Facing why my addiction happened.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Fractured Mindset, May 18, 2019.

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    I've been thinking about why I developed a porn addiction recently, and I may have come to a few conclusions
    1- undiagnosed depression
    I would have had it regardless of me getting into porn or not- I have it heretically. Still, it started to develop when I was twelve, and at thirteen, the adults in my life saw something wrong, but jumped to conclusions and acted in a way that to some degree still makes me hate myself. Age Fourteen was an improvement, but still not very enjoyable. Right before band camp 2011, age fourteen nine to ten months I found porn and the joys of orgasm, so for that school year I actually felt great and energetic. Only I wasn't aware of the addictive effects and escalation...
    2- refusal of sexual awareness
    at age nine, when I was first told about sex, for no clear reason I was horrified, and wanted nothing to do with sex until discovering pmo. Sure I may have had some glimpses of sexual interest, but I wanted nothing to do with it and had no romantic intentions until PMO developed.
    3- lack of knowledge and refusal to think
    Hate me for saying this as much as you want. I was simply taught that porn was degrading to women. No one ever told me about the many other effects of porn we all discuss here- such as premature ejaculation, escalation, depression and other mental health issues, loss of energy and concentration, repetitive motion injury, wasted time, feelings of disgust, ect.

    I think those are the main reasons. I'll post more if I think of them

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