busy lives) or get the run around to not hang out? All too often.

    If I'm on my phone its almost always what I'm doing before it leads to PMO. Its not even the content, just being (addicted too strong?) so attached to my phone is risk for me. 100%. I know it in my heart and I have to do what's right for me. Is this the same for others?
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  4. I deleted my Facebook last year. I only have Instagram going on, where I only follow one man, David Goggins, and all my friends and acquaintances can easily text me, when they need to. The benefit to following only one figure is that my feed only shows his posts and he helps me stay hard on my path in life.

    So, if you want to use social media to stay in touch, but avoid endless scrolling with endless posts, you can do what I have done. Only follow one or two pages of quality and live easy.
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    I allow myself to use facebook only 2 minutes per day with ''StayFocusd'' app.
    Most trigger comes from stories of facebook. I ignore them also because i 've no time
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    Delete, delete.
    Fb will show you suggestions and stuff. IG doesn’t do that much, only the ads.
    It’s better without the 2 of these for many people. See what works for you.

    Stay Strong!
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    You can still use Messenger even if you're account is deleted. Personally I deactivate it for 7 days every month. I see some value in it so I don't plan to delete it entirely but limiting my time on it is needed.
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    Turn it off. Turn it off. It got quiet did it? I've been deleting all of my social media accounts and I never went back ever since. I'm going to keep youtube for educational purposes, listening to other people's opinion about nofap/semen retention, exercising workouts,whatever as long as it's appropriate and also using restricted mode too.
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    I too am addicted to Facebook. I notice when I stop I get some withdrawals, how long will it last?

    It's definitely time to get rid of Facebook. Instagram I follow a lot of important content, I don't plan on deleting it.
  10. Facebook gives you two options: 1. Deactivate your account and 2. Permanently delete your account. The first one allows you to continue using messenger but the 2nd one does not give you that option.
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  11. Some friends are telling me to just delete the phone app. Leaning towards totally deleting it though.

    Deleting (not deactivating) is a bigger deal because it makes it harder to reach people. Thing is, its not that hard to reach people though, I have phone numbers of important people. It has just been the big "what if I need to contact so-and-so" that has kept me there so far.
  12. I'm already starting to see how some people are not wanting me to leave FB.. in their minds we'll be out of touch smh. Which isn't true. Its almost better not to tell them maybe. This is tough.

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