Facing my problems for the first time

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Wuzzaap, Sep 13, 2019.

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    Today , a very bad situation happened with me at work . Someone made fun of me , I stood up to myself . Though , I was very nervous and could not hold eye contact . I was not taken very seriously , though i felt good .

    I looked at myself and wanted to know , is it something i said , or is it the way i said it . I know its cuz i looked nervous . Though its gonna get solved eventually.

    Before , Whenever i get in a conflict , i dont even try , i always think of my past experiences and be like , who am i lying too ? Ur just week . Today , I was like , no ur not week , and to prove it . When u meet those people again, there not gonna be able to do and say the things they used to say before . But dont put this as a barrier to ur improvement . To hell with these people . Ur in now ! There is an issue now that u need to solve .

    U always go into ur fantasy world and think of replying to these people . Why the hell u fantasizing!!!! Stop bitchin and stand up to myself . No one is going too . And dont take it personal!!!!! Its okay , thats how u grow

    I started getting depressed because i felt week when i realized that anxiety is real . Then I woke myself up , im like , life isnt fair , it gives and takes. I have lots of things i can look up to.

    With practice, my anxiety is going to be gone .

    Then i noticed improvement . Yesterday i approached a girl . I didn't take her number or even ask , still i felt proud of getting out of my comfort zone. Today i stood up to myself .

    Everyday i am off porn , takes me closer to being the man i wanted to be my whole life .

    Iv been doing cold showers for the past week and not a lot can do that .

    I know , i know , i know how quitting porn is going to shift my life up side down .

    Stay strong brothers and believe in this addiction and you are going to stop .
  2. Optimum Fortitude

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    Congrarulations for standing up foe yourself. Never let anyone push you around.
  3. Wuzzaap

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    Appreciate it man. Will do!

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