Facing death.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by elevate, Apr 19, 2019.

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    One of the ways that helps me to keep things in perspective and reground myself is to think about death. The fragility of my existence. How insignificant I am in the vastness of time and space. How everything changes and eventually fades away.

    I care very much about living. The thought of death gives me a sense of urgency and gratitude. It makes me want to savor both positive and negative experiences. It makes me realize that I still have things in life I want to do and people to be with.

    I see car accidents and terrible things happening in the news often enough. I get health scares once in a while. Whenever I'm high above the ground I like to lean over and feel the fear of what it would be like to fall to my death.

    It hasn't always been like this. I used to think death would be a gift because my life was so shitty and I just wanted everything to end. It took a lot of work on myself and my life to get it to this point where I want to keep holding on to life and squeezing it for all its worth.

    In the face of death, time, space... how much does an obstacle / rejection / failure / mistake really matter? It's not really a matter of being indifferent. It's placing more importance and value on better things. Growth being more important than short term outcomes and pain. Taking risks and doing things you're proud of being more important than mistakes and failure. Not rejecting yourself by not even trying being more important than being rejected by someone else.

    A lot of people take their time for granted. They distract themselves from the fact that they're going to die soon. They live as though they believe that they will always be alive... or even worst they believe death is the better option.

    Death can happen at any time.

    What or who would you be thinking of in those moments leading to your death? If you were to fall from a great height? If you had a life threatening illness? If you were shot or stabbed on the street? If you were having a heart attack? If you were bleeding out after a car accident?

    I still want to live.


    “This acceptance of my death, this understanding of my own fragility, has made everything easier — untangling my addictions, identifying and confronting my own entitlement, accepting responsibility for my own problems — suffering through my fears and uncertainties, accepting my failure and embracing rejections — it has been made lighter by the thought of my own death. The more I peer into the darkness, the brighter life gets, the quieter the world becomes, and the less unconscious resistance I feel to, well, anything”

    - Mark Manson

  2. I wouldn't think too much about it since it is inevitable. If you know that you will be going to prison 10 years later will imagining what will you think when cops come to arrest you make sense? I guess not.
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    Actually, if you think of death as prison or end of everything, then you will feel more prompted to get most pleasure out of life, i.e. probably be addicted to numbing pleasures to lighten the idea of "this death" on your mind. If, on the other hand, death is seen as truth, or seen spiritually as something to the beyond, then it becomes an eye opener, a truth revealer, something of which contemation can ground the person has he ever been anxious about small stuff, or trapped in pleasure seeking/ pain avoidance type of life. I do not intend to spread/force this idea of mine. I just thought of it atm when I saw the post. Peace.
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  4. WRONG. Because I see death as the eternal punishment, I live my life to the fullest and get pleasure whenever I can. I want to emphasize that I DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, WHEN IT COMES IT COMES. But it is an eternal punishment for anyone because if it was not, you wouldn't be living.
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    Or you can look into how death was defeated...
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    Thinking of death in a way of escape shows you that you are in fact very much attached because you want something else than your present situation. If you really want to become free, the challenge is to die now, meaning, your ego-clinging self should be dissolved by fully entering into what is now, whatever it is. It's a matter of dying to your reactivity. Only then you will be truly free and truly being able to enjoy life to the fullest, every single moment...
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    Search things that are stronger than death. Once found, the fear for death will disappear.

    Nevertheless, it's wise to think about death, in stead of fleeing from it.
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    The best way to think about death from biologically aging and your body getting sick and dying from it becoming biologically over-aged is to read about Anti-aging-related disease therapies and technologies of biological rejuvenation, that start looking at biological aging created death as a physical and biological process that is mostly created by damage to DNA and other important functions of our cells over time due to the exposure to Environment that we exist by every year more and more.

    This is not a widespread idea and not fully accepted, but it is not really like death from biological human aging is a magical spell that for some reason cannot be scientifically understood and the diseases related to biological aging minimized and cured, when our body is in the same way, what exists in the physical universe, made out of atoms, cells, and molecules.

    If we treated viruses, bacterias, and other physical sufferings through the appliance of therapies and methods that target specific methods that change things in our bodies in a way that lets us clean ourselves from the pathogens, then how DNA Damage and other instabilities differ from it?
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    I actually had a phase where I did alot of extreme spots and activities partially to get out of my comfort zone and partially couse i thought if i came close to death itself it would change my perspective on life.

    It actually had a surprisingly positive effect.

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