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  1. slavichavoc

    slavichavoc Fapstronaut

    I prefer showers over baths, with lukewarm water. Never was too big on the cold water meme and the hot water makes the outside cold. The best I can do is try and match the water temperature to the room.
    I'm a big fan of 90s-ish music.
    Grew up voluntarily depriving myself of sleep, I'm fixing that now, trying to get at least 8hrs a night.
    Emily Dickinson is my favorite author.
  2. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Any specifics?
  3. slavichavoc

    slavichavoc Fapstronaut

  4. Mr.Reaper

    Mr.Reaper Fapstronaut

    Well hi everyone, thats my facts.)
    1)I am a choral conductor and vocalist
    2)Who is also wanna to retrain to be the lawyers
    3) Who also dream to write a book one day, although I'm not sure that i can do it
    4) Love any sorts of stories and fiction. No matter what it is, a book, a movie, a series or a game
    5) Love history and social science in general.
    6) Fan of dogs
    7) Was able to learn an entire language on my own (even tho, not without flaws). Planning to learn French and German one day
    8) Tring to belive in the good and great things, even on the times when there seems non.
    9) My favorite compositors are Peter Tchaikovsky and Sergei Rachmaninoff.)
  5. MuscularSherlockHolmes

    MuscularSherlockHolmes Fapstronaut

    I listen to Cranberries Zombie at least once every couple days. It's one of my most played songs.
  6. Purity Power

    Purity Power Temporarily Suspended

    Business minded
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  7. CodeTalker

    CodeTalker Fapstronaut

    I love 60-79 old French movies.

    I always watch the same movies and tv show over and over.

    I mostly listen to soundtracks and instrumental. I don’t like voice as a music instrument.

    어려운데 혼자 한국어를 공부하고 있어요.


    I often dream of sailing a boat. There is something so peaceful in it. Weird part is that I’m scared of water (thalassophobia)

    I still have my teddy bears from when I was 6. I told myself I would keep them when I’m a grown up and I did.

    Even when I’m deeply depressed I can always laugh easily.
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  8. Supination

    Supination Fapstronaut

    1) Served my country as a combat soldier.
    2) I'm a fitness and a healthy lifestyle coach :)
    3) My favorite music producer was and still is.. Avicii(RIP LEGEND)
    4) My favorite movies of all time are slumdog millionaire, Intouchables , Inglourious Basterds and Superbad :)
    5) You can't beat me in a FIFA game.
    6) I'm Color blinded
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  9. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    Color blinded as well
    So about me:
    1) I love mountains.
    2) Enviromentalist, in fact I am getting a degree about that.
    3) Love the 00' music
    4) I am so tall that I can't fit my own car.
    5) I read a lot of fiction
    6) I love Latin.
  10. Nikolas1

    Nikolas1 New Fapstronaut

    I overcome depression, anorexia, mental problems
    I've never loved someone
    I'm an introvert, but I have a lot of friends
    When I'm drunk I'm the soul of the company
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  11. CLaYFiRC

    CLaYFiRC Fapstronaut

    • My favorite author is Mark Twain
    • One of my passions is reading about American history (especially the Civil War era)
    • My favorite singers are David Bowie, Buddy Holly, Elvis, and Michael Jackson
    • Also a big fan of 50s - early 60s music
    • Went to school for film for a short time (sadly never graduated)
    • My fiancée and I have known each other since the 5th grade
    • I love comics, Star Wars, and LEGO...which basically makes me a giant child
    • I watch Good Mythical Morning every weekday on YouTube
    • My favorite podcast is The Weekly Planet
    • I love all things horror (movies, books, YouTube videos, etc)
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  12. All of you are very interesting individuals, how you can possibly be watching porn?
    Focus entirely on your passions, porn is useless for you
  13. Gambler Kaiji

    Gambler Kaiji Fapstronaut

    I draw everyday without fail. I was heavily inspired by the book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. My college philosophy professor gave it to me and I've taken it to heart since. I'd like to become a skilled artist but it's not my main career path, I chose to major in Electrical technology and a minor in Illustration. So far I'm 4 years into drawing every day. 32 100 page sketch books filled cover to cover so far. Will finish my 33rd in 5 days.
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  14. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    Favorite horror movies?
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  15. CLaYFiRC

    CLaYFiRC Fapstronaut

    That’s a tough one. I love the Halloween series, the Child’s Play series, the SAW series, and the Hellraiser series. It’s too hard to pick just one. Haha.
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  16. Castielle

    Castielle Fapstronaut

    I've actually not seen any of these except the first Saw. Lol my favorite is probably Insidious.
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  17. CLaYFiRC

    CLaYFiRC Fapstronaut

    That's a good one as well!
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  18. zeusmx

    zeusmx Fapstronaut

    -People think I'm always happy. When that's not true, hahaha!
    -I love to look at the windows on the street and imagine stories happening inside.
    -I prefer dogs over cats. Hugely!
    -I love to dance in parties and clubs. But I feel kind of embarrased dancing at home when I am alone.
    -I would love to be good at body practices, like acrobat or gymnast.
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